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  • Sha

    Is it me or is Lupe seriously resembling a crackhead in training? Does he brush his teeth? Damn!

    And on another note……

    Hmmmm. The Black Panther clan has produced some of the most questionable children this side of Children of The Corn (or corny is more like it)…..

    Who would’ve have thought Lupe would get an interview talking about Obama’s terrorism one day, and then his Black Panther roots the next, and then 5 minutes later get up and start singing some made for the charts Pop ish.

    But he’s not the only one…..

    Kanye with his overtly “artistic” approach started out by spitting some decent revolutionary stuff on his first album. He popped some ish with George Bush on the “George Bush doesn’t care about Black People” stuff. Then he went out on his pop crusade with ballerinas.

    And finally….. TUPAC!!! As much respect I have for what he meant to the hip-hop game, he was still not a true revolutionary warrior in the Black Panther definition of the word.

    Although he came into the game on some revolutionary bars, he eventually became a victim of his own stupidity by hanging with Suge and eventually dieing with Suge. As much as I loved his rebel persona and the way he just didn’t give a f*ck, it proved to be the very issue that buried him. And he didn’t die fighting for under priviledged children, poverty, racial inequality or any of that…. He died because of his stupidity.
    Anyway, it’s hard to call him a true revolutionary when he didn’t give sh*t back to the community and was cheesing with Jada Pinkett in that “Parents Just don’t understand” video. To me, he still is the poster boy of IGNORANCE 101 (In Chris Rock voice, “Tupac wasn’t assassinated. That n*gga got shot!”)

    I don’t know… For all of the revolting the Black Panthers did, they damn sure didn’t teach their children to follow in their footsteps.