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Best of XXL

  • Cam

    One of the greatest ever, if not the greatest. Died way to early, RIP BIG L, Putcha L’s Up

  • Tim


  • greenlite616

    Big L was on some ignorant stuff, but he was so nice with his lyrics you could look past that and appreciate his lyricism. One of the best.

  • tone

    Alot of da greatest mc today copied ur style; and ran wit it…

  • rywa

    THE ILLEST FREESTYLER TO EVER LIVE “It’s funny you can listen to my first album an tell where alot of niggas got they whole style from” R.I.P

  • Omega-O

    tha dat really influence me wuz no endz, no skinz. it wuz all true n it exist til this very day. thank u Big L r.i.p.