Kendrick Lamar Profiled in The Boston Globe

K. Dot was featured in the Globe today as he and the city get ready for his upcoming concert on Monday, June 20. Below is an excerpt, and you can read the whole story here.

“It’s an edge about me that I always got to keep in the background because I know it can get crazy,’’ he said, when asked about his calm approach. “And I think just growing up in my community and the [expletive] I’ve seen and situations I’ve been in, I always try to bring positive light, because one thing I’ve learned is that once you’re around negativity, that’s all it’s going to attract. I was around negativity my whole life, so that was all I was getting. The only thing that separated me from that was the day I got in the studio.’’

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  • greenlite616

    I fucking lurve Kendrick Lamar. Everything he’s on is the best. I wanna party with him. Glad he’s getting recognised. Anybody that don’t like him can shut the fuck up.

    • COBRA

      YO nigga. I don’t give a shit if you a fuckin homo but what the fuck is wrong with you?
      You say you FUCKING LURVE him and wanna party with him. What’s that about?
      Then you tell everyone to SHUT THE FUCK UP IF THEY DON’T LIKE IT. Nobody said they ain’t like it. You left the first comment. U need to check yourself for real.
      SEEK HELP!!!!!