Fans Vote: Lupe Fiasco is Out of Line for Obama ‘Terrorist’ Comment [Results]

We asked our readers to share their thoughts on Lupe Fiasco’s comments that President Obama is a terrorist, and they consensus is the following: out of 348 voters, 46% of voters say the Chicago rapper is out of line. Check out the results below.

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  • TM-103

    Fuck Lupe! Lost all respect for him ….

  • alderman j

    This nigga dont know what he talking about, he dont even follow politics based on alot of the shit he says in his raps, because it doesnt match what is really going on, nigga is either trying to turn everybody against obama, or he been brainwashed, cause this cat is way off base, dont listen to him yall, he trying to brainwash yall too, he lost me with this one, he gone have to really clean this shit up to get me to listen to anything else that come out his mouth…fuck wrong with this clown?????

  • alderman j

    He betta watch out before obama put one in his eye and dump his ass at see!!!!

  • juan





    • Nick

      ^KNOWLEDGE!! So many people can learn so many things from person who thinks outside of the box, such as Lupe.

  • Jacob

    @alderman j

    I love that you’re accusing him of brainwashing people and being brainwashed, when you’re mindlessly defending something you probably know nothing about.
    The president is not some sort of god, not a greater being, nor a deity. He’s a human and does the wrong things sometimes. He is and should be open to criticism. It is the government that should fear the people…

  • A whiteboy

    “In my fight against terrorism, to me, the biggest terrorist is Obama, and the United States of America,” Lupe told host Shira Lazar. He went on to explain the comment:

    “I’m trying to fight the terrorism that’s actually causing the other forms of terrorism. You know, the root cause of terrorism is the stuff that the U.S. government allows to happen, and the foreign policies that we have in place in different countries that inspire people to become terrorists. And it’s easy for us because it’s just some oil.”

    Not that i agree totally, but at least this nigga is thinkin while some of you ignorant bastards just wanna jump to a conclusion.

    Now what would the results’ve been if the 46% & 22% would’ve had to name something Obama’s done to “minimize terrorism” or “contribute to” it. And don’t say he killed Osama, unless your gonna pin every US kill since he’s been in office on him as well.

  • MRpapersonly

    i dont completely agree with lupe but as grateful as i am to live in “the land of the free”, the actions and policies of the government on home soil and foriegn soil is what causes terrorism in the first place. terrorism against this country is due to the hatred for our government and the bullying that it does with smaller, less powerful countries who are in need. the fact that our government uses oil trade as a way to put other countries in our debt by billions knowing that they could not repay us with currency, instead taking their oil as repayment is terrorism in my opinion.

  • SekoyaSavage420

    The ones who are dissin Lupe are brainwashed, Fiasco is a smart dude and i grant him a mountain of respect for standing up for the rebels. USA is an evil country built on greed n hatred and currently running the World, Obama is exactly what lupe say’s and I can’t wait till’ the Revolution…

  • dfsdf

    lupe is a hero and a genius

  • MAV

    the president is just a figurehead so blamin him is more than a lil naive by lupe…and where was this nigga when bush was in office?still though the guvmint is and always will b crooked and disingenious wit the people…maybe lupe thought obama would change it all….lmao

    • Damian

      lupe was talking Obama and the US government as a whole. Past, present,and future. Maybe people should at least hear everything he said before they vote..

  • Shawty J

    Lupe elaborated in another interview that his comment wasn’t just anti-Obama it was anti-presidential/government period and his statement goes for every president that came before Obama, and every president that would come after. Although Lupe is known for being an non-voter I recall him saying that he wanted Hilary Clinton to win the 2008 election, I wonder if his sentiments would’ve been the same has she won.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    both political parties are corrupt to the core
    … Likewise The Controlled Media …

  • killa

    He spoke up cuz everybody swear obama is a saint or someshit… Obama isn’t for the hood, for the minorities, none of that… hes just a more politically correct BUSH.

  • Kidd

    I support Lupe. no point arguing wit people in a music/celebrity site and trusting their ‘votes’

  • Moridiin

    Lol Lupe with a Skull and Cross Bone tie and a chain in his video with references to Ancient Egypt that are linked with Mason/Illuminati secret societies (families) talking about Terrorism and the Foreign Policy of the USA – Ironic!!!

    I agree with some of what he’s saying, but come on dude look to yourself 1st of all and what you display in your video with your occult references and all that goes with that.

    Its like your slating something and supporting it at the same time. Hypocrisy.

  • Nicholas Lee

    Don’t get made its true in a way. Y’all cant see the truth and the truth is hard to hear sometimes. But don’t say fuck Lupe over this. He is speaking his mind. Bottom line he is a true hip hop lyricist.

  • MindState

    Lupe is such a dweeb man for real.. I mean this guy has said at least 4 or 5 things that has made me like him less and less over the years. Besides the fact that he does’nt even vote, where’s the evidence that makes him believe such things if he really does believe that nonsense. I really think he just wants you all to go buy his corny album..

  • Fireforreal

    Lupe is a dope emcee know doubt about it but for somebody who says they don’t follow politics how can you have a view on government,the president now and past presidents. That is part of politics. It’s like saying I don’t follow hip hop music but I tell you who’s the wackest rappers and why the game is getting worst and worst. I think it’s just another black man taking shots at another black man and the whites at MTV,Radio etc…. who are playing Lupe’s latest records which are not that great are smiling because he’s doing the opposite. Way to go Lupe ! It seems like since this half ass album dropped he’s just saying shit to get attention.

  • cuzzijjj

    in what context did he call him a terrorist? i’d like to hear his reasoning before i share my opinion

  • LylesK

    Lupe is not out of line for making that statement. However, he is weak for being unwilling to defend it by claiming that there is nothing to address. He has to be prepared to do so when making a statement of that magnitude. It’s irresponsible, coming from a rapper that claims lyrical responsibility.


    lupe was right and the goverment run the country obama just a puppet

  • money mitch

    the gov’t has truley brainwashed yall!! The only reason people are upset about what Lupe said about barrack is that barrack is black!! Thats the only reason people are mad!! And to me putting barrack in the white house was a chess move on behalf of the government to reinstate the faith in our government that was on the verge of being completely lost due to george w. bush!

  • fuckyall

    yall mother fuckers kill me.
    the only reason he is in the white house is cause every one want a black person to win.
    but jokes on yall niggas this mother fucker anit black.
    and yall want it so bad we didnt give a shit that his last name.
    sounds like hes down with the towel heads lol
    in tell we got a real black man in the white house.
    this floppy ear mother fucker will never be the 1st black pres to me. and if he want to do us a fav he get all them pain in the ass spics back to mexico .and them smelly ass
    spear chuckers lol fuck it

  • Fed Up With the Bullshit

    This proves my point that most black folks voted for Obama because he was black. Everyone is on here defending our president but where the hell were all of you 7 months ago when he wanted you all to go out and vote in the midterms, that gave Republicans power and have made his job a lot harder.

  • the o g cris

    @fed up with bull shit,the thing is obama is not even black,some people voted for him because he have black in him but his not even black he’s biracial.and to be honest it was just as many white people who voted for him than blacks.

  • MLM

    Bullshit, Obama has killed more innocent people than all the terrorists of the world combined.

    People need to stop sucking his dick just because he’s black.

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