Recently-released songs "Marvin's Room" by Drake and Big Sean's "Marvin & Chardonnay" — not to mention the various remixes of the former that have surfaced on the internet lately — have made the mention of legendary musician Marvin Gaye a hot topic in hip-hop these days.

XXL decided to take the two culprits responsible for the trend and do a brief comparison of the tracks. Let's get it on! — XXL Staff


Theme: Drunk-dialing, party-goer reminiscing about his ex over a mid-tempo production

Mentions of Marvin Gaye: 1 (in the title)

Familiarity: first-name basis

Libation of choice: Rose, XO Cognac and "Sprite in that mixture" (the latter a shameless plug)

Time of day: "I’m delirious… night."

Number of participants: "I should call one and go home."

Mention of "bitches": Three


Theme: Young bachelor setting the mood for his lady friend over an upbeat production

Mentions of Marvin Gaye: nine (including title)

Familiarity: respectfully uses government name

Libation of choice: Chardonnay and some patron shots

Time of day: "Early in the morning..."

Number of participants: "We ’bout to have a liason
/ She so cool give head with her shades on."

Mention of "bitches": one ("Gave you a new name / What's that? What's that? What's that? /
My bitch")