Does Q-Tip Think He’s Kanye West and Jay-Z?

They say geniuses are crazy. And former Tribe Called Quest front man Q-Tip is allegedly no different.

As Tribe grew into one of hip-hop’s more celebrated groups in the 1990s, so did Tip’s mystique. Word on the Abstract Poetic was that he was an undeniable creative force, but also a bit of an eccentric oddball. So when reports surfaced that Tip didn’t approve of the Michael Rapaport-directed Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest late last year, fans speculated that the Queens MC/producer may be uncomfortable with the way he was depicted in the documentary. After all, the remaining Tribe members, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi White, saw nothing wrong with the picture.

Beats, Rhymes & Life has since been premiered at various festivals and screened for the media to glowing reviews. The general consensus is that the movie tells a complete, compelling story. As for Tip, he’s painted as the at times bizarre forward-thinking trail blazer hip-hop has come to love and idolize, which begs the question: What exactly does he think is wrong with the movie?

Beats, Rhymes & Life opens next week, yet aside from mumbled and possibly sarcastic “go check out the Tribe movie” shoutouts during DJ sets, Tip has yet to endorse the doc. In an interview published in the New York Daily News earlier today (June 30), Rapaport vented that he was done catering to Tip. “You’re not Jay-Z, you’re not Kanye West,” he told the News. Sounds like Rapaport was hinted at Tip being a diva.

Fittingly, news recently surfaced that Tip cancelled his headlining appearance at this year’s Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Word is the Abstract wasn’t exactly the easiest person to deal with during negotiations. So, does Q-Tip really think he’s Jay-Z or Kanye West? You tell us…—XXL Staff

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  • J Wildd

    He must be caked up, Jay and Kanye’s money wrapped in one lol damn! J Wildd!

  • Jugular Kill

    4 Grammy Awards
    One of the biggest names in hip hop/ soul music production
    Worked with everyone from Jay/ Kanye/ Busta/ Janet/ De La etc etc

    XXL you’re pathetic, your articles are so childish..Stop making ppl bitch and just tell ppl who the fuck he is.

    Q-Tip has been on some of the biggest songs of all time… Fuck is wrong with u XXL making ppl decide if he’s relevant. Fuck u show some fucking respect to talented ppl

    • jimmmyjam

      NO ON HAS THE RIGHT TO BE A DICK LIKE THT. THE DIRECTOR IS A GENIUNE TRIBE FAN AND WORD IS TIP TREATED HIM LIKE AN ASS, AND HE COMES ACROSS AS AN ASS SOMETINES IN INTERVIEWS AND WORD IS THT HE IS A DIVA. HES A LEGEN TO HIP HOP HEADS BUT HE AINT JAY Z AND KANYE WEST. BOTH THOSE GUYS TOOK OVER THE WORLD. shit ddnt mean to have caps on. anywayz ur childish, seems most ppl come on here just to bitch about xxl, dnt come on here if u gonna be a bitch about everything seems most ppl come on the net just so they can be bitches.

      • The187Worm

        shut the fuck up chump….and fuck XXL…garbage ass magazine…Kanye and Jay run the world? lol ur a fuckin joke…clown ass muthufucka

        • jimmmyjam

          well then get the fuck off the site u wack ass motha fucka, fucking hating ass punk bitch. u have a pathetic existence.

          • The187Worm

            I eat my own poop.

      • TONY NEAL


  • ragrago

    q tip is bigger than kanye and exceeds both jay and kanye on his cultural impact on hip hop remeber native tongues tribe blazed a trail and kanye, lupe, b.o.b, currency are all heirs to tribes legacy…….


      Q tip is gay so was tribe called quest he had one hit thats it and his voice sounds like a girl… whack ass nigga and kanye is not much better he is all hype too, if any rapper should be mad its tecn9ne cuz he better then any rapper on here mentioned!!!!


    His shitty atitude is the reason tribe broke up quiet as kept. He is truely a legend and deserves respect but if you act like a jerk you loose points in my book. That is another reason I think less of lupe because there have been several instances where he acted like betty white in the snickers commercial. Don’t be bitchy tip bottonline.

  • Jenny Lou

    I like him. Always have, always will. I for also cut for Jigga and Yeezy, but some shit just over-rated… I’m just keeping it real.

  • Hip Hop Extra

    Qtip is Qtip…. That’s all he needs to be!

  • alessandra

    vote number 420! legend.

  • realnigga

    Q-Tip = Nobody………if he’s a legend…..every old school rapper is…….maybe in NYC or the Eastcoast…..but outside of there nobody is checking for Q-Tip OR A Tribe Called Quest……U had your time, it’s over……legends don’t die and he/they did

  • neg

    Sometimes I seriously think I could write for this magazine and do a better job. Did an intern whos still in high school write this? How is this a story? Its all speculation, and boring speculation at that. “Sounds like Rapaport was hinted at Tip being a diva.”

    Give me a fucking break.

  • Jason

    I am a huge Tribe/ qtip fan…but tip has an ego which is why tribe ultimatly broke. You can hear the disappointment and animosity in phife’s voice any time he is asked about Tribe. Aside from that Q-tip is a hiphop legend in his own right. De la was out b4 tribe but it was tribe who made the native tounge sound household in the 90′s….music largely produced and created by q-tip. It created this persona for him. Noone likes to be seen in a bad light so he will defend himself.



  • eff

    Seriously, f*ck XXL – Q-Tip doesn’t need my co-sign, or yours for that matter.

  • Nudude16

    I dig Jay Z and Kanye ; but to diss Q-Tip by saying he thinks he’s them is quite Stupid! If the brother doesn’t like the movie; he doesn’t like it! ( I DID ) & Kanye looks up to Q-Tip! Niggas Ride Dicks because of Money! Q-Tip is the shit because he’s the shit; not because of Ca$h. Rapaport is a DICK rider too ; if he thinks Jigga & Ye are worthy of getting their ass kissed because of their Present status ! Anybody (Young uninformed Ass Holes) who dissed the Tribe needs to look up the Stats Plus check out how many projects Q-Tip was involved with throughout HIP -HOP !!