D-Dot on Kanye West: “He Didn’t Do Right By His O.G.”


Former Diddy-affiliated producer and ex-Kanye West mentor Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie said that he and the Louis Vuitton Don are on speaking terms, though he feels slighted by his one-time protégé.

“When we see each other we shake each other hands and say what’s up, but he didn’t do right by his O.G.,” D-Dot, who is also known for his famous alter-ego The Mad Rapper, told XXLMag.com. “I didn’t do nothing to him. I didn’t rob him. All that ghost production shit he started and had the world makin’ ‘em think that he did everything.”

The two have experienced friction over West alleging that D-Dot, who was a member of the Bad Boy production squad The Hitmen and created tracks including The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize” and Diddy’s “It’s All About the Benjamins,” took credit for beats that an up-and-coming West produced.

“He’s doin’ it right now and been doin’ for the last 5 or 6 years,” D-Dot said, “so all that shit he had people believing is actually disrespectful by believing that somebody like myself would actually take his music and rob him and put my name on it like he didn’t get credit.”

Look out for the full feature on D-Dot next Tuesday (June 21). —Lauren Carter with additional reporting by Carl Chery

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  • iamlegend100

    Tell em why u mad son! My shit more john blaze than Ye!!!!!!!

  • Big Daddy Kane


  • r.o.c.

    I don’t know why he complaining they did it to me on the B.i.g.g.i.e track, that hit man crew stole trax, i still ate!

  • Flymasta

    we are now sitting with the mad rapper and quite frankly he’s mad

  • Flymasta


  • Jhon Da Analyst

    It all started when I lost my first talent show…Remember when niggas had their name on they belt? My moms wouldnt let me get that……then she put braces on me. I cant get no bitches wit braces son, gum all in my shit!!!

  • Dead President

    yo. yo. yo y, yo…yo u wanna know why – yo 1st of all u cant be askin me no question kno wamsayin who the fkk is you kno wamsayin
    ..ima tell u why im mad
    …im still livin wit my MOMS kno wamsayin i aint made a DIME YET. !!


  • Tumi

    Those mad rapper skits were classic. Remember that 1 on Mase’s Harlem World with the mad producer Lmao.

    Oh and that track with Em, shit was bananas.

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