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    On our June 2011 cover, we wonder if Cash Money Records co-founder Bryan “Baby” Williams is hip-hop’s last mogul. It’s impressive enough that the New Orleans legend built an empire in his native N.O. back before being from the Dirty South was cool, but Cash Money’s longevity (Baby and brother Ronald “Slim” Williams founded the label in 1992) in an ever-evolving game is what really demands respect. Since breaking nationally in 1998, when Universal signed the label to a $30 distribution deal based on the buzz surrounding the Hot Boys, the label has gone through a number of transformations. U.N.L.V and Lil Slim became Juvenille and B.G., who became Drake and Nicki Minaj. And no dynasty is complete without a franchise player (we see you, Weezy). Here, we run down the entire Cash Money Army Navy over the span of label’s history.
  • kilogcashmoneyfeature
    Kilo G
    Kilo G’s 1992 album <em>Sleepwalker</em> was the first release ever on Cash Money records. Considered a pioneer of horrorcore hip-hop, Kilo’s second album <em>Bloody City</em> was the first time we heard Mannie Fresh production.
  • projectsmostwanted
    PxMxWx (Project’s Most Wanted)
    Members Big Man, Big Heavy and Black Jacko-O were one of the first acts to sign with Cash Money. Releasing two albums on the label (1993’s <em>Pass The Weed</em>, 1994’s <em>High Life</em>, they enjoyed regional success in their native New Orleans and, like many early Cash Money signees, were frequent collaborators with UGK’s Bun B.
  • unlv
    Comprised of Tec-9, Yella Boy and Ya, U.N.L.V. was one of Cash Money’s first major acts and is credited with helping perfect the bounce sound that would later make the label so successful. They released four albums on the label from 1993-1996 before leaving Cash Money, but had their success stunted when Yella Boy was murdered in '96.
  • lilslimcashmoney1
    Lil Slim
    Credited with introducing Baby and Slim to Lil Wayne, Lil Slim signed with Cash Money in 1993. He worked early on with a young Mannie Fresh and released three albums on the label.
  • BG-Baby
    B.G. AKA Baby Gangsta
    B. Gizzle joined Cash Money as part of the duo “The B.G.’z” alongside a young Lil Wayne. He and Wayne were later teamed up with Juvenile and Turk in 1997 to form Cash Money’s first nationally successful group, The Hot Boys. As both a solo artist and member of the Hot Boys, he was responsible for nine albums while on the label before leaving in 2003.
  • waynebirdman-2
    Weezy joined Cash Money at just nine years old and went on to become the label's most important piece. After bubbling as a member of the Hot Boys and seeing marginal solo success with his debut <em>Tha Block Is Hot,</em> the man who calls himself Birdman Jr. became one of rap's biggest artists thanks to the success of his <em>Carter</em> album series and a tireless work ethic responsible for countless mixtapes and guest verses. In 2005, he founded his own Young Money Entertainment imprint under the Cash Money umbrella.
  • juvenilecashmoney
    Cash Money’s first solo star, the former Hot Boy released four albums on Cash Money before leaving the label in 2002 because of contractual disputes. His hit “Back That Azz Up” (off of 1998’s <em>400 Degreez</em>) is one of the labels biggest songs to date.
  • turk1
  • lg_pic_hot_boys_21
    Hot Boys
    Cash Money’s supergroup, The Hot Boys were comprised of Juvenile, Turk, B.G. and Lil Wayne and are largely responsible for the $30 million distribution contract that the label signed with Universal in 1998. They released two albums while together on the label (1997’s <em>Get it How You Live</em> and 1999’s <em>Guerilla Warfare</em>) in addition to a third album (2003’s <em>Let ‘Em Burn</em>) after members Juvenile, B.G. and Turk had left the label.
  • Big-Tymers-'Hood-Rich'
    Mannie Fresh
    Mannie Fresh has been holding down Cash Money production since the early days. A one man production team, Mannie crafted the most of the label's releases in their entirety during the crew's early run.
  • magnolia-shorty
    Magnolia Shorty
    Given her name by the late Magnolia Slim, and discovered by Baby during Cash Money’s heyday in the '90s, Magnolia Shorty was featured on Juvenile’s “3rd Ward Solja” off of his 1997 album <em>Solja Rags</em>. In December of 2010, she was found murdered in a New Orleans housing project at 28 years old.
  • birdman_mack_maine
    Mack Maine
    The rapper doubles as president of the Young Money Entertainment imprint.
  • tq-westside
    TQ is best known for his hit “Westside” and numerous guest features in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Baby and Slim brought the crooner on with the intention of molding him into one R&B’s biggest names. Wires were crossed and he was never even able to release an album on the label, but we’re just grateful for his classic chorus on “Way of Life.”
  • mack10
    Mack 10
    Baby and Slim signed the Westside Connection rapper in 2001, a sign of things to come as the label continued to extend its reach to both coasts and internationally in later years. He released one album on the label, 2001’s <em>Bang or Ball.</em>
  • Teena_Marie
    Teena Marie
    The soul music legend signed with Cash Money in 2002, raising many eyebrows in the music industry. She released two albums on the label (2004’s <em>La Dona,</em> 2006’s <em>Sapphire</em>). Best known for her work with Rick James, Marie tragically passed in December of 2010.
  • Lil-Mo
    Lil Mo
    The “Superwoman” singer signed to Cash Money in the summer of 2004. She remained on the label until 2006, never releasing an album for Baby and Slim.
  • JaeMillz-copy
    Jae Millz
    The Harlem battle rap legend signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment imprint in 2008. Millz has appeared as a guest on numerous Young Money collaborations but has yet to release an album on the label.
  • kevin-rudolf-639-0211011
    Kevin Rudolf
    Another 2008 addition to the roster, Kevin Rudolf became Cash Money’s first rock that summer. He’s released two albums on in 2010.
  • Jay-Sean-Feat-Birdman
    Jay Sean
    Cash Money made waves in 2008 when they signed the British R&B artist Jay Sean, making clear their intentions to expand their sound. He’s released one album on the label so far (2009’s <em>All or Nothing</em> which included the massive hit “Down” featuring Lil Wayne).
  • DJ_khaled_birdman
    DJ Khaled
    Last August, the animated DJ joined Cash Money’s team. His debut for the label, <em>We the Best Forever</em> recently had its release date pushed back to summer 2011. He collaborated with his new label mates Drake and Lil Wayne to make the current smash “I’m On One.”
  • coolanddre
    Cool & Dre
    It was announced in 2010 that the Miami-based producers had signed on to be soldiers in Baby’s Army. Earlier this year, they signed a distribution deal with Interscope through Cash Money for their Epidemic Records label.
  • Brisco-4
    Lil Wayne signed the Florida native to his Young Money label in 2006 after impressive guest verses for Rick Ross and DJ Khaled. Though his debut for the label, <em>Street Medicine</em> has been under construction for a few years now, his most noteworthy verse have come alongside Wayne on his <em>Dedication</em> mixtape series.
  • lil-twist-birdman
    Lil Twist
    After touring with the Young Money crew for over a year, Lil Twist signed with Lil Wayne’s Cash Money imprint in March of 2010.
  • tygafeature
    An early member of Cash Money’s Young Money collective, the Compton rapper got the world’s attention when “Deuces,” a single off his <em>Fan of a Fan</em> mixtape with Chris Brown, took off. His second album, <em>Careless World,</em> for a 2011 release.
    Bow Wow
    After numerous collaborations with Cash Money artists, the former So So Def star signed with Baby and Slim in 2009. His first album for the label, <em>Underrated,</em> is expected to drop in 2011.
  • Birdman-Nicki-Minaj-Lil-Wayne-Detroit
  • drakebirdman
    After a historical bidding war behind the success of his classic mixtape <em>So Far Gone,</em> Drake inked with Young Money/Cash Money Universal in 2009. He released his debut platinum album, <em>Thank Me Later</em>, the following year.
  • cory-gunz-1024x680
    Cory Gunz
    Son of New York rap legend Peter Gunz and frequent scene-stealing feature rapper Corey Gunz officially signed under Cash Money’s Young Money Entertainment imprint in May of 2010.
  • TLoSlim
    T Lopez
    An electro-pop artist from California, the Mexican-American singer is currently working on two albums for Cash Money— One in English and one in Spanish.
  • sabrinawashington
    Sabrina Washington
    In 2009, Cash Money went across the pond to snag British singer/songwriter Sabrina Washington. The UK songstress released her debut single in the U.S. last year “OMG (Oh My Gosh)” and appeared on the reality show <em>I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.</em>
  • tboz
    Earlier this year, the former TLC singer confirmed that she had signed with Cash Money. We’re anxious to see what Tionne is able to cook up with the Cash Money flag behind her.
  • glassesmalonefeature
    Glasses Malone
    After being affiliated with Game's Black Wall Street Records for a few years, Glasses signed to Cash Money earlier this year.

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    BABY I’m proud of you for showing that genius is among every social economic ladder in society and God bless America for it is only in this country that you could have beat the odds and turned your God given talents and business savvy into an empire. Baby took what a racist country gave him and parlayed it into millions by legitimizing his game. He simply changed product and the rest is history. It still required vision, acquiring knowledge and business savvy for it to work. Is he the last mogul, no. The music business model is changing and the next street hustler who can take his marketing skills and change his product will emerge as a music mogul. I dare white folk to open up any game to include Wall Street up to a Black man on a mission with a vision and they will dominate that. Black men are extremely talented they are being held back by a system who fears them and wants to keep them locked up. The entertainment industry is one of the few entrepreneurial entities that black men can get into without having to be a Harvard grad, or having a professional license requiring long years of unaffordable education and lot of other nonsense. BABY, along with your Russel Simmons, Diddy and others took Project Based Education to levels that made most moguls in this country rich and once dub the US the most innovative nation on earth. I wish he would now sponsor an Urban Music Business Academy for inner city teen and young adults to teach them how to maximize their talents and natural born skills so that we can have more moguls, business professionals, better fathers and husbands and less prisoners in our community.