10 Things That Happened As a Result of Jay-Z’s 2001 Summer Jam Moment

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    Ignited by a number of events including Nas allegedly standing Jay-Z up during a recording session and Mobb Deep’s Prodigy questioning Hov's right to call New York soft on "Money, Cash, Hoes" during a <em>Source</em> Magazine interview, the beef between Jay-Z Vs. Nas and Prodigy had long been brewing by the time Jay took shots at the two Queens MCs at New York’s Hot 97 Summer Jam concert in 2001. <br /><br />After displaying an image of a Young Prodigy in a ballerina outfit on the Summer Jam screen, Hov premiered his scathing diss against the Queensbridge lyricist— ending the verse by warning, "Ask Nas he don't want it with Hov." A surprise appearance by the King of Pop, himself, Michael Jackson, himself, made the event an instant classic that is still talked about today.<br /><br />And while the beef was eventually squashed during Jay's "I Declare War" Concert for Hot rival station Power 105 in 2005, Hov's SJ performance officially set off one of the most memorable feuds in hip-hop history. Shortly after the Summer Jam incident, Nas responded to Jigga during a radio freestyle later referred to as “Stillmatic” and/or “H To The Omo,” a take on Jay-Z’s song “Izzo (H.O.V.A.).” Later, he released the single “Ether,” a track which found him mocking Jay, followed by Hova’s own “Supa Ugly,” in which Jay-Z insinuated he and basketball player Allen Iverson both had affairs with Nas’ baby moms, Carmen Bryan.<br /><br />To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the unforgettable affair, <em>XXL</em> has compiled a list of ten things that happened in hip-hop as a result of that memorable event that took place on that Summer Jam stage.<em>—XXL Staff</em>
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    <b>Nas Wakes Up</b><br />Up to that point, Nas had been lyrically stagnant. But getting dissed by Jay-Z brought the fire back out of him, starting with the release of his "Stillmatic" freestyle and later“Ether.”
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    <b>Prodigy Takes a Dive</b><br />After Jay-Z blasted a photo of Prodigy as a child in his ballerina outfit on the Summer Jam screen during his “Takeover” verse, Prodigy’s music career seemed to take a turn for the worse. He's continued to pump out material, but post-"Takeover" Prodigy's lyrical skills were never the same.
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    <b>Performance Leads to Jay-Z and Michael Jackson Collaboration</b><br />Although the image of Prodigy displayed on the Summer jam screen and Jay baiting Nas were entertaining, the highlight of Jay’s performance was the appearance of Michael Jackson, who he asked to join him on stage. That brief moment led the two superstars to collaborate on MJ’s “Rock My World (Remix)."
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    <b>Performance Establishes Jay-Z as King of New York</b><br />After Biggie’s death in 1997, the two successors to the crown of hip-hop king of New York were undoubtedly Nas and Jay-Z. But after Jay-Z’s performance that day, it was clear he was running this town.
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    <b>Sends Warning to Other Rappers Hating on Jay</b><br />Not only did the performance solidify Jay-Z as the new king of NY, it also sent out a warning to other rappers attempting to go at him lyrically that he could outdo anyone.
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    <b>Summer Jam Screen Becomes a Brand on its Own</b><br />After Jay’s use of it, the term “Summer Jam Screen” became an often reference used in rap lyrics.
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    <b>Summer Jam Concerts Gain Prestige Nationally</b><br />Although Summer Jam concerts had been around for years, 2001 was the year the annual affair became a must-attend concert for hip-hop fans, contributing to the Summer Jam legacy.
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    <b>Reconciliation Between Jay-Z and Nas</b><br />Without the beef, there wouldn’t have been the need for two of New York’s greatest rappers to make up, unite and come together for the sake of music. Nas joined Jay-Z on stage during a Power 105.1 Power House concert in New Jersey in 2005, just four years after the drama between the two initiated. He later signed to Def Jam under Jay-Z’s presidency.
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    <b>Jay-Z Performances More Anticipated Than Ever Before</b><br />After his Summer Jam performance and in hopes of more historic surprises, Jay-Z shows became a highly-anticipated spectacle for all hip-hop aficionados.
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    <b>Proves Not All Hip-Hop Beefs End Violently</b><br />The Jay-Z and Nas feud was one of the most hyped feuds in hip-hop history, especially after the aftermath of the East Coast/West Coast rivalry that ended in both Notorious B.I.G. and 2pac dead. Still, the incident proved not all hip-hop related fights end in bloodshed.

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    I agree WACK. XXL is trying to hard.

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    Why does this site suck jay’s dick so much, he pay you under the table or something?

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    jason styles is correct. I am a big Nas fan. i cannot lie, I still don’t like Jay-z because he’s a biter not a writer, not because of his success after the nas beef. But i must admit that Nas is still cold on the mic. His music is too deep for niggas like Nas said himself, “you can’t sound smar, cause people will run away.” plus who said Jay-z king of new York. THE ONLY REASON JAY-Z IS SO POPULAR IS BECAUSE HE FOOLED ALL YOU JAY-Z DICK RIDERS BELIEVING HE WAS GOING TO RETIRE.

    • Dead President

      i like jays music. but i actually like AND respect nas. i feel jay is staged – not as real or important to hip-hop as he thinks he is. successful businessman yes, but i would never kill off any friend of mine like he did,. that aint fam money dont love you .

    • ILLMATIC was sooooo long ago

      Nas is a moron. You can’t take him seriously. Diarrhea spills out of his mouth Everytime he says something. Live at the BBQ and illmatic were dope. Then he fell off big time. Remember that track he did with Ginuwine and Firm Biz. With as long as he’s been rapping you would think he would have more Cheddar to go with all his Whine. Don’t forget him and Jay got something in Carmen.

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    Jay beat nas in battle and then signed him later. LOL!!!! and Nas still flopped. Did a wack album with a marley that 3 people bought.

    Smarten up nas.

    But yeah, this article does suck.

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    everyone dick riding two dudes who been deaded the beef why everyone so salty they let it go yall should too these niggas are 2 of the greatest Emcees im glad neither are dead and they both do a ton (for the most part) to raise the bar on rap and rap culture

  • Tiago

    Nas the only true rapper.

  • New York State of Mind

    JAY GOT ETHERED LOL That was the phrase though!!! i must admit we been talkin about this battle for a min. Jay is more commercial and he’s a biter. I thought that was concidered FAKE ASS NIGGA in the hip hop world. But Whatever

  • New York State of Mind

    I’m sorry but i just don’t respect Jay-z on the lyrical level because he’s a biter. If we have to put an (*) by barry bonds steroid ass for breaking the homerun records SAME THING GOES FOR JAY-Z AN (*)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    In my opinion Nas took it Ether just too raw

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    Rap beef to me is so fake…i mean if these niggas had really wanted to get at each other they really could…public beef = $