Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that actor and political figure Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently outed – allegedly by his soon to be ex-wife Maria Shriver – to the media for fathering a now 13-year-old love child with the family’s longtime housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

But the Terminator (or Sperminator as he's now mockingly called) isn’t the only man – or woman – to be publicly scrutinized for creeping on his significant other. From Wyclef to Biggie, Foxy Brown and T.I., the Governor of California is in the company of many adulterous rappers whose affairs have been shred to pieces by the mainstream.

XXLMag.com provides you with a nicely etched-out graph of six of the most publicized, cheating scenarios involving hip-hoppers, from the worst possible situation (XXL) to the most tame (S), comparatively speaking. Who's down with O.P.P.? – XXL Staff

XXL Creeping Rappers Cheaters Graph