XXL Helps Joe Budden Get a New Girlfriend

@serenaalfaro – Yes, THAT Serena.

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  • nibs

    worst article ever

  • dj yacine

    why is it the worst article? you coulda at least put that comment on some one elses pic

    • djyacine

      oh never mind it goes under the whole thing lol oh well

  • CDawg

    Vote goes here

    • cdwag


  • stephon


  • JackRaid04

    7 Definitly.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    That nigga is in love with microphones and USB ports……Get him a chick from Galludet University. Just sayin….

  • Agga

    all ugly

  • diego sanchez

    Who wrote this article?

  • Trey Newman

    have yall not seen the gurls mouse has been wit this is an insult all these chicks are busted lol joey wouldnt mess with NONE of these chicks he has had some of the BADDEST chicks why would he degrade? all im gonna say is watch he gonna end up back with Tahiry


    Dammmmn no 7 Serena is a dime. Agga needs some eye glasses. You obviously missed number 7. The rest yeah not model material.

  • eyo

    i’d tap em all

  • xxHyPn0t1c718xx

    #7…best lookin one + sounds like she workkin, gettin moneyy#promotion

  • http://twitter.com/urbanfrugalchic Cynthia

    BOOOOOOOO!!! I agree..really…all the ladies on twitter and this is what you came up with?? GFH twitter @ Urbanfrugalchic lol

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