XXL Fans Vote: Soulja Boy Doesn’t Deserve to Play Tupac Role in Juice [Poll Results]

A couple of weeks back, Soulja Boy Tell’Em revealed to fans — and critics alike — that he is casting for the role of “Bishop,” originally played by Tupac, in the upcoming remake of the classic hood flick Juice. We asked our readers what their thoughts were on the “Crank That” rapper filling in Tupac’s epic shoes, and here’s what they had to say.

According to the poll, 77% of XXL fans believe Soulja Boy is under-qualified to play Tupac in the re-release. Check out the results below.

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  • dizzy

    g-q maybe but not bishop

  • bigpat101

    Man souja boy could pull it off. It has to be a new age Juice. if they do it right it could be great. There is no such thing as tarnishing a movies legacy. If it doesn’t work then forget it exists, if it turns out great, COP BOTH!!!!!!…. GQ either way i fill you dizzy. I think it would be cool to see soulja Boy go from happy go lucky into a psychopath.

    • PAT

      fuck tha fuck off u cocksucker ur tha reason that the music industry is failing cuz u believe in asswholes like soulja boy if some one wrote pacs name on a piece of paper soulja boy doesnt deserve to be in tha same room as the pencil that wrote it

      • that nigga

        Now, thats some funny shit, but so true!!

  • fuckyallniggas

    Yall niggaz some hoes first of all he playing Bishop not Tupac fuck what a nigga gotta say

  • fireforreal

    If it wasn’t for the gay ass face tattoo the Game would be an ok bishop.

  • $yk

    “It has to be a new age Juice”

    ^ then why call it ‘Juice’? Call it another name

    “There is no such thing as tarnishing a movies legacy”

    ^ see Batman

    they had to wash away the nasty Keaton/Clooney movies with the new ones…same thing with the ‘Friday The 13′ series & ‘Holloween’.

    “he playing Bishop not Tupac”

    ^ you don’t understand then…


    • Eliott

      I like how you disproved everything dude said ha


    Method man would be niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

  • dark vanilla

    The only one psychotic and bi polar enough to pull off the Bishop role is the Game. As for the tattoos, it’s Hollywood and that’s why they have makeup

  • tee d

    method man???? that nigga like 40 years old…i dont have a problem with solja but can he act? game would make a good bishop, BUT THAT NIGGA CANT ACT FOR SHIT…..

  • 912

    Yo tim burton made those Keaton movies and they was the hard as a muhfucka. u must mean the Kilmer/Clooney Batman movies they was weak as fuck. and its a lot of rappers that can probably play Bishop, but Soulja Boy jus doesnt standout as 1 of those guys, if it was me I would say Freddie Gibbs or someone who can seize the viewers when the watch them. I doubt soulja boy has that gift, shit he couldnt seize his million fans from his first album to the second album. Pac was on the incline when he did Juice not the decline. I dont see him gettin anything but bad feedback for trying to makeover a classic without the credentials

  • will

    wooooow soulja boy does his thang but playin bishop is not one he aint real enough to play that roll …personally i dont think pac would like the shit….let the movie rest people you can do a juice 2 without pac sorry RIP TUPAC

    • Dubb-B(female type)

      It’s not a “Juice 2.” It’s a remake. Totally different.

  • @FrescoBain

    If yall think he has to be a legend in the rap game (which he is) to play a MOVIE ROLE then so be it. But his acting has nothing to do with his rapping. He embodies the role and embraced the challenge so let him explore his abilities.

    • ProstituteKiller

      Biiitch! SHUT THE FUUCK UP!!! enough said…

      • @FrescoBain

        How do you sound. Whats wrong with him playing that role? I really want to know.

  • R.E.D

    He doesn’t even deserve to live ….

  • dj davelee

    soulja boy should play fat boy steel in this movie

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  • Dubb-B(female type)

    No one would play Bishop like Tupac did. This movie just shouldn’t be remade. Some movies just shouldn’t be touched…this is one of those movies.

  • Bug

    They need to get the lil niggas from the last season of the Wire and let them play the roles of Bishop, Steele, GQ & Raheim. They could pull it off.

  • Man

    It shouldn’t even happen!!!! They gonna fuck this shit up like some Belly2!!! LLAM!!! This nigga momma know he shouldn’t play that role, nobody should perrid!!! No need for a remake, new age,nothing, pt.2 – pt.6!!!

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/kr15 KR-15

    Soulja Boy ain’t got the heart to play Bishop. Tupac came from a real life history of pain and struggle that reflected in his music as well as his acting. My nigga set the bar pretty high you feel me? Plus the million dollar question is can this nigga even act? T.I. and Common done snuck in the movie game, but them niggas show and prove. Yo we talkin bout Soulja Boy people… playin BISHOP… Crazy-ass-kill-a-nigga-just-cuz Bishop. Soulja Boy’s character doesn’t even resemble something villainous enough to convince me he would really pop a nigga, never mind his homey. Now if the young man get it off and been a sleeping giant wit is acting this whole time then more power to him you feel me. But as a real nigga, more imprtantly a California nigga (WS avenues 90018 Gs up!!), the lil homey is definitely tryin to sprint before he crawls, never mind walkin. Slow down dogg. Keep singin. Keep dancin. Keep smilin. Yeah. I said it…

  • alexis

    hell naw fuck soulja boy! he fuckin sucks at everythingg!

  • AV

    The Game made a belly movie that fucking sucked. I dont understand how he dont deserve to make a movie, Your saying he aint REAL enough to ACT in a movie. Thats retarded

  • Jon Dog

    Why the fuck do they have to re-make the movie anyway? Why ruin a classic. It don’t matter who the hell they get, it wont be Pac. You can’t remake a Pac movie with anyone in that roll but Pac. Same go’s for any actor in any movie. Save Soulja Boy for movies about surfing and high school. Shit, he could be the next one to fuck a hot apple pie in a remake of “American Pie”. That’s about all that goof is good for.

  • tentoes

    you cant remake a classic. they gonna ruin it. soulja boy aint even qualified enough to karoakee to a tupac song much less play a character that he made famous.

  • savage

    Man how the fuck game mess up belly, HE DID NOT WRITE THE SCRIPT! He jus accepted the role and it back fired



  • mav

    my best customers are soulja boy and ricky hatton…that cokehead swag will help him pull it off,,, i never liked bishop in juice much anyways everybody acts like he was gangsta but killin yo friends is stupid as hell its not really that good a movie..pac made it interesting take him out the mix an u got nothin… biz markie would make a great steele if he were younger i say let tip do bishop…


    Naaaawwww Someone whos been in the game a little longer would be better

  • Eliott

    I hate seeing people try to hang off pacs coat tails. Like did you see lil waynes unplugged? he did a hail mary cover and it was similar to watching someone piss on his gave…In my opinion anyway, which doesnt mean shit just like everyone elses