Wu-Tang Clan Merch

Beer aficionados and fans of Wu-Tan Clan can rejoice.

As XXL reported yesterday, a Colorado-based brewing company, Twisted Pine, has crafted a new spicy ale they’ve dubbed “Ghost Face Killah.” Described as “the hottest beer this side of hell,” the drink was created using six different peppers, including the Bhut Jolokia, a pepper so hot it is sometimes referred to as the “ghost pepper.”

Not wanting to leave the rest of Staten Island’s own seminal rap supergroup out, we came up with products that each Wu member could rep. What Wu goods would you buy?

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  • BluRasberry
    Blue Rasberry Soda
  • GZA
    Gza’s Sword Set
  • Cappadonna
    Cappadona's Cappuchino
  • Inspectah
    Inspectah Deck Playing Cards
  • CubanLinx
    Cuban Cuff Links
  • MethodMan
    Method Man's Method Acting School
  • ODB
    Ol Dirty Bastard Depends
  • Raekwon
    Raekwon’s Cooking Wear
  • RZA
    Rzarector Erector Sets
  • #wutangclan-marquee

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  • integra83

    These half ass articles (insert rza voice) are fucking ridiculous. Step your game up

  • mw

    this is corny…..I would much rather read somethign REAL about a group as good as the Wu. This is a weak content submission filled with google images and cheap photoshop work.

    • Phil

      Yea, they must be bored as fuck at the offices of XXL.

  • Dick B.

    This takes the cake of cornyness. You’ll are making some sorry articles.



  • devious

    ODB promoting depends underware would be funny as shit lmao that picture made me laugh so hard