Twitter love has been in the air in 2011. From Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa to Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent to Esther Baxter and Joe Budden, plenty of rappers and their girls have let loose on intimate relationship details via the microblogging site. Sometimes, it works out alright, with the lovebirds Twitpicing or having easy-going exchanges; other times, things get ugly, and ex-girls beef with current ladies or ex-items lash out at one another. As these three pairings certainly won't be the last instances of relationships that play out on Twitter, XXL provides the Dos and Don'ts of Twitter love.


Do: Attempt to take the high road when beefing with your man’s ex, even if it takes you a while to get there
Who Did It: Amber Rose
Why It’s Ok: In general, Twitter beef is lame. The quicker you drop it, the better you look. (Rose wrote, “Every woman is beautiful in their own way so stop being evil & compliment each others.”)


Don’t: Beef with your old jumpoff’s current girlfriend
Who Did It: Natalie Nunn (with Amber Rose)
Why It’s Not Ok: You look jealous, foolish, and a little deranged.


Do: Use your sense of humor.
Who Did It: Chelsea Handler
Why It’s Ok: It shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously ("Everyone, calm down. I met with Mr. Cent about a potential project. There's nothing to report yet, I'll let you know if there is,” Handler wrote in October).


Don’t: Argue about the life of your unborn child
Who Did It: Esther Baxter
Why It’s Not Ok: That seems a little too personal to be airing out for everyone to see.


Do: Show us that you do normal people things
Who Did It: Wiz Khalifa
Why It’s Ok: Wiz said he wanted to take Amber out for turkey burgers. Seems tame enough.


Don’t: Send tweets to each other that should be texts
Who Did It: Amber Rose
Why It’s Not Ok: Why make that ish public? (Amber wrote, “@RealWizKhalifa I miss you more Daddy *Tears*”).


Do: Twitpic the two of you together in bed
Who Did It: Chelsea Handler
Why It’s Ok: This could have gone either way. As long as the picture isn’t too graphic, and you actually want the public to know about the relationship, this is a pretty good way to verify your relationship.


Don’t: Twitpic pregnancy tests Who Did It: Joe Budden Why It’s Not Ok: We understand you’re trying to make her uncomfortable. But c’mon. We don’t need to see that.


Do: Twitpic old flicks of you and ex to try to throw a shot at current girl
Who Did It: Natalie Nunn
Why It’s Ok: At least we know you weren’t fabricating said relationship.


Don’t: Twitpic a string of old flicks of you and ex
Who Did It: Natalie Nunn
Why It’s Not Ok: Things start to look a little ridiculous at a certain point.