The Office: Live from the Cubes

“Wordsworth is so nice with it. The way he flipped words combined with his delivery was just ill to me. He definitely got real on this track.” – Adam Fleischer, Music Editor

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  • Byransmith

    2011 vote Halo Glitz for new president of hip hop,xxl ya’ll need my manz mix-tape on yo site 4real!!! “GangBanging Is Dead:The Official MixTape obviously the westside mixtape concept has eastcoast influence with da nas concept,yall need to check dis kid out I think he’s da one cali’s been waiting fo,check um out at


    Never heard the Nas and Scarface joint, Favor for a Favor but I gotta say Face killed Nas on that track though real talk.

  • The187Worm

    Lyin ass muthufuckas…the people that run this mag arent listnening to that shit..cuz if they were , there wouldnt be garbage put on this site…some would have some taste then