“The Legacy of Bin Laden” by Immortal Technique

When the announcement came late last night that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by the United States, many took to Twitter, the streets, and the airwaves to offer snap judgments, brief thoughts, and celebration. Immortal Technique, instead, took a different route. The always critically thinking, socially conscious rhymer decided to reflect. He reflected on the news and what it meant for this country and the world, and he translated those reflections onto digital paper.

This morning, we saw Tech tweet the following: “I wrote a very long essay about Bin Laden and Afghanistan and our involvement with it, but I doubt any of you really want to read it all. There is no link. It’s not posted it’s just sitting here. I haven’t posted it anywhere yet.” We wanted to give a platform for the response of one of hip-hop’s most politically aware minds. Tech in turn bestowed us with this potent, lengthy essay that you’ll find below.

We encourage you to prove him wrong in doubting that anyone will read his words.

In a world that has been flooded by news, there is usually nothing that rises far above the smoldering lava of sensation—that which consumes all truth and absorbs all lies mixing them into a fiery lake or stew of bubbling nonsense. So much so, that to discover glanced over facts, to question people of importance within government or the machine itself leads to the branding of one as a “conspiracy theorist.”

Truthfully, there are many people who lived life with doubt over the facts surrounding 9/11, who felt afraid to express it, probably because they feared being accused of “hating America,” of being “with the terrorists,” hence sympathizing with the people who were responsible for killing all of those who died on 9/11. You talk to people like this at work, you see them walking by you everyday, you can read their rants on message boards or in chat rooms around the world, insulting people who present their doubts. Some choose to not question anything to fit in, others just figure their opinion is irrelevant and doesn’t change anything. After all, there is such thing as human error and no matter how much the government or people in it stand to gain, they could have a made a mistake, by mistake, and not on purpose. Some secrets are best kept secrets in the interest of national security. However, if national security means protecting the abuse of power and the negligence of authority, then it is not the security of a nation that is being protected, but the indulgences of the corrupt.

Of course, the counterpart to this position, which creates the fervor of hatred and disrespectful debate, is the believer of all conspiracy theories and repeater of random information with only websites as sources. The angry person who blows up a postal truck because they think that their tax dollars shouldn’t go to excessive spending, or things like bombing people or paying mercenaries triple for what soldiers should be doing. This person is sometimes purposefully placed in that position and given a platform as a deterrent for the people who actually have a truth to be heard and taken seriously. This is what we term an agent provocateur, a mole planted to make the real issues lose credibility mixed in with insanity.

Not all people who doubt the official version of the story are raving lunatics, though. Some have an honest distrust of their own government. Some are veterans of a war like Vietnam who know that the people who run the United States of America are very capable of lying even to the best and bravest of those who risk their lives to defend the dwindling freedoms that we enjoy. Others are youthful minds, seeking to present themselves as different than the bland and overwhelmingly planned out and boring existence that chokes anything original or radical around them.

For the rest of us that are caught in between, it creates a crushing vice. The overflow of information, whether it was naturally evolving or a deliberate blurring mechanism put into place, distorts everything. And so for the sake of logic and truth, and to put the recent events surrounding Osama Bin Laden in perspective, I have decided to address several points about America’s tumultuous relationship with him.

1. First Impressions

There are people in this country who, when they speak, give you the impression that we never negotiate with terrorists; that our mission is to overthrow dictatorships; that we help the people gain true freedom; and that we do not torture people… But without lending any weight to conspiracy, there is documented evidence that at Guantanamo Bay, at Bagram Airforce base, and other secret locations we have tortured thousands, many wrongly accused, to obtain information. We have supported many more dictatorships than we could ever possibly overthrow because it was necessary for us to be able to have access to natural resources including their cheap labor. Why else would the clothing manufacturers in Honduras quietly lobby for the coup in 2009 and support it? Because the people who make their clothes might Unionize. Collective bargaining, health standards (not even American ones, but that of the nation they are in), humane conditions, all mean cutting into the profit margin and, in case you haven’t noticed, that matters more to corporations than people’s lives. Why do you think a dictatorship like Mubarak’s or the King of Saudi Arabia’s never received the same vitriol and hatred as the democratically elected regime of Hugo Chavez? Because it is not Communism or Socialism or even radical Islam that this country is opposed to. It is any form of government, any regime or any person that stands between the United States and it’s interests that should be considered marked for death. (By the United States, I mean the entities—be they corporate or of some other means—that are responsible for our elected officials being in the positions of power they hold.)

Actually, we have always “negotiated with terrorists.” Iran Contra. “The Surge,” not in troop strength, but also the surge in money we paid armed militias and armed gangs to not fire at American troops. Etc… So it’s clear, we only care about one kind of terrorist. Our terrorist. That person or organization is our dog, and our dog alone. When others use such tactics against us, it is evil, unkind and inhumane. But when we use these approaches against enemies who have already been demonized, then we find some gentle complacency over it instead of the anger and betrayal at our American standard of war. For nothing damages the American pride more than to acknowledge that underneath the stars and stripes, we can be just wicked as everyone else in the world.

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  • KillaQueens

    wow. long read. but the ending gave me chills

    • Becki

      Those were my exact words! Chills! So worth it.

      • azgbf

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  • JohnS

    Strong read but you know people will instantly shove aside without even reading the whole thing.

  • krime

    There was a brief moment last night as I was watching the news, where Immortal Technique popped into my head. I was wondering to myself what he may have been thinking as he watched the news. Im glad you guys posted this & actually reached out to him. This guy is wise beyond his years, and even though I may not always agree with him, it’s always interesting to hear what he has to say… No to mention his music is dope as fuck!

    I almost find it surprising that he didn’t start throwing a bunch of crazy conspiracies around but rather just gave us a little history about this whole thing… The 5th section called “What to believe” is a great way of doing it! He simply asked questions, without coming off as a fucking psycho conspiracy theorist, and even made it a point that people often mix up the 2. Personally, I believe the government on this one, & I also congratulate Obama on going through with it…. If you guys actually read how it went down, the you know that was one of the best chess moves in history!!! Obama proved himself again!

    • Nick

      Agreed. What did you read about Obama’s “chess move?” Do you think you could post some info on it because one of my friends says that he had nothing to do with the process. I’d like some ammo to shut him up. Thanks

    • somedude

      Are you serious? Osama died back in December of 2001. Do your homework. Quit sucking the governments tit.


    damn that is hands down the realest shit i ever read

  • Alex A

    Tim Osman may be “dead”, but nothing will get better. It’ll only get worse.

  • Gwen

    In history class we had a discussion about Bin Laden’s “death”.I asked my teacher how do we really know that he is dead? I started to ask him a bunch of questions about Bin Laden’s body being dumped into the sea and asking where is the proof. He looked at me & told me I was starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist just because I ask questions and don’t believe everything the news tells me. My friends are just like my teacher. Sometimes I feel like the only young person that gives a damn about being told the truth. But the article was Amazing & the conclusion was great.

    • Zero

      Keep asking questions. I’m a senior in high school, about to graduate, and I’ve slowly transformed into the person that I am today. The pace was sped up over the past year or so, I’ve become much more knowledgeable about many different things… (and hey, Immortal Technique, Lowkey, etc. are great teachers via music :D) Anyway, yes, continue asking questions. I know how it feels to be ridiculed simply for asking questions..one of my friends asked me “why do you care so much about world issues?” :-/ I was kind of speechless. Meh…you just have to press on and keep asking those questions, continue trying to educate others, and continue spreading information and knowledge. You’re not alone in this.

      • Gwen

        Thanks. It feels good to know that another young person feels the same way.

        • allhiphop>xxlmag

          a recent study suggested that 1 out of 2 conspiracy theorists is gay, which one of you is it?

          • Yooooo

            me :) and proud of it

      • Guerita.

        I’m a Junior in high school and when we discussed this in class, I as well started asking questions, and not to my surprise, the rest of my class looked at me as if I was dumb. Thankfully, my teacher isn’t too tied down by the governent and system and has his own beliefs and actually agrees with me on some of the “conspiracies” I bring up in class. But for the students at my school, I’m POSITIVE I’m the only student at school that actually concerns myself with history and such outside of what we’re told in the classroom. It amazes me how oblivious the majority of people are to the facts.
        But I agree, keep questioning and sticking to your beliefs, don’t let any criticism put you down or make you step down.
        And btw (allhiphop>xxlmag), I’m gay too, and proud as well :)

        • johhny2Xstorm


        • Rombe Toto

          You are one of us dude…People are like sheep.They believe everything and it suits them that way.its the way they grew up.Theyve only learned how to study for school and etc and never investigate about the world and the real truth

        • Alexandra

          Guertia, this is the fuckery i have to deal with evrery day. keep your head up and don’t evet let anyone shake you from the truth.

      • http://mojowire.typepad.com/blog vanmojo

        To both of the young brothers asking questions… don’t ever stop! When it was my time in high school, me and my friends were the ones asking questions about death squads in El Salvador trained by U.S. soldiers and CIA tools at the School of the Americas, and a pending U.S. invasion of Central America. We were questioning the morally bankrupt and intellectually crippled foreign policy of the nascent Reagan administration and his gang of cowboys in the basement of the West Wing… not that much has changed in the last 30 some years… If I have any regrets, it’s that my generation wasn’t strong enough or smart enough to stop this shit in its tracks. So it’s up to you now… Don’t ever stop questioning; in our Republic it’s our only weapon, keep it strapped with the safety off…

    • Ivan

      Haha same here I ask questions but I already knew the answer to it. Always like hearing the opinions of others. The thing I hate the most is the people who here music like Immortal Technique but don’t have clue what the song is about. Hope Immortal Technique writes a book or something like that.

      • Noah

        You ask questions that you already know the answer to? That means you aren’t asking the right questions.

        • Zawahiri

          They’re called rhetorical questions. The answer to the question is obvious they’re just designed to make people think or to showcase a thought process.

    • Mike

      Ask questions! Keep asking questions!

    • lizz.

      I feel excatly the same way you feel.me and my friend are the only people who are willing to ask this questions. i asked my teacher to play a song by tecnique since she played a patriotic song in class. She said no.
      The rest of the students are very empty minded and like tecnique said it in this, they used what the news says as their talking points.
      Its a shame that people are not imformed and refuse to inform themselves.
      but your not the only one, theres more people out there hungry for the truth than you think.(:

    • Joseph

      It’s funny – the Republicans reiterated this exact argument (re-phrased a bit though) about Obama’s birth before he released his birth certificate.

      Oh, the irony.

    • b

      @ gwen… i know how you feel, at just 22 years old all of my peers are distracted by nonsense. If i were to judge the future based upon the youth i would say we dont have one. look to older people for wisdom, they dont just speculate on some things but in many cases have experienced it, and when a peer comes to you with something thought provocing, try to facilitate that thought process regardless of the implications that may arise. it is better to ask questions and be wrong, then to assume you are correct and be quiet.

  • K

    much respect and love to this man… great read

  • Maga

    Thank you for this.

  • http://twitter.com/theeviciousone vic

    this “war on terror” is far from over. thousands/millions will be slaughtered as blood thirsty men from both sides refuse to see eye to eye that they are both the enemy.

    those celebrating osama’s “death” refuse to understand that, even though osama is/was a horrible man – and murdered men in the name of jihad or himself – he didn’t deserve a celebration. millions will spring up in his place.

    i agree with you immortal tech – what we know as “conspiracy theorists” is just scratching the surface.

  • I voted for assassination.

    This kind of thing really shows how incredibly different separate artists can be. Some artists talk about shooting cops. Some artists constantly battle other MCs for money. Immortal Technique makes great music and writes a lengthy essay regarding his views on the supposed death of a terrorist and how he feels it will affect the world as a whole. Both of these artists may use the same medium(hip hop) from time to time, but they have two completely separate approaches. One is angry and only expresses his anger through music and violence. The other, Technique, examines worldly affairs and contributes many facts and opinions through literature. I believe that any artists, regardless of their medium, could learn something from this man. I believe that everyone can learn something from everyone. People just need to start relying on their selves more. The fact that a news station like fox exists and thrives is only a reflection on the intelligence of this nation as a whole. Peace!

    • iko

      You’re telling me Immortal technique isn’t in the violent rapper list? That is pretty stupid.

      • Billy

        If you think Tech is on the violent rapper list then you just don’t understand. You’re taking what he says out of context and truly don’t grasp what he is doing. To call somebody stupid over something you can’t contemplate is pretty ignorant.

        • Alexandra

          Immortal tech is passionate, rather than violant

      • guess who

        you seem like the kind of guy who hasn’t heard “The Poverty of Philosophy” yet

      • I voted for assassination.

        No. I think that he is definitely violent. That is what makes him so real.

  • charlie malik

    fucking great read !!!
    i stumbled across this subject on twitter earliar today, but never got round to reading it, then i woke @ 1am (gmt) to get a bite, and thought id have a read, man was i blown away or what ???
    dude is crazy intelligent and we need more people like him and LOWKEY to open our eyes to all this.
    ps : man has got some sikk rhymes aswell….

  • gina stern

    Long read,but definately worth it,powerful words

  • laralove13

    Very good read, especially for someone who has turned off the news & T.V reporting years ago…I love to examine things critically & this essay was a perfect read for Osama’s supposed death. I am a big fan of artists who speak there mind & educate themselves & share that wealth of knowledge with the rest of us seeking for enlightenment. One Love!

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    He is quite intelligent and knowledgeable but if he has such a strong opinion of America, he can move up north to Canada. Conspiracy theory or not, it still happened and people like Immortal Technique make easily influenced people pay attention to him and lose sight of the bigger picture. Action is more suitable for something like this. Writing about it is just gonna make others read it and not do anything about it. He needs to get off the mic and into the classrooms and other such outlets. Why would you question how something happened when the effects of that happening are still happening? It’s basically keeping people stuck in the past and on one topic. I’m not bashing him, just offering my opinion like he does. Peace niggas!

    • Zero

      Sorry, your suggestion and recommendation for Immortal Technique is invalid considering that he has indeed influenced me (and countless others, apparently) via his music, his writings (such as this one), and even his posts on Twitter. If he was not in the “music business,” I would have never heard of him. I would have never learned quite a chunk of knowledge solely from his music! Do you really think they would allow him to teach in classrooms? No. Music is his best bet at teaching so many people on such a broad scale, not in a classroom. Again, no, he isn’t keeping people stuck in the past; because if we don’t know history, we cannot understand the present and even the future. He doesn’t “keep me in the past,” because I’m very much so concerned about the future and I read things from the present…so, yeah.

      • allhiphop>xxlmag

        State the obvious why don’t you? lol I was just saying that he shouldn’t be rapping because people like you obviously learn everything you know from music and idolize him (sounds cultish). I’m all for education but if he’s so smart, he’ll be able to provide another outlet to other than entertainment to express himself through. I listen to music but I don’t let it influence me. And any educated person should already know or at least be aware of these conspiracies and other disputed history. If it takes music for someone to learn, then go to Canada.

        • Zero

          Once you learn how to read and have a better comprehension of words, please tell me. Not once did I say I idolize him nor did I say that I “learned everything from him.” You sir, are an idiot. “Go to Canada” ? Okay, you can go to Uganda.

          • allhiphop>xxlmag

            I know you didn’t say that but like the nigga said “read between the lines” and your lines suggest that you idolize him. There’s nothing wrong with idolizing another man. lol (jk there is).
            I leave you with a quote from yourself ” I would have never learned quite a chunk of knowledge solely from his music!” (Gay dude from xxlmag.com)

    • Zero

      One more thing: the whole “if you don’t like it here, leave!” idea is very annoying. :/

      • detox

        more annoying is the fact that niggas like you don’t take the advice and leave. I bet y’all just scared of the Canadian cold and the Mexican heat. lol

        • Zero

          Your logic is uncanny. I’m so afraid.

          • detox

            only children and women get scared of logic

  • Diego Sanchez

    This was truly more than I expected from Tech when he tweeted that he was going to write about this. This article made me think critically from beginning to end which is what Tech wants you to do, instead of letting others make you believe their stories. Immortal Technique once again, speaking his mind and showing us that Hip-Hop is the strongest art form in the world.

    • MrJs1G

      “Hip-Hop is the strongest art form in the world.”

      Hip-hop is a vauge musical genre; what do you consider hip hop? 50 Cent? Mos Def? Immortal Technique? Busta Rhymes? A clear and corroborate definition of hip hop is essential here.

      Art, by its essence, is an ambiguous term. It means different things for different people everywhere. Again, matter of definition.

      You objectively claim that hip-hop is the *strongest* art form there is; however, what do you mean by strong? Influential? In that case, opinions about which genres of music are most influential are subjective and thus, your conclusion is false.

      I admire was IT has done for hip hop and youth today; however, to claim that hip-hop is *the* “strongest” art form is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

  • Veeeee

    Better said than the media. I look up to this guy so much. He isn’t afraid to speak the truth and call out the lies. We need more real people like him in this country.

  • DV

    This should be copied & pasted/ linked/ shared across every social/ media/ entertainment website possible. This is powerful.

    *tips hat to Immortal Technique*

    Oh yeah thanks alot XXL mods for censoring me on that Ghostface post. Glad to see freedom of speech is respected here on this website. Oh wait……

    • DV

      an apology is due. you put my comment back up on the GFK post.

  • Mike

    Great read. A long one, but well worth it. A true hip-hop artist can always tell a story in his song. Show me a lil wayne song that can make an impact on you because of the story behind it. Then show me a Tupac song that doesn’t have a real life meaning behind it. You can’t. Technique to me is the modern Tupac. His music tells a story, its not just about smoking weed and fuckin hoes, its real talk. His essay was very well written, and I really appreciated the Socrates approach to Section 5. Continuing to question, but never giving your own answer because it is something that you can not definitively know. Much love, much respect.

  • @logicalrhymes

    Worth the read

  • http://www.facebook.com/Money.Clique Jaijaii

    They’ll read it, Hip-hop is the last trusted element of culture.



  • April Gallop

    Deep and insightful! Very worth the time and effort to read and deep throat (swallow).

  • Skarra Myakayaka

    Listen to Revolutionary Vol. 1, Revolutionary Vol. 2 (classic) and The 3rd World, yo Tech keep doin ya thang man love all de way 4rm S. Africa waitin on da new album

    • Mike

      Anything this guy produces is awesome… you simply named his popular albums… just saying. Thanks Immortal for your words.

  • http://nateduffy.blogspot.com Nathan Duffy

    When will conspiracy theorists learn that the most dubious, discredited and disreputable source of information is not the US government, but fellow conspiracy theorists? Immortal Technique’s response to this obvious fact? A conspiracy theory that bad conspiracy theories are really planted by governments to make sound conspiracy theories look bad. LOL. If there has ever been a larger mare’s nest of convoluted nonsense, I’ve never encountered it.

    Overlong, poorly written, and asinine piece. Try to fail less, please.

    • HydroLocksmith

      Sorry mate but if you blindly accept any piece of media that is put in front of you and automatically accept it as fact, then go on to define your actions accordingly you are a very ignorant person and you will probably be a sheep your whole life.

      It may sound crazy, but every hypothesis put forth by a so called “conspiracy theorist” may have the ability to make one more person just consider an issue from a different standpoint, thus making mass media not only more accountable but giving the a voice to those who dont have the favour, power or views, that are cohesive with multinational media companies which do have a relative monopoly on most of what you visually consume.

  • Mike

    Yo people wake up, it wont get any better…. just like a guys said earlier. Someone will simply replace Osama…or Usama as the news suddenly changes his name….. and that’s IF he isn’t part of the government in the first place. Y did they find him near the 10 year anniversary of 9/11? Y did Obama make it such a big plan to catch him…. And then they threw his body in the water… WTF makes no sense!
    But I don’t have the answer… sometimes the best question is really the place to start. So in the words of C-Rayz Walz….”I suggest you prepare for the worst, and strive for the best”

  • http://hassanbazzi.com Hassan Bazzi

    Absolutely Incredibly!

    This could well be the best piece of truth written since 2001.

  • Kenny

    imagine the amount of ppl jus sittin on this one article…. thinkn….. dam….
    whether dead or not, the killing wont stop. ppl need to learn the meanin of LIFE, n LIVIN it, n how to come together, n understand who the true enemy is, n wat their about. wats their agenda? wat is their purpose? these are questions we all should be askn…

  • http://sykophunk.com/ joe DOE

    Damn, what a deep and thorough essay. Not only an incredible artist, Immortal Technique is one of the realest revolutionaries out there. His attention to detail and common sense distinguishes him from the conspiracy theorists. Thank you XXL for posting this, and of course Tech for writing it. This is the kind of critical thinking that people need to be inspired to partake in.

  • Alfredo Soto

    The man is brilliant. Bravo for saying what is on the informed intellects mind.

  • Wendy

    Thank you!
    May I aquire the calm that you must feel to be able to do this writing. So many detailed facts along with your feelings, at a time when folks like me just awakening, connecting all the dots that lead me to believe in the globalits nwo order agenda, wonderful if they are humans, do they lack empathy on a dna level? Because if they are so superior, why wait for the population to grow so far beyond their wish, to depopulate the world by 70-90%? Why, is so often my question, I am slow to process, maybe i’ve been dummied down, but i am blessed with knowing. You seem to be blessed with an exceptional right AND left brain. You are #greatness!

    • Wendy

      Above, I meant to write “wondering” not “wonderful”

  • DuWopThought

    This was a great read from start to finish. I agree with most everything with the exception of a few minor details, but over all it was very informative. I could dissect and respond piece by piece, but I won’t do that here. It would make for better one-on-one conversation. As I read & hear stories throughout time I do not remember every foreign name, city and country, but it’s amazing how the mind works connecting the dots in essence forgetting nothing. As the news stories roll discernment speaks louder and wisdom, not human knowledge, screams aloud in the streets flowing like rivers of bloodshed of the innocent declaring Truth in Spirit. Yes, it was foretold, but even with grave anticipation for what is to come the blow cannot be softened. The “death” of Bin Laden (whether true or false) seems no less a publicity stunt than any card that could be played by Trump. I look at the smiling faces of our children who light up a darkened world, and I grieve for a future that is inadvertently passed down to them. My concern is also for the lost souls who know nothing even of that light although they too were once children themselves & I pray God, preserve Your people. Amen~

  • http://MASONRPSTARR.COM 3rd EyE

    Technique is on point,BUT WHO THE FUCK IS BIN LADEN,America and Saudi Arabia IS BIN LADEN,his death is a transision or a shapeshift of the problem into a new twisted American Dark Fantasy.THIS GREEDY M*****FcukRS TRADE BLOOD FOR OIL

  • http://www.worldbyharoon.tumblr.com Hano

    Thank you! FInally! someone with a strong voice tells the truth! Thank you Immortal technique :)

  • Chuck Murphy

    Read every word. That is some real stuff. Technique is smart as hell and he needs to have more recognition. By the way i like both Revolutionary’s. Keep doing your thing

  • Gwen

    Very well written.

  • TJ

    I think Immortal’s intelligence and the way he uses it on geo politics is amazing. I like the fact that he doesn’t like to conspirasize or fall into conspiracy theories. He justifies everything with a bright answer. He will never be a mtv mainstream type of rapper like lil wayne or even eminem because he doesn’t preach what the establishment wants him too. If more people thought as deeply as immortal did the world would be a better place. I just hope immortal has the right people around him. He needs to watch the company he keeps because the things he says are dangerous. Just look at Tupac they got him and he never got down as deep as immortal gets about the government.

    My beliefs personally is that Osama’s ‘death’ was a political ploy to bring the sheep back into the fold. To stop the questions about 9/11. To bring in a 9/11 times ten on the tenth anniversary to 9/11. Thus putting us into a even more controlled police state. With the dollar in a constant decline and everything else that is happening we are in the fall of republic. Welcome to Rome.

    Give me freedom or give me death!

  • Blowing Smoke

    OK there is 20 minutes of my life I will never get back. I don’t know which is more the fool, the author of this long winded…well, bunch of nothing or those that are praising this. What does all this accomplish except for the author to feel himself as some authority on what is really going on? Opinions are like assholes everybody has one, some just stink worse than others and I’m sorry but this reads much like the political bullshit we are fed on a daily. Want to be a revolutionist? Speak on some solutions and courses of action. Seven pages to boost the ego GTFOH. Talk about lies and deceit…I see through the smoke being blown up everyone’s ass. Cut me a break. Put some action behind the words and by action I don’t mean walking to the bank to make a deposit. Show me MFer.

    • Zero

      Wow…speechless. Two things: 1) you’re an idiot 2) I don’t see how this is to “boost his ego.” Perhaps you should stop being an intellectual dwarf

      • Blowing Smoke

        @Zero…is that name your sense of self worth or your actual value? Speechless? We can only be so lucky. Ego boost: by seeking praise as you are obviously giving him for this worthless essay. If you are such the intellectual giant why don’t you break down what purpose this essay serves us as a people? it was at best self serving to try and make him seem this super highly knowledgeable supreme being. Anyone can read and regurgitate facts seasoned with opinions, it takes balls to be a real leader.

    • shinyshinbonez

      you might want to go check what this guy does with his time and money (money earned independently of any organisation/record label), and then rethink your post. what actions do you perform to make this world a clearer place to live in that puts you in a position of authority to judge others ideas and actions? pffft…dickhead.

      • Blowing Smoke

        @shinyshinbonez so I am a dickhead? Well you talk out of your ass. I know what this man does with his time and money. Yes he has made lots of money as an independent artist good for him but what has he really done for the people? He has built himself a recording studio costing nearly a million dollars and he owns a handful of properties in New York City and he bought nearly 200 acres of land in Peru which is farmed this was a business investment. Yes he helped raise $50,000 for an orphanage in Afghanistan and he’s done a few other things that countless people do everyday full time not caring about capital gain or praise. This man speaks against capitalists yet is a capitalist to the fullest I bet he is republican at heart. As for my actions to make this a better world I work with mentally challenged children and I am volunteer for a disaster relief team which just returned from Japan. What do you do? I was not judging anyone I was stating my opinion which last time I checked, we all have the right to do. I didn’t personally attack any ones comments personally, what are you on the guys payroll? Or are you shining your shin bonez while you’re on your knees kissing his ass?

  • http://www.selucha.net Luis

    I didn’t agree with everything he had to say (his conclusion is basically correct, IMO) but this is a worthwhile essay for all Americans to read and contemplate.

  • Sheikh

    Immortal Technique with an insightful essay. Hopefully some people wake up


    Brilliant read. I will try to share this piece with more people.

  • hal

    Great piece you wrote here. I read it with lots of nodding and it’s great how you ask questions instead of just shoving opinions in our throats. Makes us really think about this shit

  • Andy

    there’s been a lot of commentary surrounding the assassination of osama bin laden, and a lot of people are missing the point. if you have the perspective to understand the nature of global affairs and the structure of his organization, his death should not come as a surprise, consolation or comfort to you. he was a player in a big ugly game, and i will always hate that game far more than any of its players. there will be violent retaliation, it will be close to home, there will be another to take his place, there will be more wars, and the world turns. if any of you has a brain in your head it’s time to stop yelling drunk in the streets and start keeping your fucking eyes open. no one wins the game, the game is just the game and it always has been and always will be.

    - this is a note i published on facebook about an hour ago before reading this essay. i’ve been a huge immortal technique fan for a few years now (and i got to meet him and akir at rock the bells d.c last year, awesome!), and so when i saw he had commented so directly and quickly about this incident i had to read it. as always a fantastically written piece that captures both the scope of the situation and the ultimate relevance it holds to humanity both individually and en masse. this kind of writing is on par with the kind of acute social, personal and intellectual criticisms raised and explored in hunter thompson’s ‘kingdom of fear’ about 18 months after 9/11. thanks for the read and the position, tech, and for the orphanage in afghanistan, and also for your work in maintaining superior intellectual integrity and curiosity in an art form popularly dominated by greedy buffoons with no sense of themselves. everyone keep reading and writing and, most critically, asking.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Tshilidzi

    I’m pretty much divided on this…mebbe it (Osama’s death)has’nt sunk in yet but those chants “USA USA USA” …were unappealing to the other parts of the earth’s continets.

    It only prolongs this war against humanity poverty, terrorism etc………………..

  • Jeff

    I quite enjoyed reading this essay until the fifth paragraph, which is just littered with provocative and idiotic (rhetorical) questions. I get his point, but some of these questions are just so dumb that it kind of ruins the whole piece for me.

  • bllnhust

    goosebump-provoking shit right here..tech always on point.

  • dude

    good read.
    Here’s some facts and i’ll try to make it short. sorry my bad english

    Last known photo: video still from december 6th 2001. It shows an old and ill man.

    Osama had hepatithis C. he needed a kidney dialysis every three days. How do you wanna do that in the mountais of afghanistan?

    In JUly 2001 he was in a dubai hospital to get a dialysis. CIA station chief Larry Mitchell talked to him friendly, since the CIA supported him during the sowjet attacks in the 80’s and he had been given the secret name of „tim Osman“.

    On september 10th 2001 he was in the military hospital rawalpindi in pakistan to get a kidney dialysis. There’s witnesses of that happening.

    So the day of the attacks osama was in the hands of the pakistani military who would protect him during his hospital stay, and everyone knew where he was, they could have actually capture him in the hospitalbed… nobody did. But the whole bin laden family flew out of the states when all planes were grounded…

    September 12th: the taliban said that IF the usa could prove that it was osama who organised it all, they would get him to court and give him into the hands of the USA. No proofs were made by US government EVER. (On september 23 2001 colin powell said they would proove it was osama. We still wait for it.)

    On september 17th bin laden swore in a video that he was not the head of those attacks and that he never planned them.

    On september 28th osama said AGAIN in a video that he was not the one who planned it and that as a moslem he is not allowed to lie.

    Last known contact between osama and his soldiers is dated december 15th 2001. Since then his voice has disappeared, even though the NSA controls all communication over the world.

    on december 26th, the pakistani newspaper al-wafd had an article about bin ladens death. He died naturally cuz of his kidneys and lungproblems. He was buried in the wahabistic tradition where you leave no marks on the grave. Only 30 of his closest followers where there.

    On march 13th 2002 bush said: i don’t know where he is. I don’t spend much time with him. Honestly i have no interest in him“.

    President musharraf said: i think he is dead (cnn)

    President karsai said: osams is prbably dead, but mullah omar i still alive. (cnn)

    Fbi chief of antiterror dale watson said: i think he’s dead (bbc)

    Chief of the newspaper arab news in london: we have published osams last will which was written by the end of 2001 and it shows he is dying or already dead. (cnn)

    Mossad said: we do not see bin laden as a threat and he is NOT on our list

    On july 3rd, CIA said that they closed the investigation unit fort he search of osama (new york times)

    On october 30th 2004, a FALSE bin laden video was presented to the world.

    On november 2nd 2007, benazir bhutto said in an interview that osama was dead. She was killed later.

    October 2nd 2008, ex CIA agent robert baer said in a radiointerview: of course is he dead (bin laden)

    Professor david ray griffin proves in his book „bin laden: dead or alive?“ that osama is dead since december 2001

    On september 11th 2009, the website „veteranstoday.com“ wrote that what high ranked marine bob pappas had always said was true, that osama died in december 2001 and the everybody in us government knows.

    Obama has not mentioned osama since december 1st 2009. He’s a phantom beeing used.

    And last: why would they kill him, not take ONE single picture, (but hey a DNA test, what a proof… can i see it? can i make the test by myself? can i please get a hair of osama from the 90′s and then a skin sample from yesterday? but hey, if you handle it to me, is there a proof the samples are REALLY from him?) then fly him 1000 miles to the coast to bury him in the sea?

    so many lies. all the time. yesterdays news again. can’t you see it? ARE YOU THAT BLIND?

    oh and you can’t call me a conspiracy theorist as all the above things are facts.

  • YOM

    Breath of fresh air.
    The realest thing I have ever read on this site.

  • Osyphus

    Some of this article actually made me laugh out loud like “that’s not a “Muslim tradition.” Being buried in 24 hours is, but no one has ever said, Hey, Uncle Muhammad died, oh shit let’s find some water throw him in…Really?” haha. But Tech was right on the money with this, we need to always go for the sources of information to get to the root of our questions. Much respect for this article Tech

  • Brooklyn 666

    If only all the so called rappers could even write a 5 paragraph essay in articulate way. This is very good essay and I damn sure will reread it many more times.

    Tech thank you for speaking out.

  • HU

    Release The Middle Passage please. Good read, I need many more details on this whole Osama death thing.

  • Luis

    Thank you Immortal Technique.
    Excelent paper, and real “food for your mind”.

    But then I realize how only 5% (even less) would ever care to read this, it’s a really sad world we live in and one where no one seems to really care about anyone besides their friends and family, and don’t realize that by having that attitude towards the world they are in the end (in the future) hurting their family and friends.
    It will be too late.

  • Ib

    immortal technique for live baby

    This is why immortal is in fact the realists deepest activists/political rapper here today.

    When I heard this news about bin Ladin so-called death the first thing that came to mind was immortal techniques track bin Ladin
    I pledge no allegiance, nigga fuck the president’s speeches
    I’m baptized by America and covered in leeches
    The dirty water that bleaches your soul and your facial features
    Drownin’ you in propaganda that they spit through the speakers
    And if you speak about the evil that the government does
    The Patriot Act’ll track you to the type of your blood
    They try to frame you, and say you was tryna sell drugs
    And throw a federal indictment on niggaz to show you love
    This shit is run by fake Christians, fake politicians
    Look at they mansions, then look at the conditions you live in
    All they talk about is terrorism on television
    They tell you to listen, but they don’t really tell you they mission
    They funded Al-Qaeda, and now they blame the Muslim religion
    Even though Bin Laden, was a CIA tactician
    They gave him billions of dollars, and they funded his purpose
    Fahrenheit 9/11, that’s just scratchin’ the surface.

    And I was wondering when the news broke out what was immortal thinking. Some glad that immortal posted some the realist cutthroat words that many people do not own don’t know how to to accept.

    See what many people fail to realize is the media is the biggest devilish/ manipulative/ disgraceful propagated toilet bowl out here.

    The so-called powers that be bank on the reality that is society is that dumb that they would eat this load of BS like they eat Mickey D Fries.

    As far as I go, I agree with immortal 110% and I don’t give a flying hoot about what people may call me. Tom bin Ladin has been dead for years that’s the bottom line. And all the people that believe this load of crap that the news feed us then your just proved the powers that be right. You do eat BS as fast as you eat Mickey D Fries.

  • http://xxlmag.com The Pharaoh

    Dam! dat shit was DEEP! Chillin’shit alrite! Immortal Technique you the realest since Pac passed! Dis is one of the reasons why I love Hip Hop so much! It has opened my eyes to realities that I never ever would have given a second thought to, had it not been for all my years bangin’ Hip Hop. It has educated me in ways dat my former teachers never would have been able to. Im from a ghetto on the other side of the world, all the way in Otara, South Auckland, New Zealand, where our main connection to the rest of the world is through dis thing that we love and call Hip Hop. Underground Hip Hop Still Rules! New Zealand Hip Hop Represent!

    • André-Philippe

      I don’t know about New Zealand rap but Fat Freddy’s Drop is out of this world.
      Great article, there is so much more that the media isn’t telling us.
      Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds – Bob Marley

  • Critical Thinker

    Immortal Technique you have always been a beacon of truth. Thank you for every last word…

  • Reyna

    Thank you, Immortal Technique for a thoughtful and hard-hitting essay. The historical background is very useful to put the events of the past few days into perspective. The questions you raise are exactly what needs asking at this day and time. You do all of us so-called conspiracy theorists proud for pointing out all the secrecy involved in the technology-based military industrial complex of the modern era, and help people to know that at least some Americans are still engaged in thinking critically about the state of the world and the role our government and the corporations behind it play in it. We can’t thank you enough for your words and the work that you continue to do to spread knowledge and truth. Peace.

  • D Franklin

    Please keep writing–so many excellent points here, culminating in the close. And I do usually hit ignore when I run into conspiracy theories, so I appreciate that this doesn’t really rely on conspiracy and appeals to those like me who wouldn’t be receptive. We’re all culpable; Immortal Technique here shows he understands these events in their context and from multiple perspectives.

  • Ognjen

    This guy never stops to amaze me. Other rappers should be ashamed when they stand before this man. This is a truly wise man talk and there are not many wise men in this day and age. He should be the inspiration to all younger generations all over the world. Excellent read. Impeccably as always Tech! God bless!

  • http://www.tumblr.com/gamedup Duality360

    This was a Brilliant entry. I love how cool headed it was written. I’m a fan. You should be writing books also. XXL, thank you for breaking away from the trend and publishing this. Whatever editor or staff member at XXL is responsible for pushing this forward and making sure it was published, you need to be given a raise IMMEDIATELY. Seriously, give them a raise. This is Hip-Hop.

  • J

    whoa … loved the ending…still tyring to take it in…

  • Sam

    TEch I love your music and your mind. I hope you come out with a new lp soon because I’ll be first in line to buy it. You def reach out to people of all colors and talcum just like you said…you speak the truth! to you hs kids keep asking questions, and when your teacher tells you you sound like a conspiracy theorist tell them you take that as a compliment because you have learned how to think critically and not accept everything at face value. The Tuskegee experiment was a conspiracy theory proved to be true, and the Pentagon papers proved the gov lied about Vietnam. Conspiracy theorists and whistle blowers are the truth tellers we need!

  • H

    An enjoyable read and a well thought out article.

  • ocb

    I appreciatehow like minded people from all over the world can agree on techs words, however I think this will soon be drowned by internet trolls that will insults us and downplay techs words, they migt even be backed by government think tanks (co&tel pro) sttyle ya dig

  • Raphael

    Good read whether you choose to believe in Immortal Technique’s theories or not. I do take offense in that I was in the Air Force and was one of the “drone” operators. Let me say that my hand eye coordination is outstanding and better than the people I play online video games with. It’s a different skill trust me I actually have experience in this. As for the content of this essay, I don’t feel either way. I do agree that some better evidence should be provided about Bin Laden’s death. I also believe though that his being gone from this world is a good thing no matter what. Did America help make Bin Laden who he is? Sure, but that doens’t deny the fact that he was a bad man.

  • sonder


  • trooper

    That was extremely well written. Much much respect to Immortal Technique. He presented his case and his views based on evidence provided by history.

  • dead shells

    that was quality especially the end about betraying his old teacher and confining himself to hell dope as fuck

  • the spook

    go to youtube and type in “OSAMA DEATH RAP THE SPOOK”

  • Reggie, Ireland

    That was a great read, well thought out!! We need more people asking these sort of questions!!

  • AdamPolk

    I find the comments regarding this post fascinating. I love hip-hop music, but the fact is: this website is a temple of greed, wealth, materialism and capitalism (note the overbearing advertisements of the sides). So those of you who adhere to Immortal Techniques ideas (though poorly described and full of useless words used with the intent to show knowledge), remember that you are for the most part all Americans. If you think you are being lied to, remember that this country provides you the resources to buy gaudy clothes, expensive cars, even music. To complain about your country lying to you requires you to acknowledge that you are lying to yourself. This essay is just an attempt to boost Tech’s persona as a “revolutionary’” thinker. You’re a rapper, write a rap about this, don’t waste our time with an essay pretending to be a college professor. It’s easy for Immortal Technique to criticize US Foreign Policy, because Americans are uninformed about it for the most part. If he was really a revolutionary, he would be able to write an equally “compelling” essay about Domestic Policy. And when you go to bed, thank that the United States government does its best to protect you and the excessive lifestyles you choose to live. Because in the end, whether or not the US is “lying” about the death of Osama or 9/11 or the Pentagon, it doesn’t effect you and you don’t care. That is all.

    • what??

      U dont know wtf your talking about. I hate ppl that thinks a rapper is not qualified to speak on politics nor can they be credible. Also, incase u didnt know, immortal doesnt just talk, he has done things like build a hospital and orphanage homes for kids in afghanistan so your wrong about that. Also just cause we got access to buy what we want dont mean shit, thats just an illusion of freedom or choice so gone with that shit. Learn to be a critical thinker and quit being so quick to criticize others just cause they dont agree with their government and just cause ppl want the gov to be held accountable for the shit they do.

      • First

        I never said that IT was all talk and no action, what I am saying is that complaining and accusing the government of lying does nothing for actual political discourse. What he does in this piece provides little insight, and in the end, conspiracy theories are nearly impossible to factually prove. He just wasted his time with this political diatribe. Also, your definition of purchasing power as ‘an illusion of freedom’ is correct, but you still love it, don’t you? And I’m not saying that as a rapper he is unable to be political, but when you’re doing it to shock people and for attention, that does nothing for the collective good.

  • IT = Whack

    I wonder what he will put into his conspiracy shit music now that Osama is dead? He has little to no knowledge of politics. I classify his politics as comedy. And his rapping? Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about Immortal Lacking Technique’s rapping and how he can’t stay on beat to save his life.

    • No, your wack!

      U didnt even read the article at all dis you?? and funny how ppl like who thinks they KNOW his political knowledge or lackthere of, but i like to see you show your knowledge of politics and what u know as THE TRUTH! Go write your essay if u think can do better. Dissing immortal & his music….NOT A VALID ARGUEMENT.

  • mydearashley

    The truth is the truth. Brilliant essay. Like others said, it gave me chills.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexbartel Alex

    I’m glad this got published. Tech laid it down and now I’m whoring it out so more people can open their eyes to some intelligent and insightful commentary on this whole issue (Instead of the common “Yay American Victory!” bullshit people are posting in celebration).

  • Matt

    Bravo! Great Essay!!!

  • TechSupport

    Tech should post this like other essays he’s written. Love how he doesn’t tell you what to think but gives you bones to chew on.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jungillshadow James Handrinos

    Huge thanks to Immortal Technique for reflecting and producing this, and also to XXL for posting it here. This is honestly the most intelligent, non-biased piece of journalism I’ve read concerning the issue. I’ll do my best to share it in order to open the minds of others. Can’t wait for the next album and/or essay. Love and respect.

  • President Obama

    That was quite the read there Mr. Technique. But your finely crafted words in the bastardized language of Enligsh cannot help you escape from Slavery.


    Blue World Order

    Hip Hop Intergalactic Andromeda Council Shit!

  • Marie

    thank you so much for your courage to write this and share this with the world. I didn’t know what to feel after the announcement of Bin Laden’s death, and I felt like that ’cause I was thinkin ’bout some of the very same shit you wrote in your paper. I’m one of those people that my friends excuse for being a “conspiracy theorist”, though I don’t consider myself one.

  • trust no-one

    Okay firstly I would like to that I’m pretty sure this will cause many to ridicule and judge however some serious issues need to be pondered upon. Immortal Tech did a fantastic job with the article I loved it, but I’m afraid that a few very important points were maybe purposely put aside due to the fact that most of the population are clueless. For those that are not aware of the issues I am briefly going to address I suggest you ignore this comment.

    Firstly on a scale 9/11 was huge, like Tech said in his song ‘bin laden- he’s just a stupid puppet taking orders’ I guess you all are wondering taking orders from who? Well lemme give you a clue ever noticed the small triangle with the masonic eye on your dollar bill? (yeah yeah I know you people saying I’m crazy but the motherfucking jokes on you fam)

    Secondly what is the ultimate goal why are so many wars taking place around the world (I’m sorry but 90% in Muslim countries) what is the purpose? Are people being used as a means to an end? Hell Yes my Brother! I got three words for you: Fuck The NWO! =D

    Thirdly, some might be thinking when did this become about Muslims well wake up you fool its always been about Muslims its always been about trying to break apart the people, making them hate each other, making them kill each other, making them unite with the enemy! Reflecting on stealing resources well that’s no hidden fact, Gold is being collected every second.

    Finally don’t get me wrong people I am not begging for sympathy or any of that nonsense I am simply trying to open your eyes a bit wider, Tech props your a genius would be an honour to meet you one day. Unite and they can’t break us, they will continue to divide us and conquer us like you are witnessing right at this very moment in the middle east. Together they can not break us, race/colour/religion/nationality doesn’t matter (real talk) they don’t give a fuck about you my brother. To them we are nothing but a god damn number. If you don’t know then please get to know.

  • Sebastian

    wow i actually didnt fall asleep reading… itwas so entertaining
    is probably the realest shit i ever read there was one part that made me laugh when technique said ” Why was he found so easily in such plain sight? So he was just in there, getting room service, relaxing, fucking, checking his Internet, drinking tea and making disrespectful video blogs all day?

  • Alina

    Bless Technique for his words and to you all for following your hearts and speaking your questions out loud. I have also often struggled with being shut down for asking questions, but could not stop myself from doing it. Its funny because I often feel like I’m stupid for asking questions – as if all those who ask nothing are brilliant. I’m trying to train myself not to fall in this mind trap! Thank you all for motivating me to continue to speak up for justice. Just remember that unity and love are much more powerful than hate, and all things happen for a reason…. peace

  • runningunnin-gunninrunnin

    Well executed. Tech, your essay is insightful and intelligently written; your questions posed and the disparities youve highlighted were executed in a manner of imperturbable bearing. Well done, as always, an inspiration. Good shit!

  • gabrielmse

    Very good i am from Brasil i love you songs, i tradulation the text.

    congratulation Immortal Technique, i from Rio de Janeiro.

  • jadalynstarr

    wow. this is amazing. first off, immortal is a talented writer.. this entire essay is powerful.. especially the ending. lengthy yes but worth it, definitely ! i wish he would do more of these lol..when i was watching on cnn allllll i could think about was, damn i wonder what immortal tech has to say about this? i knew he’d do something so this is just.. i dont know. a lot to digest, a lot to reflect on. i am proud & i respect his truth.. a true revolutionary of his own

  • runningunnin-gunninrunnin

    One love, Tech youre the man.

  • hahahaha

    ha thats why i live in canada

  • Jade

    Much respect..love the article !!

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/jigsawnovich Jigsawnovich

    Great article. Does seem strange though, that Tech didn’t mention the Taliban’s persecution of music, musicians and anyone who sold music in Afghanistan. After all, Tech’s own tracks would have been banned, and XXLmag is music-oriented. The persecution of music is surely part of the bin Laden legacy.

  • Sunny

    He has affirmed a lot of things that I’ve been trying to say, except with real feeling. Thank you.

  • estroJEN Zabala

    It’s humans like Immortal Technique that make me proud to be human….thank you XXL for publishing this and thank you IT for writing this. I hold the utmost respect for his words and feel priveledged to be able to read and listen to them.


  • John M.

    Wow. Interesting to see the other side of an argument. I don’t agree with any of it, but interesting.

  • MrJs1G

    A question for Immortal Technique:

    Since you have such strong views, why don’t you go out and debate intellectual heavyweights, such as Christopher Hitchens or Salman Rushdie, like Mos Def has?

    Ironic to me how somebody who wants to be proven wrong won’t confront the opposing sides directly; anybody care to enlighten me on why this is so?

  • Joseph

    I Love Immortal Technique man…He knows exactly what he’s saying and his words are the truth….Run for President!!!!

  • Abubakr

    Real Talk!

  • mustafa

    damn tech u truly are a poetic genius.

  • cody frenette

    holy shit, chills for sure. honestly i think thats the first essay iv ever read.”tell the truth”

  • Guerita.

    I read the whole thing, and I loved it.
    Immortal Technique blows my mind with his knowledge.
    Whenever I question soething about our country, I always try to find something that he has wrote about on that subject, to educate myself further.
    He’s not just an inspiration, this mother fucker’s amazing in too many ways.

  • http://xxl Kats

    Immotal is deep man and WAAAAAY beyond his years…..
    I think Binladen’s death(that’s if he is really dead) sparkd something BIG,a bigger war than what america si facing now his goons are stil out there and will retaliate

  • Fred

    Oh look, another 911 conspiracy idiot trying to pretend he’s not. Nothing to see here.

  • Dj

    2pac waz rite, thiz do be tha realist shit

  • http://xxlmag.com yunggee19

    dis has to be one of the deepest things i’ve ever read. dis shit gave me the chills at the end. Immortal Tech spoke sum real shit.

  • http://topbillion.wordpress.com/ Top Billion

    I read the whole thing. Great.

  • Yusuf

    Im really confused by the ending anyone wanna explain it simply, After 7 pages of reading my brain is sorta dead.

  • freddy

    this is all so true, there is a need for change, it’s not medieval time anymore, we have all the tools to see what is really going on in the world… let’s try to wake up all the people who are blinded by societe and the high economic powers… for once i’m optimistic cos i notice that more and more people seems to be aware of that… make people think, ask for the truth… we can do it… keep it up immortal technique…

  • Chicana

    Great thought provoking essay. War is the most awful thing human beings have created. Please wake up and see passed the illusion the imperialist use to chain us. Freedom can only exist when we free all out brothers and sisters…

  • Geno


  • http://www.facebook.com/ClaudiaLizMusic Claudia Liz

    Genius. Very well-written. Thank you for publishing this knowledge for those of us who still enjoy reading thought-provoking literature.

  • littleopenheart

    Well thought out, bold & clear. Thank you.

  • t.o.

    PEACE and God bless

    This was a great article

  • Enero

    “I wrote a very long essay about Bin Laden and Afghanistan and our involvement with it, but I doubt any of you really want to read it all. There is no link. It’s not posted it’s just sitting here. I haven’t posted it anywhere yet.”

    So…why tweet that if you don’t believe that anyone would read it, unless you were looking for an audience? While Tech is arguably the most knowledgeable, “revolutionary”, and “radical” (I use the quotes here because that’s what the media–and therefore the basis of most of our understanding about things that are supposed to go unquestioned by the masses) MC since Chuck D, I gotta wonder about that. Just seems a little odd.

    Either way, Tech is an unbelievable MC and obviously a voice to be heard. Big ups to XXL for giving the man’s words light. We should all be so encouraged to investigate the facts and offer honest, thoughtful opinion and question the machine and its motives, regardless of the apparent fear of being branded a “radical” or “conspiracy theorist” as Tech does here. He doesn’t make baseless assumptions in order to incite ignorance and enflame emotion to the point of distorting reason and logic; he makes the tactful case for observation, investigation, and illumination of the truth.

    I’d be damned interested to know what he thought about the whole WikiLeaks ordeal and it’s founders subsequent persecution.

    “Lock and load nigga, industrial revolution”

  • http://yahoo xxxxxxl

    Immortal a realist at work….

  • Seraph

    Fantastic article! You have done it again Tech!!!

  • Jersey CITY

    Thank You Technique.

  • DP

    Immortal Technique should change his name to Immortal Windbag.

    This entire essay was a complete waste of time to read… he is extremely biased against the United States, to the point that he clearly if not openly loves and admires Osama Bin Laden.

    His entire argument is intellectually dishonest, and most of his ‘facts’ are based on conspiracy theorists.

    Even if Bush planned or knew of 9/11 attacks, wouldn’t it have made more sense for him to save 3,000 Americans and THEN start invade Afghanistan? DUH

    What a vapid moron.

    • DPnotbright

      My guess is you did not read the essay. Don’t let emotion get in the way of logical thought.

  • yourmoma

    That is if you consider the truth to be violent

  • http://www.thatsdominican.com Dominican

    I.T. always comes with that knowledge, good read.

  • inspigrata

    so people, do we stop asking and start doing something? i’m south african and i can see my country slowly conforming to america’s traits. whenever you people feel it’s time to act, know that i’ve got an army of hungry and unfulfilled souls waiting to change the world. actually, fuck that! i want a free world and i call on you to help me start the revolution. the new world. the free life. thanks tech, cause if i should ever die or get caught in the hustle, i’m letting you know i’ma die while i fight in this struggle!

  • inspigrata

    so people, do we stop asking and start doing something? i’m south african and i can see my country slowly conforming to america’s traits. whenever you people feel it’s time to act, know that i’ve got an army of hungry and unfulfilled souls waiting to change the world. actually, fuck that! i want a free world and i call on you to help me start the revolution. the new world. the free life. thanks tech, cause if i should ever die or get caught in the hustle, i’m letting you know i’ma die while i fight in this struggle! apartheid was just a veil, now that i’m married through democracy, i gotta get this bitch naked and fuck the shit out her.

  • http://desudesudesu.com NRH

    TL; DR LOL

  • http://www.dlabrie.com DLabrie

    real spill. you always spittin the real. thanx for sharing this alot of people need to hear it

  • Nick

    Dope as fuck


    Fuck all you trendy hipster dick heads that really believe Immortal Technique. He is a good writer and knows how to word things so that people feel that he is way more intelligent than he really is. Believing everything in the world is corrupted it retarded, and it’s not cool.

  • C

    how is he considered a violent rapper? just cause hes made a few songs about blowin people away and raping his own mom doesnt mean hes a violent rapper, everyones got anger inside of them, he just released his in a song..

  • http://www.fark.com squiglet

    I was born in 1963.

    I’ve seen a lot, most of it dirty. Corrupt.

    I don’t want to see the younger folks keep making the same mistakes we did.

    Do you want to stop this machine and turn it out of its path of destruction?

    Do you want to turn it into a machine of creation?

    Get into politics. Get into the media.
    Get yourselves into the machine itself.

    Change its nature.

    This will take a very long time, but that’s the way it goes.
    It can’t be helped, but someone has to begin somewhere,
    and it might as well be RIGHT NOW.

    The great question will be – How do you armor yourself so that you can look at the corruption in the machine, swim around in it, do the work that needs to be done in spite of it and yet laugh in its face because you cannot be bought and you WILL NOT SELL OUT?

    If you want to be a revolutionary, get inside that fucking machine and grab the levers.

    Infiltrate the media. Infiltrate politics.

    Do it NOW.

  • e

    Well Written

  • Love

    Wow! Beyond amazing. This man always has a way of leaving me speechless. His words (through his music/essays etc…) are sharp and real. A rare kind of indiviual and i hope he never stops.

  • Aa

    This is so real it’s redicilous.

  • http://Yahoo shy

    Wow, this guy makes perfect sense in all he said….. Makes you think twice….However, I feel as he feels….

  • jejkaz

    all opinion, only a few facts. Rant, Rant, Rant. go live somewhere else if you don’t like it here. Like Venezuala, Afganistan, hey, try Pakistan. The world is not perfect, but this USA is the best we’ve got. Stand up for it or at least stop whinning.

  • meyson

    Hard shit

  • TreBoi56

    immortal speeks deep shit in everything he lectures..
    he has changed the way i look at the death of this so called “demon”.
    what he did was fucked up and wrong..but what about our country??…sit blaze and think about it, maby u can see the whole world in a clear picture.

  • Alexandra

    I wish more people like Tech would speak out and encourage individuals to use their minds rather than to blindly accept what they are told.

  • Montgomery


  • Rombe Toto

    Would you call me a conspiracy theorist if i would ever doubt that this Post was ever written by Imm Tech?
    Im on the side of the things he wrote but it could have been written by someone else…

  • lincoln

    this is really a tru eye opening articale im a huge fan of hip-hop and i’m a reall fan of immortal technique he has tought me things through his music that know one person can tell me because of the branwashing propaganda things we are ment to believe on the news thanks to immortal techique i know that the 9/11 was a inside job by the us goverment well mainly the illuminati if you will. I’m from australia and as soon as i seen that the u.s. goverment had killed bin laden i immediately wanted to know what was immortal technique gonna say about this stuff and as i got more information gatherd from the news like dumping bin ladens in the ocean i knew he wasnt dead. and i was listening to a news story after 9/11 happend on youtube one person was exposing the u.s. goverment and saying the us goverment would immediately point the fingure to bin laden so the us people had to blame the attack on bin laden to distract them the reall blame to the u.s. goverment and the guy also said the us goverment can just create a new kinda of bin laden for a figure head for war on us.

  • jd

    alright, i read it. my head is turned. caught immortal technique on a local radio station on the drive home tonight. the song i heard was “the cause of death.” i’m hooked. first…from the bottom of my, our hearts….thank you. i know that feeling when the effort you feel it may take to accomplish the task is not worth the result of said task. (grinding) THANK YOU!!!!! we need more role models willing to take the time and effort to educate and teach.

  • jd

    alright, i read it. my head is turned. caught immortal technique on a local radio station on the drive home tonight. the song i heard was “the cause of death.” i’m hooked. first…from the bottom of my, our hearts….thank you. i know that feeling when the effort you feel it may take to accomplish the task is not worth the result of said task. (grinding) THANK YOU!!!!! we need more role models willing to take the time and effort to educate and teach.

  • jd

    i read the essay late last night and woke up thinking about it. i had gotten to a spot in my life where i didn’t have the energy to continue to fight. i stopped watching news. i stopped communicating my views and beliefs with my peers and family. i began feeling like an outcast in my own home. after reading the essay i feel more whole again. i remember what i was fighting for. through the electric webs of the internet i feel the strength of mr. Coronel. and all i can think to say is thank you for sharing. i wonder how easy it would be for him to hoard his strength to himself. or even worse, sell his soul and use it for evil. i feel again, “in the center of my moment.” and again reminded of my path. thank you Immortal Technique……much love. revolutionize!!!!

  • RV


  • mahpiyahmaza

    thank you for this. I’m indigenous blood from both north & south america with knowledge of my people’s history. makes you a bit cynical to the current world that now stands. so many assimilated ‘other’ races than european don’t even know how to think any way other than what the mass tells them, and still white people who don’t acknowledge what theyre ancestors did here, because it’s “theirs now” and original blood still isn’t as good in their minds, none of us still have any fight or resistance left in us. no hunger for that’s REALLY going on….. I’m glad there are still people out there speaking the truth for all to know. one.

  • RoB

    I respect Immortal technique, and all of his work and agree with him like 97% percent of the time EXCEPT:Obama did not give the “go ahead”… first off Obama’s real name is Barry Soetoro he is a puppet of the globalists and has an agenda to carry out..the whole issue with the “Birther movement” is that it does not matter whether Barry Soetoro (Obama) was born in this country or the supposed birth certificate they presented was a fake…what people dont understand is that Obama moved to Indonesia where his mother remarried.. he was adopted and changed his name to Barry Soetoro therefore giving up his American citizenship which means he cannot legally be President…but thats a small issue…look at who financed obamas campaign in 08 , look at who he appointed as czar’s and the Bush policies he continued(in many cases intensified) the list is endless…i really hope technique has not been fooled by Barry Soetoro (B. Obama) and his handlers

  • thom

    Fuck yeah immortal, my sentiments exactly. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

  • meraz773

    dats sum deep stuff!!!!!!!

  • Crack SLanga 420

    I believe osama died a while ago from kidney dialysis.. one of my reasons for this is the way he looks on his recent videos… If you compare an old photo of osama bin laden, the one most news channells use and compare it to the osama in the videos, there will be a significant difference… In the videos osama is pale and very skinny, he looks really sick. Also there was a french newspaper put out called Le Figaro, in it said that Osama was suffering from Hepititus C and was ordered a mobile dialisys machine and was delivered to his base in Kandarhar. Another interesting fact begins around 2001 when pakastani news paper put out a colum about Usama Bin Laden burial south east of afghanistan, maybe this could be the hepC? anyways i find this stuff very interesting and we cant keep shutting stuff like this out, people need to know whats really happening in this world..

  • mthobisi

    Wow what an essay based on fact, it really makes me feel at ease when i see that some of the people in the world are not brainwashed. I agree with you when you say some secret are best kept secretly but for the sake of other people’s the state should be expossed of it dirty work.

  • http://www.homeremediesforacnereview.com Azalee Proa

    The CIA seems to be aware of this which is just as well as the Taliban (another organisation entirely) yesterday announced their Spring Offensive and kicked it off with a suicide bombing.



  • http://nowebsitejustaresearcher. Samuel Ward

    This is a well written, interesting and very informative essay on Bin Laden and the whole U.S link behind it,

    i fully believe what Immortal Technique talks about, and like he says the truth is out there just people are too ignorant to read it and research facts for themself.

    as Jeru once said ‘ ignorance is contagious ‘ .

    Stay happy people, much love from Sheffield, U.K

    Jah Rastafari

  • ray

    We need more people like immortal technique in the music industry. Osama has been dead since at least 2005 and they kept his body on ice for future political resurections. We got madelyn albright and steve pichenic who on record said he was dead years ago and have worked with him personally. The media has said osama has been killed over 8 times since 911. The pictures they used were the same doctored pictures they used in the past. We got the cia connection with osama and his number 2 guy in the taliban anwar al alachi who supposedly master minded the under ware bomber fort hood shootings etc. and got them on the plane has been seen months after 911 having dinner in the pentagon with top military officials and hanging out at us military bases. Another fact not bullshit conspiricy im soooo sick of that word is that al-cia-aida was founded and funded from its inception by the cia used to commit false flag terror operations as a pretext to go in and start wars with other countries. People are waking up everyday in the thousands and these globalist traitors running our country are scared not of people like immortal technique but of YOU!!! and the god given power that everyone of us has been bestowed upon us by our founding fathers. If you want to continue waking up go to infowars.com and prisonplanet.com

  • JohnDarker

    Does anybody know a website where users can write essays on politics / religion / philosophy etc. and then submit them online for people to comment and add to the discussion?

  • facts

    two facts technique got wrong
    1) Sea burials are called for in islam when there is a high chance that the body will be dug up and mutilated by an enemy
    2) The majority of Afghans supported the US invasion
    These two glaring factual errors lead me to doubt the other facts. Where two things are wrong there may be a third.
    I enjoy his music – but he is a musician primarily, albeit a very well informed musician. He not someone to trust for world news, please get that from primary sources.

  • martini

    Immortal technique I don’t know where you are or what your doing right now,but I just want to simply say thank you.

    Thank you for your honesty and your wisdom,but mostly thank you for being brave enough to let XXL publish your words for all of us.

    Peace be with you brother..

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  • Qualy88

    Let the truth come out to the light, let the revolution begin. Lets pick up some books and turn off the entertainment (which is only looking to divide us) Lets Educate one an other, Lets forget about our many differences, and work towards Our future. We need leaders who truly care for the “People” The survivable and peace of each human.

    Technique My Man, You have my full attention.

    “Remember that I’m just a man don’t follow me nigga”

  • saima

    That was impressive..where did you read an find this information out from?? its not too well known..!

  • http://street jamiesheff

    its crazy to think how many people no so little needs to be more hip hop artists like immortal

  • sarah

    i love dis guy soo much rite now!

  • jay

    need to read this now

  • Blocks

    This was a great read I would not have expected on XXL. First of I’m not a conspiracy theorist or whatever the fuck you all label them as. I try to look for the truth and nothing but the truth on matters like these. The United States to the best of my knowledge didn’t actually support Osama (singular) as Immortal mentions. Osama gained much of his wealth from his fathers inheritance. Osama is one of 50+ brothers and sisters. This family is well connected all over the world. Their wealth was made possible by government contracts handed to the Bin Laden family with no formal bidding for projects. Many of his bothers and sisters studied here in the United states in prestigious universities like Harvard , Souther Cal, U. Miami. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, Saudi Arabia felt uneasy. Osama offered his services to Saudi Arabia and was essentially laughed out of the room. We all know the United States ended up defending Saudi Arabia and driving out Husseins troops. Osama could not stand the fact you had infidel, christian and jew american troops defending the most holy cities in Islamic Scripture. Also I may add Immortal should have written about why Osama was how he was and how the Muslim Brotherhood help fuel his drive to strict adherence to Islam. Anyhow great read and I am glad people do listen to him and READ BOOKS ya’ll it’s not lame learn new words they are more powerful then any bullet .

  • David

    Well written by Immortal Technique one of the only MC’s to have a conscience and remember where he came from and not selling his people out making trash hop. Thank you for not selling your soul to the slave masters in suits, a true man amongst spineless vipers.
    yours David O London England

  • Terrence

    No matter what he might say or how many statistics he can pull off of some website or how politically savvy he and everyone else thinks he is. America is the greatest nation on earth. I was a fan of his and got all caught up in the whole fuck the bush era/anti-war/9-11 was planned and known about by our government nonsense. Even as an American soldier, I didnt agree with the wars. And yes we have alot to fix in this country and the wars are the reason for our finacial problems, but they are here, and will be no matter what anyone says. And in the end it is the american military that will prevail. He said he would do a free show in North Korea burning the flag? What kind of person is this guy? Fuck the legacy of Bin Laden, The last thing that that TERRORIST saw was an American Military member in his TERRORIST compound blasting NATO ammunition at his head. He died and we all as patriotic Americans rightfully rejoiced in his death. If this country that you all live in is so damn bad then go someplace else. Ive been deployed to the asshole and armpits of the world and America and Israel are the lights of the world. Go live in the darkness of the middle east, in poverty stricken 3rd world slums that would make west Baltimore look like the vegas strip. Get a damn grip. Go do your free show in North Korea where there are, to this day, concentration camps full of children who are forced into hard labor and starvation just for being born. You hang your upside down flag in the country you live. What a fucking joke all of you people are.

    Im Unappolegetically American/You Heretic/ Your Revolutionary?/How Dare You/Wheres your Heritage

  • B-RAGE

    I’d say a VERY knowledgable and fruitfull assay. The contents on Laden’s death were obvious, I’m very not suprised about Obama’s actions, matter fact I laughed my ass in disbelieve. I appreciate the assay very much shit is real, made mo anxious for your next coming album. M out.

  • ali

    One of the most balanced perspectives on the whole affair I’ve read so far. People like Technique should have a much broader platform from which to speak. The guy doesn’t claim to know it all. But he uses his mind and asks some pertinent questions. Just checked out some of his music too.

    Not the biggest fan of rap but the message this guy disseminates through his music makes it essential. He reaches back to the true essence of rap – primarily as a tool for socioeconomic comment.


  • okay

    On the page where it says in afghanistan it has good natrual resorces look up Lupe Fiasco-BMF freestyle ‘whats in afghanistan herion’ get ya mind ryt

  • al

    Yes you can say thing from what you read or hear as for me I research all so hear go obama was out of the loop on the killing of bin laden check for your self jerrett his # 1 woman keep the WH from doing any action on bin laden gates and clinton told obama that you act or we will the WH then told them you take sole responsibility for that happens and Clinton And gates backed up the action Pannela then ordered operations to not report to the WH any more then it happened .Obama had 17 min,s heads up look it up as i did.

  • gift nkhoma

    true dat

  • ashlee

    This was a very thoughtful and emotional read. This man is a genius and I agree with a lot of his views on the goverment and the ” killing of Bin Ladin”, why kill him?, why not capture him and let him speak… were they afraid he would reveal some of our goverments hateful cruel secrets? There is so much unexplained answers in what you heard on the news, they just want to feed you enough information to brainwash you into believing that he is defeated and dead for once and the world will begin to renew itself because we “WON” again. All this damn goverment is trying to do is destroy the world for all its money. Did you know that the goverment has a secret noahs ark being built right now so that when the end of the world comes they can live…. of course you hav to pay billions to get a space on it but if you got money; you can live. When tech begins asking questions in his what to believe paragraph, it really made me want to research to find the answers. This man is very powerful and intelligent and anyone who has the odasity to disagree is a one minded person who truely needs to see the world. I read one comment on here that was talkig about him being a violent rapper, yes what he speaks is a lot about violence but if you truely listen to his words it is not violence he is rapping about it is the cruel leaders we have pulling our strings like we are there f****ing puppets….

    • ashlee

      Our country is no better, do they not realize they have no power, they also have someone holding them by their strings too… they are so worried about making other nations happy that they dont realize what b***h a** pussys they are being for everyone else. they care so much about money and making others happy that they ruining their own peoples lives. In the part that he wrote about him pursing justice…. Honestly any person would feel the same if it was their family but he really makes you think, what better are we if we do the samething to millions of innocent bystanders in the process of finding that one person to get justice? just like they have to defend our territory they feel that they need to do the same to defend theirs. Our goverment is twisted and a bunch of hypocrits. I know a lot of you think about it but are afraid to be different and say what u believe but dont be because maybe if everyone opened up and said what they truely believed we may be able to make a difference…. no amount of money will ever change my beliefs and believe me many many people in our government probably have different belifes also but it is never spokenof because they will loose their money, their world and maybe even their lives…. messed up to think about huh…. but reading this really made me think hard about my world and what my childrens world is going to be like…. is it going to be as corrupted as ours or wil it change by then?

  • prehistoric rap

    Pure truth. Too bad there were so many typos though. Whenever there’s a bunch of typos is only serves to discredit what you’re reading. However, it looks like he just sat down and busted this shit out pretty quick, so I’ll cut him some slack.

  • http://awkward-accomplice.blogspot.com/ Awkward Accomplice

    Knowledge is power, but brainwashing is stronger. The need to distinguish between the two is a battle every moment we learn something new. Immortal Technique, thank you for the passion & intelligence you bring to the table! This essay raises so many critical questions, but we still need to fight for solutions that are never heard.

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  • http://- Jihad, the Thug Soulja

    I read through the whole thing… i was like wow.. it’s good to know that i’m not the only one thinking of this shit.. ayt yo.. i’m a muslim, and to tell you the truth, these fuckers that misunderstood and, clumsily accused false meaning of the word “Jihad” and “Muslim Religion”, obviously didn’t know any shit cause what they tellin’ you, are all lies! Cause they can’t understand and fathom the true meanings in Quran. The “Surrah” (words) in there is meanings beneath meanings. So it means you, as non-muslim, non-arabic-language-speakers will not probably understand the REAL meaning. The word “Jihad” is actually synonymous as the meaning of “Revolution”; to fight for freedom, briefly speaking. But i’m also not saying that, what Bin Laden,the Mujahideen,Al-Qaeda, doing is correct. They’re absolutely WRONG and is the reason why Islam is being misunderstood and marked as “Terrorist” because of the teachings in our religion. Let me just be clear, in the Surrah, “War is not necessary; and willingness is a must, in becoming a true muslim”. So it means, WE should not declare War at Non-Muslim, because of the Freedom Of Religion; and Forcing them to convert. These Niggas should know that WE ARE LIVING IN MODERN WORLD, we don’t do that war shit anymore. And i don’t want to be branded as a “Conspiracy Theorist”, but i don’t believe Bin Laden is dead. i believe that they got Saddam Hussein. Why you asked, because from the start, they already tell you lies, So they think, why stopped now? So they will always tell Lies, like what Tech said. They pronounce him dead is probably because of the impatient families for justice, and how the American Government and US Military is INCOMPETENT to kill the Former “Top 10″ in the FBI. They’re petty reasons is irrelevant. I’m not stupid to believe that he was shot just like that. Nigga, he ain’t stupid. The reason why he is not caught because of his mentality. He knows how the Army,CIA,FBI thinks, they’re movement. And fuck they’re stupid reason of the “tradition” of dumping bodies in the ocean. He was shot dead on LAND, why the fuck you didn’t just buried him there, motherfucker. Instead you bring him to sea and throw him. Now that’s an obvious LIES. You can see it, it’s in front of you. If “it” were a snake, it probably already strike you. Don’t get poisoned by this corporate fuckers! And how would you know if the government hide the latest video of Bin Laden? Or else, people will know they lie. The government is on the brink of Bankruptcy, they probably did this as a pathetic action to try to save the economy. And uh, if he really is dead, then Tech is right, they wouldn’t want to put him in trial. Afraid that he will expose the “secrets” like opening the pandora box. If he was dead, he’s probably dead a long time ago. They just dub the tape to make it dramatic. So remember this Nigga, “A tree branch won’t shake if there’s no wind!” If you’ve seen Roswell, Area 51, the Bermuda Triangle, and believe those shit because you’ve seen the movies. Then, think of this, It didn’t just appear in their head, but they actually have EXPERIENCED and SEEN IT! So i’ll put you brothers into tjis thought, is it just “Conspiracy Theory”?

    Jihad Soldier. Viva La Revolucion.
    The Prophet’s Soldier.

  • David

    Honestly, a purposeful life is not measured by the approval or acceptance of weak-minded fools. If you spend your whole life trembling in fear and never questioning your rulers, your indoctrination, or your TV, and your “pride” in the new America is your only impetus, then you’ve condemned yourself to rot in the pit of hypocrisy. Felipe’s life is given meaning and purpose through his work. The cynics will keep scoffing and balk at the notion of a selfless need to spread the word. In solidarity though, we keep on. To paraphrase Tech, never compromise and just believe the lie because it’s easier than standing on your own. Hell I’d rather be cut down in a hurry than join in the Romanesque bloodlust ruthlessly masqueraded as justice.

  • OLY

    Thanks for publishing this…..great read.

  • Caddy

    I think this is an amazing essay. And I’m glad to see that there are others out there who appreciate his expression and are critical thinkers. I sometimes too feel like the only person with these thoughts and questions. I feel like I may spend my entire life screaming, and no one will care to listen to opposing view/opinion. But even if we’re small in numbers, we can’t give up, and we need to continue to be wise and ask questions. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and trying to seek the truth and understand reality.

  • JC

    Immortal Technique is by far the greatest rapper alive. But, beyone that, he is one of the most phenomenal philosophers of the modern age. An opinion oft overlooked, that of the conspirist, is epitomized in his raps, his thoughts, and his writing. He is a beacon of light in a truthless world. While people call him paranoid and ridiculous, or scoff at him for his big government distrust, they must still consider the fact the he makes sense. You can argue him on every point, but the fact that you have to argue gives him credibility to begin with. Of course all of his conspiracies cannot be true… But, by the same argument, some of them must be.

  • freedom or die

    osama died in 2001. look it up.

    • Legalize Freedom

      Kidney Failure..

  • magosha khuliso frans

    long read,gud interestin story,let de truth b known.ppl letz open our eyez b4 we die,datz wat it is.dis man is bleedin internal,itz tru gov involvd in dis shit.Tech is a massenger

  • Trixxx

    Dis b d realest shit i ever read

  • http://annatumas.it/contatti.html noleggio abiti da sposa roma


  • http://mageyoulook.hubpages.com/ adrenaline xr

    You actually make it appear really easy with your presentation however I find this matter to be really one thing that I think I would by no means understand. It kind of feels too complex and extremely broad for me. I am having a look forward for your next put up, I will attempt to get the dangle of it!

  • http://www.hotartglass.com don wreford

    With reference to “The legacy of Bin Laden” notes, the last notes on page 3, The radicalization of Islam, brought about by colonialism and the cold war, rather colonization and the continued exploitation through agencies such as the CIA, the stock exchange, corporate structures and military all in unison to devastate and rape the third world, it is somewhat overwhelming to think the struggle to overcome the dark forces of oppression, may take centuries to emerge to gain freedom.

    A consoling feature is some times evolution is sudden in its development.

    A memory I have as a child, is at the end of a movie at the local cinemas of London, it was obligatory to stand and sing “God Save The King” myself coming from lower class stock, felt this was a incongruity of experience, the simple question as to myself being groomed as being a servile insignificant organism, being instructed as a obedient subject of the Royals, to request God to save a Royal! this ritual is my first civil disobedient rebellion that risked violence and attack by in the main the audience that cooperated on the whole with this ceremony.

    The point of this story is change is possible, we must take heart regardless of over whelming odds of adversity when faced with the oppressor.