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  • Chucky

    Fuckin tight freestyle from Snoop


    Yeah, Snoop has a good point maybe Dre is missin the right pieces to the puzzle. Hopefully his words cause motivation from Dre to get it done and done with the same flavor we are used to hearing….that classic Dre shit. Rather than ruffling his feathers. As long as Detox drops soon, like this year. No later than next summer. With the right feel.I myself like the new song, and it feels like the old shit. Hopefully the rest of the album has the same feel. Im going to pick it on day one regardless. Because its Dre and has yet to dissappoint me. Except for The Aftermath presents compilation years back when he first left Deathrow.It had only like 4 good songs on it.


      Oh and I would say the firm album, but I never bought it so I cant really say whether or not I would have been disappointed.

  • smith ‘n’ wessun

    wat was the third beat… dat was bangin

    • smith ‘n’ wessun

      and the fourth

      • realnigga

        that 4th beat was J. Cole In The Morning…….The 3rd was Tyga Loyalty

  • G Money Of The SUc

    We need that DETOX itsbeen too long already. its going too be a classic but i dont think it will better than 2001. almost every song on 2001 was heat i didnt really like kush other than the beat, but hopefully detox is better than most of the shit out today

  • francis nasim

    mr westwood here who got shot snoopy?who cares shut up n take a hit

  • jayt

    snoop on point, also dope freestyles