Royce Da 5’9 Talks Eminem Collabo, Slaughterhouse

XXL: What is the feedback you’ve gotten from the people you’ve played it for?

Royce: They said they can’t describe it. They said they never heard two guys rap like that. It’s a lot of back and forth. It almost felt like we were the same person at times, just two different tones. ‘Cause we think so much alike, and we just went in there and did shit that I don’t think I’ve heard since RUN-D.M.C. But that’ll be up to you to judge.

XXL: You said at times it’s like y’all are like the same person. Has your relationship changed musically since back in the day before he was a big music icon?

Royce: Yeah, it’s different musically. We got more chemistry, obviously. I’ve been in the game for a minute, I’ve learned some things. I’ve been around a lot of people that know how to really make records. I’ve picked up a lot of things, not just from him but from other people. Puff, Dre, all these people that I’ve been around. And I kinda got my own little system that I use when I’m makin’ my records. But when we come together, for some reason the way he approaches it and the way I approach it is very similar. It’s almost like we the same person. He might say, “OK, Royce what’s your last line?” I tell him my last line and then he can rhyme every syllable in that line and then continue on those syllables for another eight bars. And then I can take that line. It’s kinda like a big crossword puzzle. It’s kinda weird, but it’s interesting. I don’t think you can just put any two niggas together and they can do that. We wasn’t really doin’ that back in the day. We do it now because we a little more technical with the craft and the words and shit like that.

XXL: What is your favorite line in “Fast Lane”?

Royce: I like [on Em's verse] Nicki Minaj one… I went out the room when he was laying [that] verse. Then he told me to come in and listen to it. I mean, when I heard the line I just cracked up laughing. I like to laugh. I like to be entertained. I had a couple Nicki Minaj lines, but I held back. That’s only Em. Only Em can do that and get away with it. [Laughs] I just laugh ‘cause I know how much of a jokester he is. Hopefully she don’t get offended by it, which I don’t think she would.

XXL: Can we expect a full collaborative album down the road from the two of you?

Royce: I don’t know, man. We try not to look too far down the road. Like, right now, the main focus is just the group Slaughterhouse. We gon’ go all in and do that album. And after that comes out— who knows. It’s gon’ depend what mood everybody’s in. How much time everybody has. How much energy Em has left. Is he gon’ feel like making another solo album? We don’t know. Sky’s the limit on that type of thing when you’re building a movement. So we just keep our minds open and look to the near future.

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  • crystallee

    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!

  • tony

    I hope royce gets his just do as a lyricist w/ this. I also hope he dont mess it up again w/ em…

    • Viva

      RIGHT! MY . Exactly. Two Thumbs.

  • D90

    it drops in JUNE not may… i wish it would come out sooner tho… shits gonna be fire

  • MikeD

    Just listen to Fast Lane…..That shyt is off the change! I would love to hear a whole CD of this!!! Also Got nate dogg on this track RIP hell yeah!

  • mikeD

    Every body in the game better be very scared! Em and Royce they are great apart but they make history together

  • louie

    royce got flow, but he has no loyalty he thinks shit is always about him. so i would love to see him grow up and stop fighting in bars over hood hoes and stay loyal 2 his crew. if shit aint going right dont b so quick 2 give up on ur peps and sneak diss n and shit. i think he has grown man raps, but a kids mental

  • Elijah Stanton

    Hah, Italy demonstrators rally against Berlusconi

  • Diego Hewitt

    Happy New Year to All!

  • Kayla Miller

    Thanks for writing about intriguing topics…