MCs That Should Get ‘Tupac Back’ Treatment

“Remy is Back”
Track Jack: Papoose
Reason: Who better to tribute Remy Martin than her husband? MCs don’t have to be dead to get a tribute track dedicated to them. This would be the perfect example.

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  • T

    No no no to all of these.

  • Toe

    this is terrible

  • Mr. 306

    Brutal…Brutal….Brutal….there i wrote my words then you guys did in this whole article.

  • Jon Dog

    Hey XXL, GROW THE FUCK UP! Get a life you fuckin’ retards!!

  • Hip Hop Addict

    What The Fuck…. Hell No XXL This Whole Thing Is Bullshit…. Is Benzino Running This Mag Comp Now??……Listen XXL….. Listen For Fucken Once!!!! We Dont Want No Gucci Mane!! No Lil Wayne!!! No Soulja Boy, Plies, Waka Flocka, OR ANY WACK ASS RAPPERS!!!! I Swear i see This Mag comp as bullshit now a days

    Get Back To Music Stop Fucking Around!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D90

    these type of tracks probly shouldnt be made in the 1st place… especially a Big L 1 by MACK MILLER gtfoh

  • alderman j

    As a CHILDREN OF THE CORN loyalist, i PISS on the thought of any one other than KILLA CAM and MURDA MASE, performing BIG L BACK!!! MAC MILLER????? WHAT THE?????

    • $yk

      word fam…they know DAMN WELL no one in Harlem would allow Mack Miller to do a Big L is Back track…

      and I KNOW y’all don’t listen to music ’cause Raekwon JUST did a song called ASON JONES on OB4CL2…do I HAVE to type that ASON JONES IS OLD DIRTY BASTARD?

  • franzpaniero

    This is fucking awful…pure filler.

  • black jesus

    who ever wrote this needs to off him or her self.

  • soowoo

    tupac, biggie? no. joell ortiz is > big pun tho

  • Guerrilla P

    wack, wack, wack…. anybody can do tru-life hes a g, but cant rhyme… as for everybodyelse it is disrespectful to say these ameturs could represent their legacy…

  • PAT

    mac miller doesnt deserve ta be in tha same room as big L’s picture all that other shit is ignerant as fuckh

  • mitchell

    Shit is whack, WTF is you really going to put ‘remy back’: papoose last time i check remy was lock up not dead

  • Tshilidzi

    Stop d*ckriding Pac……………….plezzzzzzzzzzz stop it!

    SB remaking Juice n know this little punka** named Meek Mill featuring Officer Rickyyyyyyyyy.

    The list is endless including yours truly XXL

    Judas!!!!! Pac might b’ rolling with laughter!!!

    • savage

      jus to let ya know juice jus wasnt bout pac, no pun intended…

  • Candee

    Swear, if Pac or Biggie heard any of this crap they’d be turning in their grave. WACK!!

  • Neff

    Noo Just leave pac alone…Let his legacy live by itself will never forget pac but I’m tired of hearing about pac and biggie.

  • oskamadison

    DAMMIT!!!!!!!! Where’s Ron Mexico?!!!!!!