Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida and David Guetta Talk Collabo

A lot of artists are leaning towards David’s style of music these days. What do you think of the electro/house music craze going on in hip-hop right now?

Nicki Minaj: I feel that it’s the universal music. The fact that this record went number one in ten countries on iTunes shows that music is a new language — It’s not English, it’s not French, it’s not Spanish, it’s its own language. When you have people that don’t even speak English but they’re in the club and they know every word… the music is just about a feeling. And that’s what I’m realizing. We should be giving people a particular feeling. It’s not even so much about exactly what you’re saying anymore. I think when it comes to that kind of music — dance music — it really shows music doesn’t really have any barriers.

Flo Rida: I’ve always been a fan of guys like OutKast and everything. They’re always going against the grain and prior to me having the success I have, I always tried different production and things like that. So, to work with David is just like a breath of fresh air for me. I’m definitely a big fan of the work — just the whole following. For me to be able to cross different barriers and do different music, I’m just very happy to be a part of it.

Nicki, when David first played you the song, how did you know it was the right one?

Nicki Minaj: It seemed very, very catchy. It seemed fun. It made me feel like there were girls laying out by the beach, by the pool, with beach balls and convertibles and palm trees. When a song gives you a visual 15, 25 seconds into hearing it, it’s a smash. And I just knew this was gonna be a big record… we’re shooting the video I believe on the 17th of May.

How do you feel about the response the song has gotten thus far?

Guetta: It’s number one everywhere in the world and I think without any promotion. The American audience really loves it. It shows the sort of power of the community. And it comes from a trio — it comes for the people. It’s amazing… There was no radio playing up-tempo music in America. And now, everything sounds very much like “Sexy Bitch,” really to be honest. So, I’m very happy. I’m honored.

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  • Hip Hop Addict

    Going To Be Trash Like All The Other Songs They Make……. except this time they gonna bring all they trash into one so is really big trash…..

  • jonny bizness

    In 5 yrs time Hiphop artists that followed this wack formula will look back at this and cringe.Hopefully Jay or Nas etc will release D.O.E(death of electro) this has to be the worst trend in Hiphop since it’s conception.It hurts my ears and breaks my heart when i see someone like Busta get on these joints.

  • loklok

    stop hating

  • Rama22

    Me & Nicki r getting married as soon i finish typing this n there is nuttin u barbies & kens can do about.