Kanye West: “30 White B*tches” [Gallery]

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    Kanye West: "30 White B*tches"
    As previously mentioned, Kanye West was recently photographed making out with <a href="http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2011/05/shades-of-kanye-west/">an unidentified white woman in Paris</a>. Something tells us it won’t be the last time paparazzi catches Yeezy with a fair-skinned woman. Until then, <em>XXL</em> looks back at some of the other white women ‘Ye’s been pictured with. How does the line go again? “Champaign wishes, 30 white b*tches/I mean the shit is, fuckin’ ridiculous.”
  • Vanessa-HudgensKanye-West
    Kanye and Vanessa Hudgens
  • paris-hilton-kanye-west
    Kanye and Paris Hilton
  • nicole-richie-kanye-west13
    Kanye and Nicole Richie
  • mischa-barton-kanye-west
    Kanye and Mischa Barton
  • kim-kardashian-kanye-west
    Kanye and Kim Kardashian
  • Kelly-Osbourne-and-Kanye-West
    Kanye and Kelly Osbourne
  • katy-perrykanye-west
    Kanye and Katy Perry
  • kanyepamela-anderson
    Kanye and Pamela Anderson
  • kanyeminkakelly
    Kanye, Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly
  • KanyeMila
    Kanye and Mila Jovovich
  • KanyeLillyallen
    Kanye and Lilly Allen
  • kanyekimk
    Kanye and the Kardashians
  • Kanyeandwhitegirl
    Kanye and white girl in red dress
  • kanyeandpamela
    Kanye and Pamela Anderson
  • kanye_west_TK
    Kanye, Alexis Phifer and Courtney Love
  • kanye_west_taylor_swift
    Kanye and Taylor Swift
  • Kanye-West-Vivienne-Westwood
    Kanye and Vivienne Westwood
  • Kanye-West-Natasha-Bedingfield
    Kanye and Natasha Bedingfield
  • kanye-west-Lindsay-Lohan
    Kanye and Lindsay Lohan
  • kanye-west-kim-kardashian
    Kanye and Kim Kardashian
  • kanye-west-duffy
    Kanye and Duffy
  • Kanye-West-and-Lady-Gaga-news_1
    Kanye and Lady Gaga
  • kanye-west-amy-winehouse
    Kanye, Amy Winehouse and friends
  • Kanye-Tory-Burk
    Kanye and Tory Burch
  • kanye-pink
    Kanye and Pink...Presumably before the Taylor Swift incident
  • kanye-kris-jenner
    Kanye and Kris Jenner
  • kanye-gwen
    Kanye and Gwen Stefani
  • Cassie-Scerbo-Kanye
    Kanye and Cassie Scerbo
  • Britney-Spears-and-Kanye-West
    Kanye and Britney Spears
  • amberkanyemadonnathreesome
    Kanye, Amber Rose and Madonna
  • kanyeandwhitegirl
    Kanye West and his latest conquest

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  • Hannya

    If these white girls are giving up the ass then why not??

  • http://www.xxlmag.com ralphie

    Five star dishes, diffrent exotic fishes/i mean the shit is, fuckin ridiculous. LOL, yeezy da black charlie sheen…

    • Face Phoenix

      Sorry but Charlie is the White Kanye West.

  • becce

    the wowan’s name is kate upton!!!!

    • hmmm

      thats not kate upton

  • boss

    number 18 is la roux ha!

  • swype-matic

    Wow, every one of these women are TURDS except for Kim K (who’s not even white), Pink, and….well, yea.

    • u!

      Vanessa Hudgens? turd? really???

      • swype-matic

        I like my women to at LEAST look like they’re past freshman year of high school

  • Drewmc84

    Where is the 30 black bitches article?

  • egyle

    why did I watch this? fuck my life and fuck you xxlmag.com

  • fuckyall

    yea the should do every race lol
    but they should change it from women to bitch lol
    80% of them are .
    so from now on its men and bitch

  • Nigga Black

    you’re really elevating the culture with this article ha.Next time you could do a gallery of yeezy with “rap bitches”. I’m sure you can find pictures of him with minaj, nas, drake, etc.
    P.S. Could someone tell nas to shut the fuck up already.He made 1 dope (really short?) album but just sounds like a dope ever since.

    • Dead President

      shut the fuck up. nas is dope & u cant rap for shit.
      ‘nigga black’? u probably about as black as teeth .

  • njdevil

    lol@ kanye and white girl in red dress..

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