Criminal Minded: Jail Time for Rappers’ Violent Verses

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    It’s no secret: rap music is full of violent references.<br /><br />From murder to rape, hip-hop lyrics run the gamut of all things vicious and sadistic and are riddled with pistol wielding and blade plunging fantasies. And while it’s all done in the name of entertainment, after recently collectively analyzing a verse off Biggie’s “What’s Beef” — more on that later — it wasn’t long before the <em>XXL</em> staff wondered: what kind of jail time would rappers do if they actually committed the crimes they spit about?<br /><br />Here, we select eight brutal lyrics off eight very familiar tracks and provide rappers with some free legal advice. If you commit the crime, prepare to do the time.<em>— Khalid Salaam</em>
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    Cam'ron, "That’s Me"<br /><strong>Verse:</strong> "We kill girls rape em / bury the skirts.<br /><strong>Legal Damage:</strong> In NY State, it falls under a class B felony with the charge of rape in the first degree.
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    Bizarre from D-12, “Fight Music”<br /><strong>Verse:</strong> "Smacked this whore for talking crap (bitch) / So what if she's handicapped, the bitch said Bizarre couldn't rap / I fucking hate you; I'll take your drawers down and rape you."<br /><strong>Legal Damage:</strong> In Michigan that gets you an assault, aggravated injury and criminal sexual conduct in the first degree. There would undoubtedly be some big number attached to that bid.
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    Eminem, “Marshall Mathers”<br /><strong>Verse:</strong> “Yo, you might see me joggin, you might see me walkin / You might see me walkin a dead rockwilder dog, with it's head chopped off / in the park with a spiked collar hollerin at him cause the son of a bitch won't quit barkin.”<br /><strong>Legal Damage:</strong> Just a misdemeanor. But still, how about a thousand dollar fine, psych counseling, imprisonment of up to 92 days and 200 hours of community service? Not worth it, Em.
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    Nas, “Live at the BBQ”<br /><strong>Verse:</strong> “Kidnap the president's daughter without a plan.”<br /><strong>Legal Damage:</strong> Doesn’t sound as bad as the rest of the stuff on here but in real life anyone who does that might just vanish without trial. The law states it as kidnapping in the 1st degree and interfering with the performance of a governmental or political function.
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    Lil Wayne, "Steady Mobbin"<br /><strong>Verse:</strong> "I swear you can’t fuck wit me, but I can fuck your girl / and make her nut for me then slut for me then kill for me then steal for me / and of course it’ll be your cash / then I’ll murder that bitch and send her body back to yo ass."<br /><strong>Legal Damage:</strong> Wicked lyrics, sure, but a very strong pimp hand too. That being said, its still 2nd degree murder, which in Louisiana potentially gets you life imprisonment.
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    Nore & Fabolous, "DJ Clue Freestyle (98)"<br /><strong>Verse:</strong> "Shoot At Your Feet / Make you do the Puff Dance to Perfection."<br /><strong>Legal Damage:</strong> Compared to the other examples, this line seems almost cartoonish. It's still reckless endangerment and comes with a class D felony distinction.
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    DMX, “Murdergram”<br /><strong>Verse:</strong> "If I get AIDS I’m giving that shit to 30 bitches."<br /><strong>Legal Damage:</strong> Legally, the law on this is murky but hinged on the construct of a person’s duty to report. Because of the vagueness, in real life a prosecutor would try to bury you. There was an actual case similar to this where a man from Western NY infected 13 women in the late 90’s and only got 12 years. In real life though, if this happened to your sister or something, this would be a case of vigilante justice if there ever is one.
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  • bob

    xxl come on, thts the best Em song u got for this…his whole Relapse album is fucked up lol

    • Chris S

      i know. seriously. i mean, “I want you to feel me like my stepfather felt me” is bad enough. Then there’s the poor girls from Stay Wide Awake and Bagpipes from Baghdad. And he also attempted to murder Steve Berman.

      a couple more suggestions:

      Bizarre also said he would bust between his six-year-old niece’s ass cheeks.

      Eminem has blatantly displayed premeditated murder ideas towards Kim and his mother on numerous songs.

      Nas waived automatic guns at nuns.

      Lupe Fiasco used to move eggs like ovaries, drop lines like ‘Enter’, move birds like winter, and push ki like Dragon Ball Z

      In high school, Big L to stabbed teachers to death that gave him bad grades

      And then there’s Method Man…

  • dre

    where is tyler the creator?

  • The187Worm

    for one FUCK OFWGKTA…..and two….Ganksta Nip would be put to death over and over again for his ryhmes lmao…the most insane fuckin lyrics …and hysterical

  • 619

    They already been givin rappers jail time for what they say in their music

    • 619

      Look up C-Bo, X Raided, or Tiny Mad Hatter

  • egreg

    why didnt u pick from any other eminem verses? theyre tryna make his music look soft. How about the song “Still don’t give a F@ck” or “Kill You”?

  • The187Worm

    jesus christ eminem? like i said NOONE comes close to violent ryhmes like Ganksta Nip

  • sugggg

    brotha lynch??? how is he missing?

  • mubashshir

    number 6 is the only one from a couple years ago other than that pick better ones

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