Is Busta Rhymes’ “Worldwide Choppers” Verse His Best Ever?

Busta Rhymes “Break Ya Neck,” Genesis (2002)

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  • jason styles

    Scenario by far i dont even need to go through the rest, the delivery, the cleverness and it was pretty quoted song too.

    • TUNED2IT

      Yo i 2nd that my dude, but that Worldwide choppers busa went off. Ish gave me goose bumps. YALL get That BIG SCOOB album too that ish is fire fo the summer. STRANGE MUSIC ALL SUMMER!!!!!

    • Phil

      I 3rd that. Scenario takes it. Just thinking about it, I might have to run off to the bathroom and masturbate…don’t want to do it in my pants cause then it’ll feel nasty and I’ll have to wash them tonite.

      • AT RIMER

        dude you are one of the reason’s i love reading about rap. rap can be serious and everything else but thats some silly and funny fucking shit. i am cracking up!

  • http://! shadyjuggalo

    Ish wuz fire! Not only 1 of Busta’s best but, 1 of the best verses outta ANY emcee. Of all time yadada mean!? TECH N9NE!!!!!!! K.C. Mo. Represent! N I’m Chi-Town DoWn 4LiFe! MiDwEsTcHoPpErS… Much love to XXL for showin love to the independents of this rap game! Cuz erbody know when it comes to hip-hop, underground’s the best cuz, all “the dirt” is above it.

  • black jesus

    lol @ the worst rapper alive having a best verse! it dosnt matter what his best or worse verses are…..because a buster rhymes verse is guaranteed to suck!

  • black jesus

    oh yeah, bring back bol


    ^^^^^ You must be Bol himself with a lame ass comment like that. I aint really ever been a big fan of Busta, but dude is a fuckin beast. I give props when they deserve them, even if I dont really buy their shit, if its good its good plain and simple. Someone show this lame the door like they did Bol.

  • Tshilidzi

    Dude can b a beast if he wants 2 n right know he is in his own league.

  • sipN22

    I actually thought Tech N9ne was the best on the song. He switched up his flow like 5 times to show versatility. Though Busta did beast on his verse.

  • balaramesh

    nah, it was a sick verse by busta but i think it would be a disservce to say it was one of his best. one of his best recently, maybe. matter of fact, busta just COMPLETELY DESTROYED wayne on that chris brown song a minute ago. busta a super lyrcist. when the kid is inspired………….WATCH OUT

  • No Name

    Far from it.

  • No Name

    Scene-stealing?? Please. Yela and Twista easily had better verses.

    • datboymattins

      Tech N9ne Maybe…..I’ll give you that but Yelawolf….seriously?????? I listen to the song multiple times a day (big fan-slightly obsessed memorized and can keep up with yela, busta and twista’s verse….self proclaimed WWC biggest fan) no offense to you or yelawolf but have you taken the time to listen to his lyrics? A good majority of it makes no sense!!! Mind you he killed it with the last line “Peter piper dump a pile of pepper’s in your throat with an alien probe” but outside of that….he had one of the slowest verses on a song titled Worldwide choppers meant for the speed and concept of lyrical genius…..And Busta killed it. As far as general consensus goes…..I’m pretty sure Busta had the best verse. Tech had a great verse but he’s gets a general prop higher than the rest due to it being his concept (and his song for that matter)

  • teamBMC

    What kills me about comments like these is, people act like BussaBuss ever gave less. He’s been the keeper of over 4 styles of rhyme that have been perfected over the past 19 years. Pound for pound Buss creatively is one of the best. He should’ve never came out of uniform. But hey, we’re over it now. Point is tho, he’s the game’s most versatile. And I’ll back that up with bread.


  • $yk

    the fuk is wrong with y’all?

    go check “Sob Story” & “What’s Next”. Busta was dropping heavy verses when he was with Leaders Of The New School.

    Why do y’all keep forgetting about 60 Second Assassins?

    60 Second Assassins>>>>>>>>>>>>Worldwide Choppers

    Busta BEEN dropping sick verses, even on them Khaled songs, y’all just ain’t been listening.

  • kcmo4life

    tech and twista never let their fans down when it comes to delivering bad ass, fast paced raps, ever. yelawolf is a the new blood and i think any rapper should feel honored to b on any of tech’s midwest/worldwide choppers songs. as for busta, ive never liked him but “look at me now’ and “worldwide choppers” he has impressed me.

  • Jess Devitt

    so the measure of a good verse is speed? i thought a the measure of a good verse was if its lyrically adept, the rhymes are crazy good, or he was really saying something important in a meaningful way. busta barely even rhymed with his admittedly impressive flow, and said nothing of substance or even style. twista embarrassed all the others on this track. fuck xxl, their writers dont know hip hop for shit.

    • datboymattins

      Hate too mention something twice in a post so I wont, but I will give my opinion and state that your opinion “and said nothing of substance or even style” is very ill informed…..have you listened to his verse? Seriously No style? and dare I say no rhyming? Are you serious????? No Rhyming, please listen again and take notice that even with clearly rapping/ “chopping” that fast at least every 5th word RHYMES!!! please listen again and then make an informed opinion and at that point……make a post…..and if you would like proof….. I can then write down his entire verse…..(and notice I said write down…..not copy and paste) and highlight all the words that rhyme in it….


    guys come on. I have been a Busta fan since the early 90′s and i honestly re-winded it approx. 15 times the first time i listened to it. he goes so hard. tech is my favourite rapper ever and he killed WWC but Busta just demolished it. That stuttering shit is insane. Easily his best verse. (in my opinion)

  • http://TRTN Robert J

    busta killed it and it might of been his best but what? scene stealing? have you lost your mind? did you hear um everyone else in that song? I thought twista and tech were better Tech’s verse is no doubt more lyrical and twisted insane and D Loc were faster

  • kolbie

    Do one for Ludacris

  • fastflipper


    where’s BOL

  • JugularKill


  • neil fox

    he rip that track man it was insane keep up Rhymes

  • The Watcher

    Ayo, I’m a huge Bus fan! He be killin’ everything he on! He killed “Worldwide Choppers”! I got some for y’all to check out. Y’all got a lot of his old stuff there thats really good but you forgot “Iz They Wildin’ Us & Gittin’ Rowdy Wit Us” from E.L.E. where he teaches Mystikal how to rap! But dude has been killin’ every song he on lately! Check out: “All I Do Is Win – Remix”, “Welcome to My Hood – Remix”, “60 Second Assassins”, “Bottles & Rockin’ J’s”, “On My New Sh*t”, “Let’s Go”, “Bottoms Up – Remix”, “YMCMB Heroes”, and don’t forget to check his verses he made for “H.A.M.”, “No Love”, and “Bill Gates”. Busta’s next album gon’ be fiya!!! ALSO, CHRIS LIGHTY, BUSTA’S MANAGER NEEDS TO UNLEASH BUS!!! HE SAYS THAT IF BUSTA RAPS HIS FASTEST NO ONE WILL BUY HIS ALBUMS! BUSTA RHYMES IS DA FASTEST RAPPER EVER AND WE AIN’T ALOUD TO SEE IT!!! I BET DUDE IS FASTER THAN REBEL XD!!!!!