Ghostface Killah is revered as one of the game's best, but his name is hardly ever mentioned in the same breath as LL Cool J, Fabolous and Drake when it comes to romancing on the mic. For most MCs, the requisite for-the-ladies joint is a contrived effort to appeal to the female demographic. Not for Ghost. It's an art form. He's even dedicate an entire album (Ghostdini the Wizard of Poetry) to the ladies. Through his extensive catalog, Ghost has explored practically every emotion men feel in relationships. He's been spiteful ("Wildflower"), begged for forgiveness ("Do Over"), caught his wiz cheating ("Never Be the Same Again," "Back Like That") and has gone quasi pornographic ("Stapleton Sex"). In celebration of the Wally Champ's 41st birthday, XXL looks back at Ghostface's Greatest Girl Songs. —XXL Staff