Elzhi Discusses Elmatic, Never Meeting Nas

XXL: Was Royce the first choice to be your AZ?

Elzhi: Oh yea, Royce is my peoples. We’ve been doing songs since we was 16, 17 so I knew I needed him to do that one record, that he gon smash it. Me and Royce at one point were supposed to do a little album together. But he had his thing going on with Slaughterhouse, at the time I was dealing with my situation so we couldn’t come together like that. But when he did that verse for me that was around the time that we were gonna try to get up and do something.

XXL: Why did you leave “One Time for Your Mind” off the album?

Elzhi: The leader of the band, Sam, he didn’t really like the replay. So, that’s the only reason we left it out. I kinda wanted to leave it on there as an instrumental, but he wasn’t feeling it altogether so we just decided to X it out.

XXL: What about “Verbal Intercourse.” It’s one of Nas’ most famous verses, but it’s not an Illmatic song, it’s Raekwon’s. Why did you incorporate it?

Elzhi: “Verbal Intercourse” was an idea that the producer 14TK really wanted me to do a long time ago when he first heard that I was gonna do Elmatic. I never got around to doing it and then once I got in the studio with Will Sessions, he came back around with the beat, and so I just ended up laying it. I’m like, “Aw, man, this gotta be like a hidden track or something to put at the end of the album because it wasn’t live instrumentation, it was him on the beat machine. I knew I wanted to use it so I felt it should have been a surprise at the end for people who weren’t even expecting it.

XXL: What was your reaction to Elmatic being a trending topic worldwide?

Elzhi: You know, it was just me paying homage, giving tribute to an album that I really respect and I’m just glad that people got what I was really trying to do.

XXL: Do you know if Nas heard the album?

Elzhi: My manager got in contact with his manager so he has the album.

XXL: So no word on whether he’s heard it yet?

Elzhi: Nah. Not yet.

XXL: Have you met Nas before.

Elzhi: We were at Rock the Bells like a couple of years back, but I didn’t really get a chance to holla at him. Everybody was crowding around him. I never got a chance to meet him, but definitely respect him as an artist.

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  • http://xxlmag.com yunggee19

    Elmatic is straight fire. if u aint got it get it. this is a must have..

  • $yk

    XXL: What about “Verbal Intercourse.” It’s one of Nas’ most famous verses, but it’s not an Illmatic song, it’s Raekwon’s. Why did you incorporate it?

    ^ smDh

  • $yk

    come to the vacation house…we’re playing music over there, not yapping about nothing…real era music…


  • HipHop

    Elzhi is so fucking talented, I can’t wait for the music he is going to release in the future. He’s on his solo tip finally and can put all his craft into it. I never thought that someone was able to create such a dope tribute, it exceeded my expecatations by far. And yeah, all the other projects he has released have been great also. All the concepts on The Preface were amazing and Deep has to be in the Top 5 of Elzhi records.

  • black jesus

    $5 says nas didnt even listen to it

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Ch*l*z

    @ $yk………………..man u still commenting? …………… thought u off that,……..OG.

    • http://sykoticfiles.wordpress.com $yk

      i am yo..just pluggin the new site…

      whaddup with that gov link tho?

  • The Spark

    Why should i get a tribute album when i can juss go get the the original album, and Fuc! Nas’s still breathing not only that he still performing..don’t delute a great record man,do your own record..thats all i gat say.

  • TST

    If you like underground hip-hop, come download the free mixtape from Truck Stop Tuxes entitled “Alive Inside Your Mind”… completely safe via mediafire… sub, like, friend, comment. Thank you, enjoy our music

  • JakeT

    ELZHI Is the Best Rapper in Hip Hop right now. hands down. It takes balls to even approach a classic…and it’s a blessing that he has done this great work WHILE Nas is alive to appreciate it.
    If it was weak music then I would say the opposite. But Elzhi is on Top right now in my book. I’d say Nas is honored.

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  • Fuc the spark

    The Spark are you fucking stupid? He’s paying HOMAGE to the ALBUM not NAS