It’s only taken seven months for Chelsea Handler to come clean about her “non-existent” relationship with 50 Cent. As the two have readily denied anything beyond friendship, the late night talk show host aired it all out on Piers Morgan Tuesday night on CNN. Wanting to indulge in the Jungle Fever fetish, Handler responded to Morgan’s inquiry about the former couple’s relationship. “He’s a very sweet, nice guy, but obviously I was just sampling, you know, what was out there…” Duuuh, Chels, that's old news. XXL looks back at the undeniable love trail Chelsea and Fif left behind.

Chelsea and 50 spotted together in at a bar in New Orleans, LA in October of 2010.

Chelsea and 50 in NO

Chelsea and 50 spotted outside a restaurant together in Malibu, CA in November of last year.

Chelsea-50 Malibu

More outtakes of Chelsea and Fif in Malibu.


Chelsea gets her paparazzi on.


Yet another outtake.


Chelsea tweets pic of her and 50 in bed in December of 2010.

Handler tweets pic

Chelsea opens up to Katie Couric and Glamour about friendship with 50.

#Handler talks to Glamour

50 talks to Vibe about friendship with Chelsea in April/May issue of this year.

#50 Cent talks to Vibe

Chelsea and 50 spotted together again.


50 and Chelsea getting close for the cameras.