Bust-A-Cap: T-Pain and Ke$ha

Talk about an odd couple. Yesterday (May 19) a peculiar photo of T-Pain and pop star Ke$ha surfaced on the internets. The flick pictured the two nose-to-nose in what appears to be a tender moment, or a photo opp meant to generate posts like this one. To add to the weirdness, Pain has one hand on Ke$ha’s forehead and the other on a bottle of Hennessy, while Kesha holds stacks of one-dollar bills on her lap. Weird and weirder. We have a few ideas on how to caption the photo above, but thought we’d let the XXL users take a stab at it. Give us your best caption in the comments. The winner will win something from the XXL office. Bust-a-Cap!

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  • detoxbre

    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! www.loot6.com

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Ch*l*z

    T-pain……….”Blame it on alchol…..baaby”
    Ke$ha……….”just keep the money rolling……baaaby”

  • Nathan

    Wake up in the morning feeling like…huh…T-PAIN!

  • AlejanDRO

    K- Ohh Teddy, I meant I wanted to go into a recording booth, not an actual booth!

    T- Yeaa Eh Yeaa Yeaa *autotuned* Well dis booth is free, made out of alaskan white wale skin, and comes wit dis bottle of Hennessy!

    K- Well, I have these racs of one’s that Chuck E Cheese gave me for hosting my tour this year, will that be enough?

    T- What are one’s? I tell you what…You let me keep this ring on my finger and give me an eskimo kiss, I’ll G-Mix anything you want..including dat azz…Yeaa Ehh Yeaa Yeaa *Autotune + Deep Soulful Compression*

    K- *Eyes Shut* Thank You…

    T- “Where is the Barrrrtenderrr”, he thinks in his head

    © AlejanDRO

  • Ghangis Juan

    (T-Pain auto tune voice)Girl let me be your manager, I’ll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Here baby girl hold this money. Now pray with me.
    (Ke$ha)Ok daddy lets close our eyes
    (T-Pain auto tune voice) Glad I got this Henny, now sign these papers baby, and yes they did change the face on the hundred dollar bill.

  • Luis

    The Henny got me going, Now lets get this money flowing!!

  • LR

    He got a KAT stacks..

  • Ranteezy

    t-pain: i’m transferring you my power of magically appearing in great songs

    kesha: i’m still working on getting look down first

  • CrossEyed

    Ke$ha claims reward for the safe return of T-Pains autotune device.

  • Danny

    T-Pain: “Lemme buy you a draaaaaank”
    Ke$ha: “I bought you that henny nigga…..”

  • stuart lane

    is that a bottle in ya hand or are ya just pleased to see me

  • stuart lane

    “honestly it tastes like Hennessy”

  • http://xxlmag.com delstate16

    I have my drink and my 2 step.
    Step 1. place hand on head
    Step 2. force head down

  • theTRUTH

    T-Pain thinking Hmmm… Let me see if those tips Kevin Federline told me about work.
    Step 1. Find a Blonde White Girl with money (Check)
    Step 2. Get her under the influence of Alcohol (Check)
    Step 3. Make some babies (Pending)

  • CJ

    TPain. Thats right bitch if we have a baby its going to come out crying in autotune.

    Kesha. So if I have your baby does that mean I can stop fucking radio programmers to get my songs played.

    TPain. No bitch you know the game. Now take that money I gave you and go buy me a top hat to match my shirt .

    Kesha. Yes Teddy.

    TPain. Yes Teddy Baby.

    Kesha. You know what Teddy, I’m going to find Yeezy, at least he can reupholster my pussy.

  • joeybeat85

    as we can see here T-Pain is obviously a baller hence the henny, Ke$ha just thought maybe she could seem baller as well with those impressive knots of singles, so T-Pain throws one her way for good effort

  • nigga black

    Dumb & Dumber!

  • trexilogy

    celebrating because their finally officially members of the Illuminati.

  • jabda1

    T pain, “You sure white women cost that much?”
    Keshia, ” Yes baby keep it comeing”

  • Static

    i fell in love with a hooker

  • Nicolas

    Hey yo, you ever had auto-tuned sex?

  • that nigga

    “Listen baby, I been fuckin’ wit’ White girls way before Kanye. Now, Lets put our minds together and figure out what we gonna do wit’ all this Henny and all them one’s”!!

  • J.Rock

    T-Pain (Autotune) singing
    I look craaaazy,I’m faaaded/
    You might just think I drunk when I say this/
    I’m in love with a Keshaaaaaaa/

    In love with a stripper…….Not!

  • SMiitty

    Tpain:….This henny got u lookin like kim kardashian n shit ….how bout 20 stacks on the pussy

  • Supa_Fly

    I thought this was obvious but….

    —– “I’M IN LOVE WITH A STRIPPER!!!”———-

  • Dave Blaze

    I bought you a drank, now let me play with your Tik Tok.

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/SCRAPPY666 Harold brown

    if they ever got married . and divorced . this is what there future would look like

    my email dosent work by the way