Busta Rhymes is back on his bullshit. The veteran rapper has relinquished his vaunted cameo crown a few times over the years to Ludacris and Lil Wayne, among other dangerous MCs. But he recently re-ignited his reign with a series of standout guest 16s, most notably Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now.” The Dungeon Dragon, of course, first rose to prominence as guest on A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario,” where he delivered a Rapture-style rhyme that ended the track, if not the world. Over the years, Jadakiss and Fabolous have kept their pockets lined and their reps in tact by delivering more mean 16s than a Beverly Hills high school. They're among the best of the best. That said, XXLmag.com lists the best cameo kings of all time. Be our guest.—Jayson Rodriguez


Busta Rhymes

Whether it’s Busta’s frenetic energy, his redline speed raps, or his casual braggadocio, the former LONS rapper has more flows than YC’s got racks (on racks on racks).

First Guest Appearance: ATCQ’s “Scenario”

Breakout Year: 1999

Standout Guest Appearances: P. Diddy’s “Victory,” Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)," M.O.P.’s “Ante Up (Remix)," Nicki Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge (Remix)," Tech N9ne's "Worldwide Choppers," DJ Khaled's "Welcome to My Hood (Remix)."

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Sorry, Breezy, even Angie Mar will tell you Busta got you on “Look at Me Now.”

Killer Line: “Then I’m gonna murder everything and anything, a badaboom a badabing/ I gotta do a lot of things to make it clearer to a couple of niggas, that I’m always winning and I gotta get it again, and again, and then again."


Lil Wayne

The Cash Money Brother has become the benchmark by which MC’s are judged today and he’s put Yeezy and Drizzy to the test, yet he still has time to two-step on an R&B 16, too.

First Guest Appearance: YoungBloodz’s “U-Way (Remix)"

Breakout Year: 2006

Standout Guest Appearances: Kanye West’s “Barry Bonds,” Drake’s “Forever,” “Successful,” “Uptown” and “Miss Me,” Cam’ron’s “Touch it or Not,” Lloyd’s “You” and “Girls Around The World,” Rick Ross’ “Luxury Tax” and “Maybach Music 2,” Swizz Beatz “It’s Me Bitches,” JR Writer’s “Byrd Call.”

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Khaled’s used to it by now, hands down “We Takin’ Over.”

Killer Line: “I am the beast/feed me rappers or feed me beats.”




Chris Lova Lova’s finished the year ranked as the number 1 collabo MC almost as many times as Busta; his over-the-top rhyme style offers a potent contrast on most cuts.

First Guest Appearance: Timbaland’s “Fat Rabbit”

Breakout Year: 2002

Standout Guest Appearances: Usher’s “Yeah!,” Chingy’s “Holidae In,” Lil Jon’s “Bia’ Bia’” and “Lovers & Friends,” DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win,” Ciara’s “Oh” and “Ride,” Nas’ “Made U Look (Remix)," Gucci Mane’s “Freaky Girl (Remix)," Shawty Lo’s “Atlanta GA,” T.I.’s “Top of the World,” Missy Elliot's "One Minute Man."

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Luda took a Timb boot to Young Buck’s “Stomp.”

Killer Line: “Nobody’s thinking ‘bout you, plus you’re beef ain’t legit/so please stay off the T.I.P. of my dick.”



You don’t become the G.O.A.T. by being good at just one thing.

First Guest Appearance: Jaz-O’s “Hawaiian Sophie

Breakout Year: 1997

Standout Guest Appearances: Jermaine Dupri’s “Money Ain’t a Thing,” R. Kelly’s “Fiesta (Remix),” The Notorious B.I.G.’s “I Love the Dough,” Puff Daddy’s “Young G’s,” M.O.P.’s “4 Alarm Blaze,” Scarface’s “Guess Who’s Back,” Timbaland’s “Lobster & Shrimp,” Mya’s “Best of Me (Remix),” Pharrell’s “Frontin’,” Amil’s “4 Da Fam,” Cam’ron’s “Welcome to New York City,” Freeway’s “What We Do,” Lil Wayne’s “Mr. Carter,” Young Jeezy’s “Go Crazy.”

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Kanye West doesn’t call him big brother for nothing, check the “Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix).” Killer Line: “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man/let me handle my business, damn.”.



LL Cool J’s old nemesis was Seal Team 6 accurate with his bars when he burned up a series of feature spots on the way to releasing his debut album, Can-I-Bus.

First Guest Appearance: Lost Boyz’s “Beasts from the East”

Breakout Year: 1997

Standout Guest Appearances: Common’s “Making a Name for Ourselves,” The Firm’s “Desparados,” Wyclef Jean's "Gone 'Til November (Remix)," Pharoahe Monch's "Hell."

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Sorry, LL, you can’t change history, ‘Bus got busy on “4, 3, 2, 1.”

Killer Line: Like, yo, how many rhymes you got/I could go on for more Millenia’s than Mazda got a the car lot.”


Kanye West

Like his fashion scene, ‘Ye’s guest appearances have ranged from highbrow to lowbrow, but the Chicago-bred spitter always delivers a Def Comedy Jam-worthy line to leave listeners with a hearty laugh.

First Guest Appearance: Scarface’s “Guess Who's Back”

Breakout Year: 2004

Standout Guest Appearances: Clipse’s “Kinda Like a Big Deal,” Talib Kweli’s “Get By (Remix)," Beyonce’s “Ego (Remix)," Common’s “The Corner” and “Southside,” Slum Village’s “Selfish,” Dilated Peoples’ “This Way,” Rhymefest’s “Brand New,” Jay-Z’s “Run This Town,” Lloyd Banks’ “Start It Up.”

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Game, over; check “Wouldn’t Get Far.”

Killer Line: “Why you think all these bitches coming at me for/But since they all fall in my Palm, I’ll take a Treo.”


Andre 3000

Big Boi’s other half rarely makes music these days, but when the right phone call comes his way Mr. Benjamin manages to turn back the clock and hit it right on the button.

First Guest Appearance: TLC’s "Sumthin Wicked This Way Comes"

Breakout Year: 2007

Standout Guest Appearances: Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s (Remix)," Lloyd’s “You (Remix)," UGK's "Int'l Players Anthem," Devin the Dude's "What a Job.”

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Say Uncle! DJ Unk’s “Walk It Out (Remix)."

Killer Line: “Your white T, well, to me, look like a night gown/make ya mama proud, take that thing two sizes down.”


Big Pun

The over-sized Latin Lothario had panache when dropping guest rhymes, whether they were BX battle ready or randy enough to be pulled from the pages of Playboy.

First Guest Appearance: Raekwon’s “Fire Water”

Standout Guest Appearances: Noreaga’s “Banned from TV,” The Beatnuts’ “Off the Books,” Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz’s “Cross Bronx Expressway,” Fat Joe’s “John Blaze.”

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Andre the Giant is small potatoes next to Pun on “Drop It Heavy.”

Killer Line: “Yo, my squad is honored like Elijah Muhammad/But I’m God retarded, ain’t no righteousness in this heart of violence”


Nicki Minaj

Britney Spears’ new touring mate took the crown from the fellas and painted it pink after her run last year.

First Guest Appearance: Lil Wayne’s “Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop.”

Breakout Year: 2010

Standout Guest Appearances: Drake’s “Up All Night,” Kanye West’s “Monster,” Usher’s “Lil Freak” and Trey Songz’s “Bottoms Up.”

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Sorry, Luda, she got you on “My Chick Bad.”

Killer Line: “It’s going down...basement/Friday the 13th, guess who’s playing Jason?”



The Dog proved his bark was just as dangerous as his bite with a string of breakthrough guest appearances before he released his historic debut offering, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot.

First Guest Appearance: Mic Geronimo’s “Time to Build”

Breakout Year: 1998

Standout Guest Appearances: LL Cool J’s “4, 3, 2, 1,” LOX’s “Money, Power & Respect” Jay-Z’s“Money, Cash, Hoes,” “Busta Rhymes’ “Why We Die,” Onyx’s “Shut ‘Em Down,” Ice Cube’s “We Be Clubbin’ (Clark Kent remix)."

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Hey, Cam. “Pull It.”

Killer Line: “Niggas what what, that’s what I thought/Dark Man, baby, X for short.”



Wheelchair Jimmy owns more radio stations than Clear Channel and he’s lent his magic BDS touch to all who he’s blessed with a verse.

First Guest Appearance: Mary J. Blige’s “The One”

Breakout Year: 2009

Standout Guest Appearances: Birdman’s “Money to Blow,” Lil Wayne’s “Right Above It,” Trey Songz’s “I Invented Sex,” Rick Ross “Aston Martin Music,” Bun B’s “Put It Down,” Nick Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life,” Fabolous’ “Throw It in the Bag (Remix)," J.Cole’s “In The Morning.”

Murdered You On Your Own Shit: Timbaland’s “Say Something” was the perfect first single for Drake.

Killer Line: “How I go from being the man you argue with/To me and Dwayne Carter putting out the hardest shit.”


Method Man

The gravely-voiced Wu MC has kept the lights on in the kitchen with a string of cameos in between his albums, working with a who’s who list of musical savants.

First Guest Appearance: The Notorious B.I.G.’s “The What”

Breakout Year: 1995

Standout Guest Appearances: Raekwon’s “Ice Cream,” Ghostface Killah’s “Buck 50,” GZA’s “Shadowboxin’.”

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: It’s like calling Superhead easy, but Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst caught one from Mef on “N 2 Gether Now.”

Killer Line: “Killa bees in the club wit his ladybug/brought a sword to the dance floor To cut a rug.”


Gucci Mane

LaFlare puts in work like he hasn’t made it yet, lining up alongside anyone on record....that is, when he isn’t behind bars.

Breakout Year: 2009

Standout Guest Appearances: OJ Da Juiceman’s “Make Tha Trap Say Aye,” Rick Ross’ “MC Hammer,” Wale’s “Pretty Girls,” Lil Wayne’s “Steady Mobbin’,” Soulja Boy, “Gucci Bandanna,” Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed.”

Murdered You on Your Own: Apologies to Big Boi, but...

Killer Line: “Gucci in the cell, did my deal, went to jail/I make music, I make movies, I do Tyler Perry sales.”



Nobody on a track has swagger like Tip, whether it's his own record or another MCs.

First Guest Appearance: Bone Crusher’s “Never Scared”

Breakout Year: 2004

Standout Guest Appearances: Drake’s “Fancy,” B.o.B’s “Bet I,” Slim Thug’s “3 Kings,” Young Dro’s “Shoulder Lean,” Justin Timberlake’s “My Love,” Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier,” Jim Jones’ “We Fly High (Remix)," R. Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt,” Yung L.A.’s “Ain’t I.” Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Ross rode shotgun on his “Maybach Music III.”

Killer Line: “Fly to NY, meet me at the Waldorf-Astoria’n/architecture Victorian, riding in the past like you driving a DeLorean.



Loso’s the go-to guy for R&B remixes if you don’t know so, but the Brooklyn don still keeps it gangsta when it’s time.

First Guest Appearance: “Superwoman, Pt. II”

Breakout Year: 2003

Standout Guest Appearances: Ryan Leslie’s “Addiction,” Trey Songz’s “Say Aah,”  Lumidee’s "Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)” remix, Jennifer Lopez’s “Get Right

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Loso treated Red Cafe like an R&B 16 and smashed him (a-yo!) on “I’m Ill.”

Killer Line: “Life from Bedford-Stuyvesant, it’s the livest one/still on my grizzlie, no Iverson.”


Young Jeezy

Snowman serves ‘em up for the fiends regularly on collabos with corner boys or execs with corner offices.

First Guest Appearance: Gucci Mane’s “ So Icey”

Breakout Year: 2006

Standout Guest Appearances: Jay-Z’s “Real As It Gets,” T.I.’s “Top Back,” Ludacris’ “Grew Up a Screw Up,” Bun B’s “Get Throwed,” DJ Khaled’s “Put Your Hands Up,” Rihanna’s “Hard,” Usher’s “Love in This Club,” Fat Joe’s “(Ha Ha) Slow Down.”

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: ‘Ye caught one from Jeezy on “Amazing.”

Killer Line: “I’m amazing, yeah, I’m all that/If I ain’t on my grind, then what you call that.”


Bun B

The Trill OG gets invited to hop on tracks cause he’s like your favorite uncle at a BBQ: entertaining, funny as hell and he’ll put you onto game.

Standout Guest Appearances: Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’,” Three 6 Mafia’s “Sippin’ on Some Sizzurp,” Young Jeezy’s “Trap or Die,” Beyonce’s “Check On It,” Talib Kweli’s "Country Cousins,” Mike Jone’s “My 64,” Pimp C’s “Pourin’ Up.”

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: The upstart leaned on the Underground King for “Uptown” and got schooled by the veteran MC.

Killer Line: “I, palm the game like it’s Spalding, balling, take flight/from the free throw line and slam it down like I’m the great Mike.”



K-I Double is as versatile as they come, lending his raspy voice to a slew of R&B hits, mixtape favorites and standout album cuts.

First Guest Appearance: Mya’s “Best of Me”

Breakout Year: 2002

Standout Guest Appearances: Maino’s “Hi Hater (Remix)," Red Cafe’s “Paper Touchin’ (Remix)," Swizz Beatz’s “Bigger Business,” Ryan Leslie’s “How It Was Supposed To Be (Remix), Ja Rule's "New York."

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Smarten up, Nas, Kiss “Made U Look” on the remix.

Killer Line: “I helped the game, it ain’t help me/I’m top 5, dead or alive, and that’s off one LP.”



Nasty Nas returns on the regular when he’s tapped to go toe-to-toe on a track.

First Guest Appearance: Main Source’s “Live at the Barbeque”

Breakout Year: 1995

Standout Guest Appearances: AZ’s “Mo Money, Mo Murder,” Mobb Deep’s "Eye for a Eye (Your Beef Is Mines),” Noreaga’s “Body in the Trunk,” Jay-Z’s “Success,” Kanye West’s “We Major,” Young Jeezy’ “My President,” R. Kelly’s "Did You Ever Think (Remix)," 50 Cent’s “Who U Rep With,” Large Professor’s “Stay Chisel,” Jadakiss’ “Why (Remix)."

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Raekwon and Ghostface got 1 Up’d like Mario by Nasty Nas on “Verbal Intercourse.”

Killer Line: “Holding weed inside their pussy with they minds on the pretty things in life/props is a true thug’s wife.”


Rick Ross

The Bawse puts out a lot of calls himself requesting cameos, but he gets gems because he also dishes ‘em out via simple business motto: A favor for a favor.

First Guest Appearance: Trina’s “Told Y’all”

Breakout Year: 2006

Standout Guest Appearances: Kanye West’s “Devil in a New Dress, Lil Wayne’s “John,” Gucci Mane’s “Gucci Time (Remix)," DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win,” “Holla at Me,” “Born-n-Raised,” Dre’s Chevy Ridin' High,” Ace Hood’s “Hustle Hard (Remix)" and “Cash Flow,” Mack 10’s “So Sharp,”

Murdered You on Your Own Shit: Diddy’s used to it by now; “Angels (Remix)."

Killer Line: “I’m a photographer’s dream/count cream as my chain swings.”