Bad Meets Evil Hell: The Sequel Tracklist

1. Welcome 2 Hell (Produced by Havoc)
2. Fastlane (Produced by Supa Dups)
3. The Reunion (Produced by Sid Roams)
4. Above the Law (Produced by Mr. Porter)
5. I’m On Everything Feat. Mike Epps (Produced by Mr. Porter)
6. A Kiss (Produced by Bangladesh)
7. Lighters Feat. Bruno Mars (Produced by Eminem, The SmeeZingtons & Battle Roy)
8. Take from Me (Produced by Mr. Porter)
9. Loud Noises Feat. Slaughterhouse (Produced by Mr. Porter)

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  • DJ Prezzident

    Im more excited for this than anything in recent history lol..

  • mosin

    wow no dr dre beat!!

    • Rap Fan

      They stated in an interview that Dr. Dre didn’t have time, and that he was getting on with Detox.

      Btw, when I saw the cover, and now the tracklist, I started salivating. This will be best EP, if not album of the year.

  • preem

    damn.. can’t wait for this! Especially for the Slaughterhouse track!!!!

  • francis nasim

    alright,cool,back 2 blowin heads off in my sleep young cloud

  • The187Worm

    Id rather see Em do an album with the G.O.A.T Crooked I …

    • ROBD916

      id rather see the 187bitch stop hatin on evry goddamm thing and shut the fuk up, royce shits on em and crooked anyway

      • http://xxl 123hiphop

        royce is great but dont think he shits on em, sorry..

        • ROBD916

          u cant compare their careers obviously but the fact is em isnt as good as he was 5 years ago, ur guna look me iin the face and tell me that his verse on i need a doctor was good? all he does is yell now it sounds like shit although he still has good lyrical content. royce always flows viciously and precisely so right now royce is definately better than em in my opinion

          • SADA2B

            I like how your trying to go hard for Royce but even he admits that Em is better than him, STFU fanboy

      • The187Worm

        for one … at what point in what i said am i “hatin”? and two does your daddy know you like it in the poop shoot? or is he the cause of your dick lovin anal fantasies.. and three…anyone who knows hiphop and that has fucking ears!!! clearly know Crooked I and Em have way more skill then Royce…this is a fact…and people that say Crook isnt havent heard all his shit because magazines like this and others only play commercial garbage… and @Pistol P yea he did… and tons of other people too i aint that special lol… anyway fuck off @ROBD916….D? Deep Throat? faggot

        • ROBD916

          hahaha u sound like such a bitch right now

          • the187Worm


    • pistol p

      thats true. ive heard crooked give a shout out to you.

  • francis nasim

    ima tak ya benz! welcome zeus-oh yeah i like yo’moves

  • fuckyall

    iam give it a shot but iam thanking it anit going be shit em anit been raw since 97 98
    and after his 1st 2 albums his songs trun to shit

    • ROBD916

      i agree em is hela overrated right now i wast amazed that recovery sold over 3 mil that was by far his worst album, the only reason im bout to get this is cus of royce

      • hluhyvliy

        how can any1 say em is not as good as he use to b his lyrics r deep n mean something unlike other rapper rap bout the same shit guns drugs n sex

  • norcal

    18+ only ,shit is goin 2 go hard

  • http://sickltdtwitter adrian smith england birmingham

    holy shit tracklist is sick cant wait for cd to drop hip hop on fire at the moment

  • http://sickltdtwitter adrian smith england birmingham

    snoop dogg is on point again about detox on tim westwood show he needs d.o.c and snoop like on it

  • johnathon

    are you kidding me??

    why isnt echo, writers block, and living proof on it. im sorry but echo is one of their best songs imangry and writers block was sick too

    • JayElleN

      I don’t think this is the full track list bcuz I already have every one of these songs on my computer.. Every last one. PLus eminem and royce said in an interview that Writers block was the first track from the CD ? So i think this site is confused..

  • JayElleN

    Yo, they ain’t droppin the album till the 14th but all of these song’s have already dropped. I got the whole CD already.

  • bruno?

    every track seems to be dope at the moment, except for that track with bruno mars… really? bruno mars on that album?

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  • bigD09

    yo robd916 your on fuking crack this is some of ems best shit ever if anything the more he tries to exit the illuminati the better his music gets cause hes using his own shit he ten times the rapper then any nigg*r out there

  • lolatbenzino

    Cant believe you’re bickering about who’s the best, people have compared Eminem on 2pacs level and Royce himself says Em is better but this EP is awesome. Sign of good stuff to come from the 2.0 Boys hopefully

  • Mike Hunt

    You forgot a song

  • jamie

    how come space bound isnt on the album? im in love :) eminem ftw!!

  • Me Fool

    What are the names of the 10th and 11th tracks?
    I have 11 total tracks. Help the Fool out….please!

  • Stop D-Riding

    It is a sad day in Hip Hop when people consider this true Hip Hop which means Knowledge Movement,sorry there is no knowledge dropped here,just 2 overrated rappers,that people for some reason do not criticize when they go mainstream and make songs with mainstream artists,if anyone else did this you hypocrites would be all over them but since it is EM and some dude mainstream listeners of music never heard of it is OK.All I know is people that wasted their money on this after I expose them to Canibus Lyrical Law album they stopped listening to this.

  • milliondollar

    eminem is the best rapper hate to break it to you.