A Guide to Spotting a 2011 Bamboozle Fan

Most likely to: Be blazing herbal essences – and we ain’t talking shampoo.
Wearing: Their long hair, don’t care.
Entourage: A heavily-tatted father figure, a young lady with an incredible asset and a clean-cut Toronto native.


    Str8 up this article gay as fuck, XXL needs to step the writing game up big time, the fuck I wanna know what rappers fans look like esp when all you did was describe the rapper?!

    • OMG

      fo realz holmes. i ain’t tryna finna hear all dis bullshizz. word to your mother. one hundred.

  • RMar

    Yup….pretty fuckin’ gay thing to write about…AND you decided to stereotype people. Good job.

  • good one

    Yeah this article blows. Not funny or clever – step it up XXL.

  • Dead President

    hey xxl…fuck you 4 wasting my time .