10 Reasons Diddy Wasn’t Hands On With Nicki Minaj

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    10 Reasons Diddy Wasn't Hands On With Nicki Minaj
    Earlier in the week, XXLMag.com broke the news about <a href="http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2011/05/xxclusive-nicki-minaj-leaves-diddy-hires-drakes-mgr/">Nicki Minaj parting ways with Diddy </a>and James Cruz as her management team to go with Hip Hop Since 1978’s Gee Roberson and Kyambo “Hip Hop” Joshua.There’s no doubt that Diddy is a legend in the business, but Nicki said that Puff wasn't as hands on as she hoped he'd be. We could see that. Diddy has his hands on a lot of things - Between running Bad Boy, his Sean John clothing line and hustling Ciroc alone, there wouldn’t be much time to steer the career of Nicki Minaj. Here are several tasks that may have prevented Diddy from being hands on with Young Money's First Lady.
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    Rick Ross
    Maybe now that Ricky Rozay signed his Maybach Music Group imprint to Warner Bros., we'll see less of Diddy and the Bawse side-by-side. Then again, maybe not.
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    Partying? Duh! It's what Diddy does best. Our invite to his next "White Party" better be in the mail.
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    How many of ya’ll follow Diddy on Twitter? We do. Puff has tweeted 13, 459 to date. Sounds time consuming.
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    Sean John Fall Line
    It’s spring now, but in the fashion world it’s always two seasons ahead. That means, Diddy is prepping his fall line. Cha-ching!
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    You see the ads, you see the bottles all up in the clubs, and Diddy’s the one who has got to make sure it’s “Perfectly Smooth” with ever sip.
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    Signing Odd Future
    Don’t think that the fact that high school kids love Odd Future goes unnoticed with Sean Combs. Sure, there are rumors that the Cali collective has already inked a deal with Sony Red, but the Bad Boy head honcho is reportedly also in the running to sign Tyler and company.
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    No blame to pass around here. Cassie’s a dime. We ain’t mad, Diddy. We'd want to be hands on with her too.
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    Not Red Café
    We here at 1115 Broadway like Red Café, but something or someone has to fall through the cracks with such a busy schedule. We hate to say it, but that could be Red Café. (What else?)
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    Diddy Boppin'
    It's 2011 and Diddy is still doing the Diddy Bop. That's 20 years strong. It takes practice, dedication, passion and plenty of mirror dancing to hit the step right every time. It’s Bad Boy, baby!
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    Diddy-Dirty Money
    The <em>Last Train to Paris</em> is apparently still on an express route without plans of making too many stops anytime soon. Take that, take that!
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    Man screw minaj lol

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    You post, todya, the 18th of may, that diddy is in the running / considering signing OFWGKTA….

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    yer style is dead.

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    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! www.loot6.com