Who In The Name of Miley Cyrus Does Lil B Think He Is?

“Charlie Sheen”

Age: 45

Height: 5’10”
Famous For: Being an actor; giving wild, quotable interviews throughout 2011; winning, duh
Net Worth: $35 million
Fun Fact: Has a running bet with Based God as to who can fuck more bitches in 2011

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  • AV

    You know i really wanted to like this guy,because he was making all these crazy songs bout he looks like so and so , and bitches on his dick for such and such reason, but his flow is gabage. people say soulja boys flow is trash, but i say he just flows simple.This muthafuker is simple

  • ROBD916

    lil b do the world a favor and kill yoursef

    • Shannon

      Thats so mean Lil B Basedgod is God himself ^.^


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  • KiNGPiN

    this is honestly the worst rapper ever!! he has no fuckin flow and raps about nothing all the fukin time

  • T

    This fag just used that “words don’t mean anything” bullshit to come out the closet. I don’t hate gays but I damn sure hate that faggot Lil B.

  • FuckNickiMinaj’sSexTapeNigga!!!

    xxl mag stays with the exclusive FUCK YO EXCLUSIVE NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE NIGGA!!!

  • RahRah

    RahRah: How old is the ocean

    XXLmag: Really old

  • jd

    he’s probably not gay, but his music Does suck Balls .. he should stick to myspace, i don’t understand why he’s getting the time of day .. his shit’s like something kids do playing around with some gear, not something that should actually be distributed for people to hear! .. it’s what i would consider a really really rough draft -and that’s just the performance side, i’m not even talking about the lyrics .. turd needs more polish .. i just don’t get it.

  • AnteK

    Lmfao, although been creative and all with the hatin, the people above this comment should prolly get a life

    Lil B TYBG

  • Nunya

    Pretty ‘gay’ of you…XXL. Glad you ‘love’ it.

    I’m done visiting this site. Peace.

    • Chrissy

      Was thinking the same shit as i saw this post. XXL u guys are def not WINNING right now. remember back in the days of BOL And Ronny Mexico Huuhhhhh

  • jay blaze

    SWAG! this nigga lil b is doing his thing and you cant hate cause the niggas gettin paid and you bitches have to watch a nigga get rich while you struggle to make ends meet! lmfao.. great article XXL, its great to see a young new original talent other than drake get some shine

  • malcy malc

    if words dont matter,what the fuck would be the point of him dropping an album?lord,please take this fool out of his misery…

  • profound

    this kid god bless he not selling crack. he needs to take songs much more serious, i can tell hes holding back. but dont forget he sounds weak because hes fresstyling “off the head”. i hope for respect of hip hop, art, himself he gives out betta stuff

  • More white attack on Black

    Just gotta look at them vids where all these nigs saying bitch shit like “I luv u based God” and yall know what time it is.

    This lil hoe been on too much crack in his time and now he playing come outta tha closet. Bi sexual is now being thrown at us by rap which was once a man’s game dropping science for kids to learn how to make their way in a white world.

    Now we getting propaganda from the white world of fashion and bi sexuality, it aint hiphop. Diddy, Kanye, Jay Z and Pharrell’s fruity asses all done it.

    Rakim, Eric B and them gave the knowledge but its hijacked by whites w/ gender bending agendas. This confused fool just another example aided by all the house negros around now. Fuck this clown and his fruityass butt soldier.

  • D’Antoni

    Y’all don’t know what you’re talking about! You’re obviously not cool. You’re not real. You’re not fucking #BASED. Lil B is on a different level than any of you fuckboys. Go back to listening to your lame-ass Tony Yayo mixtapes if you wanna hear “real” rap. Eat a dick. Eat 2 dicks while you’re at itl. Pussy. Hoe. Smut-ass haters. Get a fucking JOB. Be a real bitch: A swagged out monster like me. Stay #BASED. God Bless.

  • Sam Tree

    I agree with D’Antoni. Based God is the future. Lil B is a head of the curve. He doesn’t need to rap about throwin money away in the club like the rest of these broke rappers. He raps about shit that most of you haters wish you could do in your pathetic ass lives. That’s why you hate him. He raps from the dome and makes hella raw beats. HATE SUCKS. STOP IT, YOU’RE EMBARRASING YOURSELVES! Please respect.

  • Bill Curvesoffs


    “You trippin bitch, I’m iced out.
    Iced out bitch with ya girl on my dick. Loud pack nigga with ya girl on my dick. Damn Based God. I’M A PRETTY BITCH”


  • http://twitter.com/Treezy561 Treezy

    young track aka treezy
    young track aka treezy
    young track aka treezy
    young track aka treezy
    young track aka treezy