Lil B is a man of many faces.

In fact, it seems like every other week, The Based God is drawing some sort of comparisons between himself and other celebrities. He either is someone ("I'm Miley Cyrus!"), is chanting about someone ("Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen DeGeneres"), or hoes are on his dick because he looks like someone ("Hoes on my dick cause I look like Jesus"). And, truth be told, we love it.

With the announcement of an upcoming album he intents to title I'm Gay, as well as recent leaks like "Charlie Sheen" and "Justin Beiber," we were ready to break down all the characters that the 2011 XXL Freshman claims to be by looking at some key facts about each one. Though there have been plenty of times where the Bay Area native has likened himself to more abstract things (“I'm a Fag, I'm a Lesbian;” “I Am;” “Like A Martian;” “I'm Burning;” “I'm The Devil;” “I Am The Hellraiser;” “I'm The Hood;” to name of few), we tried to stick to people when putting this to the test.

We still may not know exactly who Lil B is, but we do know that he's got us cookin'! Swag!