Beef. In hip-hop, it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner— even if you’re a vegetarian. After all, the lyrical jabs and expletive-laden disses are what make an argument about which MC outshines another that much better. When looking at the feuds of the moment, the war of words between Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj is at the top of the list. While the beef escalated in 2010, looking back at 2007 promo photos of Nicki, critics and fans can argue it's been bubbling since back then.

For those living under a rock, or not up to speed on the latest developments in this here cat fight, gets down to the nitty-gritty to document the ongoing feud between these two female MCs. —Georgette Cline



Nicki Mimics Lil’ Kim’s Moves in Promo Photos


Take a look at Lil’ Kim’s album artwork for her debut album Hard Core then look at some of the first promo photos associated with Nicki Minaj’s early mixtapes: 2007’s Playtime Is Over and 2008’s Sucka Free. The resemblance is evident in the way Nicki’s squatting – legs spread and dressed in a bra and panties – almost identical to how the Queen Bee did it back in 1996.

Nicki Meets Lil’ Kim


The hip-hop community always wondered when Nicki and Lil’ Kim had their first encounter, and according to the Pink Friday creator it happened at a Lil Wayne concert a few years ago no date was given but we figure it was around 2009, when Kim jumped on Birdman’s song – we’ll get to that later. In an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez in November 2010, Nicki revealed she crossed paths with the Queen Bee backstage when she entered the Young Money dressing room to use the bathroom. Nicki claimed she wanted to make sure everything was “cool with us” and asked Kim, “Is everything good?” Then proceeded to smile for the camera and take photos.

Lil’ Kim Meets Nicki


Lil’ Kim’s version of their first meeting is slightly different than what Nicki Minaj told the masses. While speaking with Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg in early February, the Queen Bee discloses she indeed met Nicki at the concert backstage, but that Nicki’s account of the interaction was exaggerated. “It didn’t go down like that,” Kim explained. “What? Are you kidding me? Picture somebody saying to me, ‘We good?’ I’ll ring her throat, snatch her larynx out.”

Birdman’s “Grindin’ Making Money” Leaks


In late 2009, a leaked version of Birdman’s “Grindin’ Making Money” featuring both Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj made its way to the blogosphere. According to Kim, she was presented with the track without hearing Nicki’s verse. The Brooklyn rapper spit lines like, “They’ll never be another me/What, you out your mind?” which some may assume is a subliminal aimed at the younger rap star. Kim gave details on the song, claiming she only recorded it with hopes of a video being shot to help her move back into the spotlight. As for agreeing to be on the track along with Nicki, Kim said she did so because “this would be good for women, period.”

Diddy Becomes Nicki’s Manager


Deb Antney, Waka Flocka Flame’s mother, held the role of Nicki Minaj’s manager long before she was donning sky-high wigs. But Nicki gave Antney the axe in April 2010. Since then Diddy has been rumored to be Nicki’s new manager. He reportedly tapped music vet James Cruz to co-manage her as well. While both parties have yet to confirm the management deal, Cruz is never too far behind whenever Nick is spotted.

Lil’ Kim Passes on “My Chick Bad” Remix?


When Ludacris dropped “My Chick Bad” in February of last year, Nicki’s outlandish raps drew major attention her way, which only begged for a remix to be made. Luda called on some of the baddest femcees in the game -- Eve, Trina and Diamond -- but of course, one veteran was missing. Talk around the music industry was that Kim passed on the opportunity to be featured on the track, presumably because of Nicki’s involvement in the original.

Nicki Minaj Kills the Queen?


After rumors surfaced that Diddy was managing Nicki in April of last year, Nicki appeared on the remix to his Dirty Money collective’s hit “Hello Good Morning,” a month later. The Queens femcee had featured verses on other tracks, but her lyrics here stung more when subliminal shots suspected to be aimed at Kim couldn’t be ignored. “Did I kill a queen? Or Alexander McQueen?” Nicki raps. Was she talking about the Queen Bee?

Nicki Minaj Welcomes D-Roc to Barbie World


It’s no secret Damion “D-Roc” Butler managed Lil’ Kim during her years as the reigning Queen of Hip-Hop. Then there’s the prison bid Kim did because she wouldn’t rat on D-Roc’s involvement in a shooting outside of Hot 97. The two have a storied history to say the least. So it came as a shock to Kim fans everywhere when Nicki Minaj took to Twitter and tweeted a photo of D-Roc, in June 2010, with the tag line “Welcome aboard D-Roc.” A new Ken was recruited into Barbie’s entourage.

Lil’ Kim Claims Nicki Minaj Throws “Pebbles”


Up until June 2010, neither party really publicly addressed the “beef” that was going on between them. Then, during a club gig at Blondie’s in Detroit that summer, Lil’ Kim heated things up when she donned a blonde wig and informed the crowd that someone though she didn’t say Nicki’s name was biting her style. “Y’all know where this came from,” Kim said, before performing “Crush On You.” “I love when people copy me, that’s a compliment. But when you bust shots at me and throw pebbles at me as if I don’t even exist and you don’t see me standing here, I’mma bite you.”

Nicki Minaj Throws More Subliminals on “Monster”


Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Friday releases leading up to his highly anticipated My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album were everything to look forward to for T.G.I.F. When he dropped the undeniable hit “Monster” in October 2010, features from Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z had the music industry paying close attention to the track. But after the masses heard Nicki’s lyrics, fans once again thought Nicki was sending subliminal shots straight at Kimmy’s head. “So let me get this straight, wait, I’m the rookie? But my features and my shows 10 times your pay?” Nicki asked.

Nicki Minaj Takes Aim at Lil’ Kim on “Roman’s Revenge”


The drama between Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim further escalated when the Swizz Beatz-produced “Roman’s Revenge” made its debut in October 2010. Nicki growled through the song, and, with the assistance of Eminem, made it clear that she wasn’t keeping her mouth shut when it came to the veteran MC she was accused of mimicking. With lyrics like, “Look at my show footage, how these girls be spazzin’/ So fuck I look like gettin’ back to a has-been?/ Yeah I said it, has-been/ Hang it up, flat screen,” and “I’ll kick that ho, punt,” Nicki was unrelenting in the war of words against Lil’ Kim.

Lil’ Kim Will Erase Nicki Minaj’s Social Security Number


After hearing “Roman’s Revenge” and realizing she was the “ho” Nicki Minaj made reference to on the track, Lil' Kim took to Club Pure in Queens a month later for some serious backlash. In early November 2010, Kim hopped onstage in Nicki’s hometown and let the crowd in on her sentiments towards the younger rapper. “I will erase this bitch’s social security number,” Kim warned. “First of all, I don’t even need a record right now and I’d kill that bitch with my old shit,” she continued. Though she never mentioned Nicki’s name, it was more than obvious Nicki’s number was the one she was calling out.

Nicki Minaj Calls Out Lil’ Kim On-Air With Hot 97’s Angie Martinez


Before Nicki sat down for an interview with Angie Martinez to promote her debut album, Pink Friday, last November, she wasn’t fond of mentioning Lil’ Kim’s name. But things were different here, when the rapper held nothing back while talking about her predecessor, calling Kim a “sore loser” and addressing her “insecurity.” “The same way she opened doors for me, I’m now opening doors for her,” Nicki explained. “Because nobody was even playing your music and you damn sure couldn’t get an interview to save your life. But now you getting interviews and every time you do an interview, they askin’ you about Nicki Minaj.”

Lil’ Kim Drops “Black Friday” Diss Record Against Nicki Minaj


Lil’ Kim dropped “Black Friday” during Nicki Minaj’s debut album release week, fitting considering the song was aimed directly at the 26-year-old. Over Pharoahe Monch’s “Simon Says” instrumental, the Queen Bee stung on the track, even lyrically jabbing at Nicki’s Young Money label mate. “This hood shit, you and Drake ain’t built for/This the shit the other bitch almost got killed for,” she rapped. Besides calling out Diddy and labeling them both “swagger jackers,” she dubbed Nicki a “Lil’ Kim wannabee” and a “clone.”

Lil’ Kim Calls Out Nicki Minaj On-Air With Hot 97’s Angie Martinez


The back and forth fiasco continued when Kim addressed the rising beef between herself and Nicki while interviewing with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez in December 2010. When asked if she would ever collaborate with the Harajuku Barbie, Kim gave a nod to the idea but it wouldn’t come cheap. “I would do a song with her for the right price,” she told Angie. The amount? $7 million, a price that proves the MC was being sarcastic in her reply. She also addressed her opinion on Diddy “I’m sick of him not being loyal to one person” and let listeners know the feud is far from over “I’m not taking my foot off her neck”.

Lil’ Kim Black Friday Cover Art Leaks


The artwork for her Black Friday mixtape, Kim’s 20-track tape featuring appearances from the likes of Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, and even Nicki herself on the infamous song “Grindin’ Makin’ Money,” needed to be as damaging as the project’s title track. When the photo finally leaked in January of this year, the 15-year rap veteran appeared perched on the floor holding a samurai sword covered in blood, while a pink wig, also covered in blood, sat at her feet. The image was meant to convey one message: the Queen Bee decapitated the Barbie.

Lil’ Kim Reveals PayPal Stats


Lil’ Kim didn’t go the conventional route when releasing her Black Friday mixtape; she wanted to make a statement, even if it had nothing to do with the recognition that comes with the Billboard charts. After opting to sell the mixtape via PayPal in February 2011, Kim claimed she sold a whoping 113,000 units within the first 28 hours of its release. Critics, rap fans and haters questioned if the number was indeed accurate, but the Brooklyn rapper was steadfast in her claims that she was telling the truth.

Nicki Minaj Jokes About Lil’ Kim's PayPal Stats


After Lil’ Kim went on record and tweeted about the 113,000 mixtapes she sold on day one of her Black Friday mixtape, Nicki Minaj wasn’t falling for the hype. “Bwaahhhhahhahahahahahahhahahhhaaahhhhhaaahahahahhhaha!!!!!!!! *lifeless* *leaves on stretcher* *cant go on*,” she wrote via Twitter. Though Nicki didn’t specifically address Lil’ Kim’s sales in her tweet, it was apparent to the hip-hop community that she was voicing her opinion in a way her fans have grown to love. After posting that tweet to her social networking account, the Queens femcee retweeted a Twitter follower who wrote, “The devil is a liar.”

Nicki Minaj Drops "Tragedy" Diss Record Against Lil’ Kim


Hip-hop aficionados love a good rap beef so when Nicki Minaj’s diss record aimed at Lil’ Kim finally leaked, the track was met with a warm welcome. A snippet of the song was released through Funkmaster Flex’s website,, a day after the celebration of April Fool’s. But there were no jokes here. Nicki fired back at Lil’ Kim, spitting, “Pink Friday, Eminem, 8 Mile/It must hurt to sell your album off PayPal/Especially when you in the game 15 to 20/ You was hot when Shaq teamed up with Penny/ Man, you was Magic/I mean, look at ya now ho, you just tragic/You a tragedy, you a parody/ Last name Ann, first name Raggedy.” The Boi-1da and Hit Boy-produced beat did not release as a completed version and will reportedly go by another title when the final track debuts.