What’s Beef?: A Timeline of Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj’s Feud

Beef. In hip-hop, it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner— even if you’re a vegetarian. After all, the lyrical jabs and expletive-laden disses are what make an argument about which MC outshines another that much better. When looking at the feuds of the moment, the war of words between Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj is at the top of the list. While the beef escalated in 2010, looking back at 2007 promo photos of Nicki, critics and fans can argue it’s been bubbling since back then.

For those living under a rock, or not up to speed on the latest developments in this here cat fight, XXLMag.com gets down to the nitty-gritty to document the ongoing feud between these two female MCs. —Georgette Cline

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  • KimandNickipose
    Nicki Mimics Lil’ Kim’s Moves in Promo Photos
    Take a look at Lil’ Kim’s album artwork for her debut album <em>Hard Core</em> then look at some of the first promo photos associated with Nicki Minaj’s early mixtapes: 2007’s <em>Playtime Is Over</em> and 2008’s <em>Sucka Free.</em> The resemblance is evident in the way Nicki’s squatting – legs spread and dressed in a bra and panties – almost identical to how the Queen Bee did it back in 1996.
  • Lil-Kim-Nicki-Minaj
    Nicki Meets Lil’ Kim
    The hip-hop community always wondered when Nicki and Lil’ Kim had their first encounter, and according to the <em>Pink Friday</em> creator it happened at a Lil Wayne concert a few years ago no date was given but we figure it was around 2009, when Kim jumped on Birdman’s song – we’ll get to that later. In an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez in November 2010, Nicki revealed she crossed paths with the Queen Bee backstage when she entered the Young Money dressing room to use the bathroom. Nicki claimed she wanted to make sure everything was “cool with us” and asked Kim, “Is everything good?” Then proceeded to smile for the camera and take photos.
  • Lil-Kim-Nicki-Minaj2
    Lil’ Kim Meets Nicki
    Lil’ Kim’s version of their first meeting is slightly different than what Nicki Minaj told the masses. While speaking with Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg in early February, the Queen Bee discloses she indeed met Nicki at the concert backstage, but that Nicki’s account of the interaction was exaggerated. “It didn’t go down like that,” Kim explained. “What? Are you kidding me? Picture somebody saying to me, ‘We good?’ I’ll ring her throat, snatch her larynx out.”
  • NickiBirdman
    Birdman’s “Grindin’ Making Money” Leaks
    In late 2009, a leaked version of Birdman’s “Grindin’ Making Money” featuring both Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj made its way to the blogosphere. According to Kim, she was presented with the track without hearing Nicki’s verse. The Brooklyn rapper spit lines like, “They’ll never be another me/What, you out your mind?” which some may assume is a subliminal aimed at the younger rap star. Kim gave details on the song, claiming she only recorded it with hopes of a video being shot to help her move back into the spotlight. As for agreeing to be on the track along with Nicki, Kim said she did so because “this would be good for women, period.”
  • diddy-and-nicki-minaj
    Diddy Becomes Nicki’s Manager
    Deb Antney, Waka Flocka Flame’s mother, held the role of Nicki Minaj’s manager long before she was donning sky-high wigs. But Nicki gave Antney the axe in April 2010. Since then Diddy has been rumored to be Nicki’s new manager. He reportedly tapped music vet James Cruz to co-manage her as well. While both parties have yet to confirm the management deal, Cruz is never too far behind whenever Nick is spotted.
  • NickiLuda
    Lil’ Kim Passes on “My Chick Bad” Remix?
    When Ludacris dropped “My Chick Bad” in February of last year, Nicki’s outlandish raps drew major attention her way, which only begged for a remix to be made. Luda called on some of the baddest femcees in the game -- Eve, Trina and Diamond -- but of course, one veteran was missing. Talk around the music industry was that Kim passed on the opportunity to be featured on the track, presumably because of Nicki’s involvement in the original.
  • nickiminajfeature5
    Nicki Minaj Kills the Queen?
    After rumors surfaced that Diddy was managing Nicki in April of last year, Nicki appeared on the remix to his Dirty Money collective’s hit “Hello Good Morning,” a month later. The Queens femcee had featured verses on other tracks, but her lyrics here stung more when subliminal shots suspected to be aimed at Kim couldn’t be ignored. “Did I kill a queen? Or Alexander McQueen?” Nicki raps. Was she talking about the Queen Bee?
  • Nickid-roc
    Nicki Minaj Welcomes D-Roc to Barbie World
    It’s no secret Damion “D-Roc” Butler managed Lil’ Kim during her years as the reigning Queen of Hip-Hop. Then there’s the prison bid Kim did because she wouldn’t rat on D-Roc’s involvement in a shooting outside of Hot 97. The two have a storied history to say the least. So it came as a shock to Kim fans everywhere when <a href="http://twitter.com/NICKIMINAJ/status/15495691198 ">Nicki Minaj took to Twitter </a>and tweeted a photo of D-Roc, in June 2010, with the tag line “Welcome aboard D-Roc.” A new Ken was recruited into Barbie’s entourage.
  • lilkimfeature1
    Lil’ Kim Claims Nicki Minaj Throws “Pebbles”
    Up until June 2010, neither party really publicly addressed the “beef” that was going on between them. Then, during a club gig at Blondie’s in Detroit that summer, Lil’ Kim heated things up when she donned a blonde wig and informed the crowd that someone though she didn’t say Nicki’s name was biting her style. “Y’all know where this came from,” Kim said, before performing “Crush On You.” “I love when people copy me, that’s a compliment. But when you bust shots at me and throw pebbles at me as if I don’t even exist and you don’t see me standing here, I’mma bite you.”
  • nickiminajmonster
    Nicki Minaj Throws More Subliminals on “Monster”
    Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Friday releases leading up to his highly anticipated <em>My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy</em> album were everything to look forward to for T.G.I.F. When he dropped the undeniable hit “Monster” in October 2010, features from Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z had the music industry paying close attention to the track. But after the masses heard Nicki’s lyrics, fans once again thought Nicki was sending subliminal shots straight at Kimmy’s head. “So let me get this straight, wait, I’m the rookie? But my features and my shows 10 times your pay?” Nicki asked.
  • RomansRevenge
    Nicki Minaj Takes Aim at Lil’ Kim on “Roman’s Revenge”
    The drama between Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim further escalated when the Swizz Beatz-produced “Roman’s Revenge” made its debut in October 2010. Nicki growled through the song, and, with the assistance of Eminem, made it clear that she wasn’t keeping her mouth shut when it came to the veteran MC she was accused of mimicking. With lyrics like, “Look at my show footage, how these girls be spazzin’/ So fuck I look like gettin’ back to a has-been?/ Yeah I said it, has-been/ Hang it up, flat screen,” and “I’ll kick that ho, punt,” Nicki was unrelenting in the war of words against Lil’ Kim.
  • Kimperforming
    Lil’ Kim Will Erase Nicki Minaj’s Social Security Number
    After hearing “Roman’s Revenge” and realizing she was the “ho” Nicki Minaj made reference to on the track, Lil' Kim took to Club Pure in Queens a month later for some serious backlash. In early November 2010, Kim hopped onstage in Nicki’s hometown and let the crowd in on her sentiments towards the younger rapper. “I will erase this bitch’s social security number,” Kim warned. “First of all, I don’t even need a record right now and I’d kill that bitch with my old shit,” she continued. Though she never mentioned Nicki’s name, it was more than obvious Nicki’s number was the one she was calling out.
  • nicki-minajangie-martinez
    Nicki Minaj Calls Out Lil’ Kim On-Air With Hot 97’s Angie Martinez
    Before Nicki sat down for an interview with Angie Martinez to promote her debut album, <em>Pink Friday</em>, last November, she wasn’t fond of mentioning Lil’ Kim’s name. But things were different here, when the rapper held nothing back while talking about her predecessor, calling Kim a “sore loser” and addressing her “insecurity.” “The same way she opened doors for me, I’m now opening doors for her,” Nicki explained. “Because nobody was even playing your music and you damn sure couldn’t get an interview to save your life. But now you getting interviews and every time you do an interview, they askin’ you about Nicki Minaj.”
  • lil_kimdissing
    Lil’ Kim Drops “Black Friday” Diss Record Against Nicki Minaj
    Lil’ Kim dropped “Black Friday” during Nicki Minaj’s debut album release week, fitting considering the song was aimed directly at the 26-year-old. Over Pharoahe Monch’s “Simon Says” instrumental, the Queen Bee stung on the track, even lyrically jabbing at Nicki’s Young Money label mate. “This hood shit, you and Drake ain’t built for/This the shit the other bitch almost got killed for,” she rapped. Besides calling out Diddy and labeling them both “swagger jackers,” she dubbed Nicki a “Lil’ Kim wannabee” and a “clone.”
  • Lil-Kim-Angie-Martinez-interview
    Lil’ Kim Calls Out Nicki Minaj On-Air With Hot 97’s Angie Martinez
    The back and forth fiasco continued when Kim addressed the rising beef between herself and Nicki while interviewing with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez in December 2010. When asked if she would ever collaborate with the Harajuku Barbie, Kim gave a nod to the idea but it wouldn’t come cheap. “I would do a song with her for the right price,” she told Angie. The amount? $7 million, a price that proves the MC was being sarcastic in her reply. She also addressed her opinion on Diddy “I’m sick of him not being loyal to one person” and let listeners know the feud is far from over “I’m not taking my foot off her neck”.
  • lil_kim-black_friday
    Lil’ Kim <em>Black Friday</em> Cover Art Leaks
    The artwork for her <em>Black Friday</em> mixtape, Kim’s 20-track tape featuring appearances from the likes of Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, and even Nicki herself on the infamous song “Grindin’ Makin’ Money,” needed to be as damaging as the project’s title track. When the photo finally leaked in January of this year, the 15-year rap veteran appeared perched on the floor holding a samurai sword covered in blood, while a pink wig, also covered in blood, sat at her feet. The image was meant to convey one message: the Queen Bee decapitated the Barbie.
  • KimPaypal
    Lil’ Kim Reveals PayPal Stats
    Lil’ Kim didn’t go the conventional route when releasing her <em>Black Friday</em> mixtape; she wanted to make a statement, even if it had nothing to do with the recognition that comes with the Billboard charts. After opting to sell the mixtape via PayPal in February 2011, Kim claimed she sold a whoping 113,000 units within the first 28 hours of its release. Critics, rap fans and haters questioned if the number was indeed accurate, but the Brooklyn rapper was steadfast in her claims that she was telling the truth.
  • Nickitwitter
    Nicki Minaj Jokes About Lil’ Kim's PayPal Stats
    After Lil’ Kim went on record and tweeted about the 113,000 mixtapes she sold on day one of her <em>Black Friday</em> mixtape, Nicki Minaj wasn’t falling for the hype. “Bwaahhhhahhahahahahahahhahahhhaaahhhhhaaahahahahhhaha!!!!!!!! *lifeless* *leaves on stretcher* *cant go on*,” she wrote via Twitter. Though Nicki didn’t specifically address Lil’ Kim’s sales in her tweet, it was apparent to the hip-hop community that she was voicing her opinion in a way her fans have grown to love. After posting that tweet to her social networking account, the Queens femcee retweeted a Twitter follower who wrote, “The devil is a liar.”
  • nicki-minaj-tragedy
    Nicki Minaj Drops "Tragedy" Diss Record Against Lil’ Kim
    Hip-hop aficionados love a good rap beef so when Nicki Minaj’s diss record aimed at Lil’ Kim finally leaked, the track was met with a warm welcome. A snippet of the song was released through Funkmaster Flex’s website, InFlexWeTrust.com, a day after the celebration of April Fool’s. But there were no jokes here. Nicki fired back at Lil’ Kim, spitting, “Pink Friday, Eminem, 8 Mile/It must hurt to sell your album off PayPal/Especially when you in the game 15 to 20/ You was hot when Shaq teamed up with Penny/ Man, you was Magic/I mean, look at ya now ho, you just tragic/You a tragedy, you a parody/ Last name Ann, first name Raggedy.” The Boi-1da and Hit Boy-produced beat did not release as a completed version and will reportedly go by another title when the final track debuts.
  • #KimandNickipose
  • #Birdman

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  • jamesoshea91

    lil kims done she should give up. she fucked up her face with surgery and is old and past it. even when she was famous she had everyone else writing her shit for her anywayz.

    • betterthanyou

      1) looks don’t matter good job faggot. 2) not ALL her shit was written by someone else she does a lot herself #ignorantass and you too get your facts first dumbass

      • http://www.facebook.com/1sambob Samantha

        How can Nicki minaj be a clone when I’d bang nicki minaj in a second and lil kim would have TO PAY ME to fuck her ass. ew.

        • Aiman

          Get a life… this dispute isn’t about who looks better. Its about Nicki taking Kim’s swag and then pretending she created it while also busting shots at her. And anyway they are both rappers. Rappers should be judged lyrically and no offence to most present day rappers but Kim can kill most the dudes let alone Nicki…..

          • jamesoshea91

            wrong this is about some wack ass washed up bitch using someone else to try and get herself back in the spotlight. i dnt even like nicki tht much i think shes mostly gimmick. bt she aint the one who started it. she kept her mouth shut for months while kim did everything she could to get back in the limelight when fact is shes washed up and wack. stealing someones swag(which i dont even think she did) maybe bad but it aint as pitiful as using someone elses fame to get your self some shine. if it wasnt for biggie no one would even know kims name.

          • http://xxlmag QUEENI3


      • oldschoolhiphop

        actually all of kims songs have been written by someone else. check all her album credits. if it wasnt big it was cease and then it was one of her gonns from her beehive. and now she got a group called irs. funny how everytime she dropped something she has a group all of a sudden. lol. besides all that nicki broke records on the charts. shes touring with huge names. and sold more records with one album than kim did with all her joints together. and to top it all off the sad part of it is most of the tracks on black friday are nicki tracks. whos the bitter now?? smh. kim is cool and o grew up with her but she should just let nicki eat. she had her time and instead of putting pressure on niggas necks like she says she was busy trying to be white. case closed!

        • Ualreadysnow

          That stuff Nicki rap about. Maybe she needs Kim ghostwriters. Nicki spit stuff like 5 year olds. If I was Nicki I wouldn’t be proud of that, since she a grown ass woman.

        • mickie james

          Cease don’t even write his own shit, so how he gonna write Kims? BIG even said Kim wrote. She was the one who wanted it the most out of Junior Mafia. That’s why he pushed her the hardes. Plus BIG refused to write her rhymes because he wanted her to be respected as a femcee and not afake. The only rap he did for Kim was Queen Bitch and she didn’t get any profit from that.

        • rich

          oh i see u a dumb bitch, look at her credits, u dumb ass fukk K, Jones is KIMBERLY JONES…stupid ass fag stfu, in my lil kim voice! KIM is the best and she is still relevent, BLACK FRIDAY mix tape was way better then anything nikki ever did cuz its HIP HOP!

          • AB

            Don’t mean to pop in so suddenly, but from what I can tell, Nicki is a pop artist and nothing more. Lil Kim’ is a hip hop artist.

            And yes, Nicki is famous because of her appearance. Anyone who argues that clearly has no idea why mainstream artists such as Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are famous. For their music? No. For how they look? Yes. Nicki is just that – a mainstream pop artist. Her most famous song is “Super Bass,” and it’s awful. To say that is a “good” song is just depressing, because it is not. It’s not music, it’s just a catchy beat.

            I’m not a fan of either of them, but Nicki is definitely just terrible.

    • Kia

      Who the fuck are you to say she’s done??

      Like seriously who the fuck are you??

      As long as she’s making music and packing out clubs & venues she can do what the fuck she wants. Obviously someone’s checking for her because people are still paying to see her.



    • katrina

      lil kim is awesome….nikki is just all fake

      • NickiiiFan

        That’s so inaccurate. Nicki Minaj has had plastic surgery, BUT Lil Kim prolly has had 30x more. Plus, she bleaches her skin.

        • olschool

          yeah but you guys forget one thing in the whole nikki vs kim war, kim could actually rap, regardless if someone else was writing her stuff she could rap verses longer than 30 seconds.

    • http://faceboo.com jocelyn_queenbee

      kim is the queen/ no age required with out her niki whatever wouldent be here she made all that possible for her, and NO its not overrr.

  • glenn

    you missed a whole lot of stuff like how like from june-august/spetember kim was talking mad shit about nicki in every interview….and fyi nicki wrote monster way b4 this beef started

    • betterthanyou

      you obviously don’t kno shit good job ignorant ass, learn your facts then try again

    • Kia

      Here we go again….

      What shit exactly has Kim said?? Because I along with a whole lot of people have heard every interview since she first spoke on it last spring and all she’s done is explain the of the story Nicki always leaves out.

      Notice how Nicki never ever, no one time spoke about what went down with “Grinding Making Money” or why she never acknowledges why she started dissing Kim in the 1st place.

    • rich

      Bitch nikki statred this sheit and kims gonna finishe it, for anyone lost, go to Youtube, look up Lil Kim Carbon copy video it explains it all and shows this dike is on some black swan shit or single white female shit with KIM.

  • http://twitter.com/bendmane bend mane

    Hey Nicki kindly take it cool on Queen B

    • jenifer

      Um Queen B got her foot on Nicki’s neck….. she can handle her..

  • Aiman

    Umm Nicki started this beef. When she came up, she was taking many subliminal shots at Kim. Moreover she swagger jacked her…. and If you dont see it, then you must be blind…. Shes coppied the wigs and the whole Barbie movement. Lil’ Kim’s black Friday kills Romans revenge and Tragedy put together.

    and can people stop saying Kim is old… Nicki isn’t 26 (she lied about her age, shes 29 according to yahoo) and Kim is only 34…

  • $yk

    y’all skipped the Ray J & Drake involvement…and I’m not surprised either…

    but if anyone skips over the first TWO photos, which was what EVERYONE was saying, Minaj was stealing Kim’s SWAG, NOT RAP STYLE, then we know you’re a jaded fan talking trash. There’s PROOF right in front of you.

    All the old/ugly/plastic surgery slander BS doesn’t overcome the FACTS presented.

    • Kia

      THANK YOU!!!!

      Isn’t it funny how Nicki and her stupid ass fans don’t ever say shit about Ray J & Drake seeing as their the one’s who sparked this.

      Nicki got noticed and got a big head and Drake just help gas the situation by jumping in it. Kim was on tour last spring/summer and didn’t say a word about Nicki till the “Hello Good Morning” diss.

  • theTruthis

    Lil Kim is a fuckin LOSER. damn, ma you had you’re time to shine. let the next bitch get her shine on..

    You don’t see Trina, Foxy Brown, Eve, Missy Elliott, Remy, Da Brat, Lauryn Hill hating on Nicki over biting their styles… all of these other women have applauded Nicki for making it & being a voice for the women.

    Hip-Hop is RECYCLE, all artists have taken/borrowed from those who came before them, including Lil Kim .. she practically jacked BIG’s whole rhymebook for her albums..

    With that being said. Kim, how are you attacking Nicki minaj, but you haven’t responded to Foxy brown’s “bang bang” record, you attack those who are weaker than you, but not those who are lyrically better than you ?

    OH, is that what “hip-hop beef” is about ? DAMN IDIOT!

    • Kim is the Queen! PERIOD!!

      Nicki did not only jack Kim’s style and flow, but dissed her in the process! Kim just simply stated you need to pay homage! You don’t see Jay-Z dissing Biggie after he swipes all his catch phrases and lines! No he gives him his propts and pays respect because without him there would be no you. And Nicki never did that. Just stole her whole style from the fake tits to the barbie look and said fuck you?? Where is that acceptable??



    • rich

      i can see ur a real stupid fukk, KIM is a career MC nikki is a fad u dumb ass cornball…NIKKI is killing the integrity of female rap. she is putting woman 20 yrs back. Kim is putting females 20yrs ahead cuz she is a better mc then most guys! KIMS TIME IS NOT OVER TIL HER FANS SAY SO BITCH AND U AINT ONE , so go suck a fat dick fag! and she still and will always get top BILLING OVER NIKKI!


      ARE U GUYS SERIOUS LIL KIMS STILL HAS her swag the only reason everyones on nicki’s side cause shes hot right now drop the shit lil kim HANDS DOWN PERIOD!!!!!!

    • Getitright

      Kim already said hella s*** about fox waaaaay back. And she said she almost got killed on “Black Friday.” Foxy can’t even stay on beat anymore, plus her hearing aids are always falling out. KIM just signed with Universal & Nikki got smacked upside the head with a suitcase.

  • Biggie lover

    nicki minaj is a SWAGGER JACKING CLOWN and anyone that likes her is a clown. Biggie found Kim, a real nigga with talent. Lil Wayne is just like nicki, switching styles left and right because he is a loser and will never be a REAL LYRICIST like biggie or lil Kim. PERIOD. If you like good music, listen to real hip hop, not these fake ass thugs lil Wayne and haha drake! What a joke! Might I suggest a real female MC for you? LAURYN HILL.

    • BIGGIE*nicki

      if biggie was alive, he would sign NICKI, you fat f*

      • mickie james

        You f*cking c*nt. BIG would sign Nicki as his personal fuck toy. He would of also signed her to be Kim’s slave, feeding her grapes and fanning her with the feather. Hell, Kim could even strap on a fake dick and stick her where she shits

      • rich

        thats a fucking lie, nikki would not have a career if she would have came out i the 90′s with her old gay ass-lol a old gay ass bitch that cant rap= NIKKI GARBAGE!

    • Kasper

      U a sucka nigga….u jst open ur mouth nd spit shit….waynes nt a real lyricist huh? Hw come he’s betta dan most of ur dick pullers

  • Fireforreal

    Lil kim is DONE. She was done once she went to jail. She got released in 06 and has yet to release an album or 1 quality song. She’s now mad that the new chick is doing big and is the center of attention like she WAS back in 97-03. It would be diffrent if kim was relevent on her own today and not living only off of the past. Nicki has a point. Before this so called beef when was the last time ANYBODY was checking for kim ?

    • Lil Kim Is the Queen!! Period!

      @Fireforreal It really doesn’t matter if Kim is done or not. Anyone can go get some old albums and magazine and steal someone’s style and become a star these days?? That’s ridiculous! What if I just jacked Lauren Hill’s whole style and flow?? Yes she is done but if I took her style and started talking trash on her do you think people wouldn’t get mad?? Do you think she wouldn’t come back to challenge me?? Come on!! Who do you think you are fucking magazine swag ass bitch?? lol

    • rich

      Kim has 5 platinum + albums bitch nikki aint on her level, go rote with that gay ass bitch nikki

      • cherryminaj


        • olschool

          And you must be 14 or so and not have ever listened to what real rap sounds like. You sound just like someone that’s grown up on souljah boi or willow smith if you think dickin hervaj can rap. Only reason she’s blowin up now is cause she was doin another kinda blowin the last few yrs.


      JACKASS lil kim still has swag people are still paying to see her black friday pink friday nicki stole her album really the wigs are alike come on wake up

  • No Name

    The timeline in ONE line: Kim is an egomaniac. She wanted Nicki to lick her shitty thong to somewhat rectify the fact that she’s washed up even though Nicki gladly paid homage through her music and acknowledging her publicly in interviews, which is all that actually really matters. Nope. Not enough for Kim. Nonsense ensues, mostly on the part of Kim. To be continued. End of article. Simple as that.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Tshilidzi

    Ms Hill runs this femcee sh*t & she is also widely regard as 1 of the best 2 eva bless the mic.

    Its Nicki’s moment now…plus she got a bangin’ behind………so she must enjoy all the attention until the next gal cums along!

  • $yk

    smh @ cats co-signing identity theft…

    mufukkas is lost…

  • caino

    YP $yk – hmmm its obvious to anyone with an iota of sense that Nicki ‘swagger-jacked’ (hate that saying) Li’l Kims whole style! But we gotta realise that the younger Wiz/Odd future generation dont really care about what happen in the past , who done what etc, l mesan they seem to think they created hiphop!! and thats why they seem to be co-signing identity theft.

    On a personal note… l hate those pics of Kim & Nicki popping a squat, l think it looks awful!

    On a more personal note, WTF XXL is happening with your blog page?? Did Bol & Meka get the sack??

  • caino

    On a even more personal level, l would love for Kim to release an aggresive ONYX inspired heavey beat attack on Nicki to show peeps what she used to bring to the table!

  • Jorge

    Lil Kim Is the Queen !!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://lilkimfanclub valentino

    Everybody always wants to put lilkim down all the time. Shes talented,she one a grammy she had her own show on bet,she was on dancin with the stars.yeah and foxy said u would never catch me on there,because bitch u not a star!! Kim will be comin with an album and a book deal then its a rap. Haters u know what it is. Nicki sucks, LILKIMRULES.

  • http://teamlilkim.com valentino

    I wish lilkim was on the song instead of nicki. Kim would of been way better at it,especially with trina and eve on the remix that shit would of been HOT!! Nicki and foxy I don’t like I never did. KIM WILL ALWAYS BE QUEEN THAT”S IT!!! fuck them bitches

  • Hip Hop Hal

    The truth is it’s not about copying Kim’s swag or for not paying her homage. You see, lil’ Kim originally hooked up with the young money crew and was going to be having some sort of “joint venture”. Then a few months later, Nikki came into the picture and they basically never got back to Kim.

    Kim got pissed.

    I don’t blame her and she even explained this on several you tube interviews. But I love Nikki and to be honest, if Lil’ Kim really wants to got at her, all she has to do is pop another album and let her music do the talking for her.

    Ranting ain’t doing nuttin’ but making her look bad.

  • fuck yall

    fuck nicki kims the shit and i dout she doesnt write her shit.
    plus if big did write her shit he saved the best for her .
    cause i have herd some def shit come out kims mouth. that was way better then bigs bars.
    iam big fan but come on kims the shit.
    and why we time lineing rockers do it to they drop.
    hip hop should be the same.
    what you want geting the game and rock for 5 ten years thats dum. thats why iam glad wu and red and all them 90 dudes still bring it new cats are wack. beside fashawn and lupe peace

  • cheryl

    Kim must realize she is played out now. soon someone will take Nicki place, thats the game. its like a drug dealer, he goes to jail someone takes his block. which to be honest with you, its not his block. Kim really never had no good music, yes when Biggie was alive. Kim is upset with Nicki, which I dont think Nicki copy her style at all. then if we all want to talk. lets all say Kim is copying the white women style, thats what she wants to be. she should be proud of her skin color, nose, lips etc. but she is not. so who is really trying to the do copyiing. why dont little Kim try to dog Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim K, she know she cant. dont you think Kim is played out now. after Biggie die she was threw. he was really her meal ticket.

  • Fireforreal

    @Lil kim is the queen period ! you internet thug’s make me laugh gettin all emotional like your lil kim yourself. Nicki did take parts of her style of dress,make up,wigs etc…..but Nicki is more lyrical than today’s lil kim. Just because she was the shit back in the day doesn’t give her a pass to slack. How many other bitches in rap came after kim with similiar styles ? thousands. I’m sure a few on your block but Nicki is now the only one getting attention so kim is pissed because she’s not getting those calls. She should thank Nicki because people are talking about her for the 1st time since she left prison. Another note. She should embrace her for admitting how she influenced her and how much she liked her as an artist. You didn’t hear Rakim saying Nas stole his style when he first dropped. Nas has crazy style like Ra and all but Ra took it as being all love because Ra was and still is comfortable with the artist he is himself because he’s still raw. Kim is just an old bitter bitch. She even was beefing with Biggie’s mom talking shit about a man she said was her everything lol c’mon son when we’ll she get a clue and stop whining ? This reminds me of Ma$e and how everyone said Fab wanted to be Ma$e and Ma$e left came back and had no problem with Fab. Ma$e’s welcome back barely went gold and then he started talking that he stole my style shit because Fab kept doing his thing and nobody was checking for him any more.

    • hangitupflatscreen

      i agree

    • Kia

      Excuse me but what crack are you smoking?? It must be some fire ass shit to have you talking this bias ass nonsense. First off Kim couldn’t record after she got out of jail because of legal issues with 2 bad deals that’s why it took so long for her to record.

      2nd even though a lot of girls came after Kim and Foxy not a single one of them bit their styles. If you line up every female rapper from 1995 to 2011 only one of them resembles Kims old style…..NICKI!!!!!

      Why would anyone want to do something another chick already did?? That’s the reason the other girls stayed away from Kim’s style because they’ed have looked foolish doing it.

      3rd Kim has no reason to be pissed outside off the disrespect and shots on those songs. Why?? Because Kim is stamped in the game. Nicki’s trying to get where she’s already been not the other way around.

      4th Kim doesn’t have to thank her for shit. Kim was on dancing with the stars and doing her own thing independently while Nicki was still trying to get noticed.

      5th Kim already tried embracing her. It didn’t work Baby & Slim played Kim with broken promises & killing “Grinding Making Money”. And Nicki continued dissing her on every single feature. So Nicki can blame herself for that.

      6th Kim bitter?? Kim has a Grammy, Classic tracks, A Classic 1st album, Countless awards & Platinum Plaques, The highest rated show in BET history and a style that Nicki is bitting 15yrs latter!!! So again why is she bitter?? And stop with the age shit Kim is 34 & Nicki is 30. Besides Jay Z is 40 do you think people gonna stop buying his music cause of his age??

      In closing Nicki is a case of a girl who go a lil shine and got big headed. She wasn’t cutting it way back in 2003 when she was trying to get on through Gucci Mane & Fendi. It took Wanye Co-Signing her & losing her style and stealing Kim’s to even get noticed. If it wern’t for that she’d still be rocking Ed Hardy and doing those low budget Come up DVD’s trying to get on.

  • http://facebook shakira popstar

    nicki your such a b*****

  • nickisbitchh

    Kim is starting shit that Nicki didn’t ask for, Nicki said nothing but nice stuff about Kim, sayin she was her idol and all that. Kim has jumped on many up and coming rappers in the past, just to get herself known again thats all she wants. when i see her on the billboard 100 again then i’ll listen to her but at the moment shes just a bitter has been

  • The Ninja

    Your a loser for calling Nicki Minaj a swagger jacker! she did the hardcore pose to pay homage to Kim and also because her manager at the time (Fendi) thought it would be a great idea! so get you’re fact straights! Nicki Minaj is in her own lane. and I don’t remember Kim setting and breaking billboard records like Nicki is….. oh and Nicki doesn’t give a fuck!! shes going on tour with Britney Spears! she don’t give a fuck about lil kim, she’s just keeping this whole beef going because music is being made out of it so this lazy ass comparison is getting old

    • hangitupflatscreen

      u jus single handly annihilated evryone hating on nicki at this site lol even took out xxl a lil bit lol. thats wats up.

  • stephen

    I think you guys are dumb. they both have good/bad qualities about them and they both have done stupid shit in this feud. I think it’s sad to see that two people who both have amazing talent can’t work together on anything.

  • gotdatscop

    Omg right now…Everyone on here that thinks Nicki Manji is the shit, Y’all need help, straight the fuck up!!!! Lil kim is the queen and all you fakes need to know dis!!!!

    I love how people be saying that if it wasn’t for biggie kim wouldn’t be shit, what????? obviously, Biggie signed her with his label because he knew that she had talent and just needed the right person to help her shine…And this is from one of the biggest rap icons of all times…What does that tell you? stupid people, can’t accept the facts!

    Who is Nicki? where would she be if it wasn’t for lil wayne? why can’t all you haters, bring that up like that, instead of bad mouthing kim!!! She’ s just keeping it real!!! That bitch needs to be told!!!!

    Y’all be acting like you dont like kim, but the truth is y’all was rocking to her shit b4 Nicki came in the picture…so who is fake at the end? thats what I thought. Enuff said

  • QB



  • k

    Lil Kim is trash, Nicki rocks

  • eishabisha


  • http://Google Nqah

    Guyz i’m lil kim’s nd nicki minaj big fan, if u 2 guyz can ft each other u can bring the best. Lov u guyz i dnt lyk wat is heppenin between u

  • owenkizito

    kim is countin wat hard core generated nick jjust lose upp ure jusst lately

  • Edwin

    ok ok …people talk as if they know all these artist personally ….but let us just focus on the facts …..Nicki was comin out and Kim went down to cash money to meet and welcome the new artist ….apparently there was an agreement to do a track off of baby album in which included a video ….Kim and Minaj was on the track …..now after the track was done Kim was then left out the loop and Nikki Began to immulate Kim’s style …which is on public record Kim ain’t said shit ….then Nikki said some shit in a interview and Kim began questioning the motives ….Nikki then began takin subliminal shots ….then Kim Began to strike back …now I can say this ….any artist in any group work together to develop verses that don’t mean they write each others verses Biggie Put Kim On because She Spit some Freestlye shit and it was Fire ….he helped develop her skill like a coach devolops and athlete thats it ….she wrote all her shit and had artists in her groups go over it the same as a writer has a trusted friend proof read his work yall on some dumb shit to say what u say and don’t know a thing …this is about Nikki tryin to establish her self as a dominance by takin out Kim but little did she know ….sorta like Nas and Jay-z …that Kim got mad Fight and truthfully Nikki is kinda soft ….nah she is soft …so truthfully Kim is street and nikki is fabricated …period ….Kim has Nikki against the ropes and Kim has all the street cred…so yall can talk but facts are facts no matter how u twist the perspective

  • tricepooh


  • Dominique




  • Makkin_On_Emmmm

    Uggggh Im Freakin 11 And I Can Tell Nicki Jakked Lil Kim’s Swagg Man If I Was Lil Kim I Would Wont Some Credit For Mackin The Swag Im Startin Ta Like Lil Kim Better Then Nicki Mannnnn………Easy As This Notorious B.I.G. Is The Best Male Rappper Of All Time And Lil Kim Is The Best Female Rapper Of All Time

  • Rundis

    the fuck you mean?! LIL KIM was then, NICKI is now.. nicki has shown respect and given kim props in plenty of her original interviews and clearly modeled her beginning stages of her career after her in omage.. KIM is delusional and everybody that supports her jealous rant.. LIL KIM is past and NICKI MINAJ’s career is only starting, they are nothing alike now NICKI is a broader artist, KIM only talks about sex and the hood..

  • allday

    Kim crushes her easily. Black Friday just got her a deal with Universal Music Group. Kim’s on point lyrically & financially. Minaj’s dude smashes her in the face with suitcases and pimps her. She’s not real.

  • Devan

    They’re both hideous! OFWGKTA.

  • WN

    Nicki has paid homage to Kim multiple times so it sahouldnt even matter…

  • everlast

    kim has been keeping it strong for a long time, nicki just came, nobody knows, she can fizzle out pretty soon. so she should shut the fuck up and respect the QUEENBEE!!! Holla!

  • Johnny

    lil kim is the best, “black friday” is my all time fav song….totally kills “romans revenge” i mean wtf is “romans revenge” anyhow its like…retarded alien spaceship music…is this minaj a fucking alien!? haha seems that way. (:

  • Nicky

    What ever nicki minaj is off the hook and she needs to let kim show her how the game is done…and again kim is ryt wat u doin she did it…

    • DANIEL

      hey bitch ass..u’ar wrong look into d eyez of lil kim n tell me wat u see fear..cuz she has seen a goddess dat rocks d undustry more dan she does…NICKI gat swagz dat lil kim has neva..so it high time lil kim shut her dirty mouth.and ‘go get a life’if she hate nicki..den let her take d first flight 2 hell..cuz nicki dnt give a shit..i luv u nicki..cuz u’ar number one

    • DANIEL

      Shut d fuck up.and kiss my ass..nicki is a legend..u guyz should try n listen to nicki’s song very well..and as 4 lil kim all she knows how to rap abt is sex ,sex ,sex,i hate dat bitch.kim swallow ur pride and ask nicki to teach u more..cuz she’s d bestest

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/features/2011/04/whats-beef-a-timeline-of-lil-kim-and-nicki-minajs-feud/ Chazza

    It’s pretty stupid altogether tbh, you get teens idolising people who publicly slate each other, so less people are going to want to become rap artists because of the shit they’ll get if they do something like someone else. You learn from other peoples mistakes. Accept it and move the f**k on.

  • emojaja

    lil is one dirty old bitch and yes she is so fake. she picks on nicki becuz she so called copying her!! she isnt on tv for making her music she is on tv for feuds she has with other female mcs. i guess you havent noticed that. lil kim was hot when shaq teamed up with penny that was a long time ago, plus lil kim has to sell her album off pay pal how funny is that nicki minaj^^


    lil kim bitch u ain’t good enouph to face d rap goddess lyk nicki…nicki is gona break ur neck..gush i hate u.cuz u luv picking up fight wit raperz..nicki is gona be ur worst nightmare.bliv me bitch..so kim ”go get a life”i hate u kim i never did lyked u..u wona knw y?go ask ur misreable bitch as mother.


    NICKI MINAG..is a rap godess.oh gush i luv that bitch.i wish am raping wit nicki..cuz she is the bestest..lil kim come and fuck my dog..cuz dat’s wat u’ar good at..nicki is ur worst fear anytime anywere,nicki is gona tear u apart..nicki plz break dat bitch neak 4 me..cuz she tinks she can fight.nicki give her a fight,dat she is gona regreat.kim i hate u..and nicki is gona wast u like a piece of cake..i luv u nicki minag cuz u’ar a godess.we gat ur bak..plz send kim 2 were she belong.cuz she dnt deserve ur respect.4rm daniel a.k.a lilo brown..keep on raping 4 us nicki.cuz we luv u.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/features/2011/04/whats-beef-a-timeline-of-lil-kim-and-nicki-minajs-feud/#respond shannon

    Nicki has not taken kims fucking swag, and even if some people think that shes taken it and made it better..
    Lil kim is old news, minaj is the future
    if lil kim carrys on she’ll get herself killed, she aint as big as she makes out. and for those who are saying nicki is fake? Pfft shut the fuck up lil kim has a different face in every other fucking photo..
    Nicki is a better rapper end fucking of, if that werent the case she wouldnt have dr dre, eminem ect repping her theyd be repping lil kim. its time lil kim gets the point now, pfft

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/features/2011/04/whats-beef-a-timeline-of-lil-kim-and-nicki-minajs-feud/comment-page-5/#comments shannon

    and nicki obviously achieved as much as lil kim YET because she hasnt been in the game that long?:s lil kim has been in it over 15 years for fuck sake nicki minaj has achieved more in a year than what lil kim achieved in 3 FACT!!!!!!!!!!! stop hating you deluded fuckers..

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/features/2011/04/whats-beef-a-timeline-of-lil-kim-and-nicki-minajs-feud/comment-page-4/#comments Honey

    ur all fuckin trippin, if lil kim is so fucking big when did she last get into that chart? hmm not since 1997!!!!!!!! minaj has been in it every week for the past hm i dont know year and a half??????/ even if she just featering!!! its quite fucking clearly whos the top bitch in the game NICKI MINAJ ALL THE WAY..
    Lil kim go die bitch

  • Bridgette

    In Kanye West’s music video Monster, Feat Rick Ross, Jay-z, Bon Iver & Nicki Minaj, Nicki dresses up as both Lil Kim and the decapitated pink haired girl that appear on Lil Kim’s ‘Black Friday’ album art!

  • Sarah

    I just spent an hour reading up on this fued, not because I give a shit about either ‘artist’ or because I have an appreciation or preference for either of their bodies of work, but because grown women acting like fucking high schoolers amuses me far more than it ought to. I’m about a decade younger than these bitches and even I’m not such an immature, whiney little pussy. Sad that either of them have ever been considered any kind of role model. They merely illustrate everything that is wrong with women and our stupid obsession with competing with one another.

    • Ria

      As much as I like both Nicki and Kim…you are so right ;-; it makes me so mad to see women older than me in the public eye who are supposed to be role models for female success completely trash how girls everywhere learn to communicate with each other. Collaboration, not competition. That’s how it needs to be >.>

  • hahaha get with it

    This beef isnt over until the media gathers up all the facts and either trashes nikki down or puts kim back up on the saddle while her horse stomps nikkis neck its how it works. and its how its going to, Britney was top notch shit, Christina aguilera started blowing up, britney turned psycho shaved her head and sold it and christina was in the cover of all top model magazines while britney went through police records,

    Its how this pathetic shit place of a world works, media controls everything spending time to release a track beefing another artist pfft. such bullshit, i wouldnt waste my time man, and i wouldnt waste my time and rep to talk about lame shit we dont need, bitches and money never really gave u and idea to deal with a situation when ur behind bars or in deep shit. get real people

  • Ria

    xD these are 2 badass artists who should be collaborating instead of fighting. all of this shit just escalated from some lame shit, rofl. it’s probably a huge publicity stunt o: I CALL CONSPIRACY!

  • Tierra

    lil kim should give up nicki minaj is the new singer so wht if she stole one pic of hers big deal but lil kim had her time now its nickis turn y start beef in the music industry everyone has their turn and loses it but one day their turn will come back around

  • Pam

    Isn’t there enough money to made for both of them to just get along or co-exist nicely and professionally?

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  • Fuck Lil Wayne, Fuck Drake, Fuck Young Money

    fuck nicki minfaggot that dumbass bitch
    lil kim associated with true gangstas like biggie
    fuck lil faggot ass wayne, fuck nicki minfaggot, fuck gayass drake, and fuck young money
    dumb ass bitches

  • Real niggaz

    Niggaz just be jealouse really i could careless

  • Real niggaz

    all u niggaz just gotta step off look at your coments u all just haters shit happens tupacs dead biggies dead cuz of haters so just play your own side and step off dont trash tall or get ready to step off none u bitches no wat its like to be ghette i run round the hood with a 38. and a red bandana
    Hit a Krip in the lip and watch the tru colors drip
    - bloods

  • Nicki MInaj

    hahahahaha you Krim fans make me sick! Nicki NEVER did anything wrong to Kim, she credited her and now you guys come along with your shit! When was the last time Kim was on the charts? Nearly 10 years? Thought so.

    Yeah sure there have been other ‘rap bitches’ throughout the years, but never has one actually CHALLENGED Krim before, that’s why she decided to start this who feud! Krim knows when someone is better than her! It must hurt to sell your album on PayPal Kim! haha

  • Wat

    the fact that so many people never knew who lil kim was until nicki minaj mentioned her says something….

    lil kim=who? never was, never will

    • olschool

      The only fact that shows is that all of dickin hervaj’s fans have no clue what real hip hop sounds like if they consider her a strong rapper.

  • Kod

    Lil wayne,drake n nicki are noise makers. Dia music is shit!!! Hip hop is dead ! Dis present bunch sings like imbeciles. Listen to jamz frm 90s to 2005 n u wil agree(if u knw music) dat music nowadays is so boring 2 listen to. Lil kim is a QUEEN,only foxy n lauryn can compare

  • http://fcrg5yb6un7.com 5ybnui

    shes approaching death practically; Nicki’s a decade younger. If she can fly kick Nicki can fly kick 10x better.

  • Albert Davis

    listen to the music, look at the pics and you see incredible similarities Kim’s first albulm was pink so was nicki’s. lil kim wore stand out outfits posed on a bike, in a pink car, wore different color wigs. Foxy Brown, Trina, Eve even lauryn Hill did not have to take it to that extent why Nicki?

  • realitycheck

    ….seriously why is this even the biggest issue right now?… everyone needs to get over the whole thing and just move on with their lives. Nicki is great.. she made it big… so did Kim… why the FUCK does everyone need to debate about it. music is music.. it can be whatever the hell you want it to be.. if you dont like mainstream dont listen to it… simple as that… to each his own.. yolo man

    • c money

      I was about to commend you on your sensibility.. until you ended with yolo. Please die.

  • Malice

    “Bitches, you both pretty” – Lafayette (true blood)

  • lucio

    lil kim e um puta veilha descabaçada