Vado’s Top 5 Harlem MCs

What’s poppin’, Slime? Vado, who recently signed with Interscope Records, is set to release his collabo album with mentor Cam’ron titled Gunz n’ Butta on April 12.  The Uptown duo is also working on their forthcoming mixtape, Boss of all Bosses 3. Under Cam’s guidance, Vado is poised to add to Harlem’s storied legacy in hip-hop. XXL caught up with Vado to find out his favorite Harlem spitters. Huuh!

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  • oskamadison

    That’s cool but don’t forget McGruff. Dude was right beside Cam, Mase and Big L. A lot of people overlook this next cat but dude had style: G Dep.

  • LilDominicanPrince

    Nice selection wait WTF why loon aint up there??? Just kidding!

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  • Eagle

    jim Jones and Freeky Zeeky are readin this like:

    “Ayo, had this been TOP 10,
    I bet we woulda been all up IN that list!”


    hahaha jae millz? bahahahabahahaha he’s garbage

  • kedordu

    millz is far from garbage . dunno whe that became cool to dis cause he on the top label . hes supposed to be where he is . he should stop smoking and loose weight tho .

  • El Tico Loco

    That’s a tough list the only other deserving spots are Immortal Technique and Kool Moe Dee.

  • Faggot Ass Bitch Fuck You

    Fuck this homo ass nigga, he gon mention Harlem he gon fuckin mention Technique. Illest nigga alive, always reppin Harlem nomatter nigga fuck this hoe. Guess cause he ain’t drop new music in a min. But damm…

    Nah mean? The fuck’s a Millz that nigga whack and ya’ll know it. Shit this list like sayin who the king of Crooklyn and not mentionin Biggie, or who the king of Queensbridge and not mentionin Nasty. Fuck this nigga. Immortal Technique for Life! Middle Passage, motherfuckas.

  • DV8

    Black Rob anyone?

  • graph

    Big L, Cam, Technique, Kurtis Blow, Jae Millz. UPTOWN ALL DAY

  • ChaeHam

    Charles. Hamilton.

  • Fireforreal

    I would mos def put Black rob on there before Jae millz. Shit I would put G-dep and Rob base before him. Jae millz USE TO BE ill but he’s on his young money corney shit. And NO HATERS it has nothing to do with him being on a popular lable,it’s the quality of music he’s made since then is weak. I’m comparing it to the bangers he put out in 05,06,07 Trust with no commercial appeal like Drake or Nicki Universal will NOT release his shit anytime soon and he’ll soon leave.

  • tirejuice

    black rob an dougie