Terrance Dean on Mister Cee Scandal & Lil B’s Controversial Album Title

XXL: What do you think about rappers saying Pause and No Homo?

TD: I think Pause and No Homo are almost like saying, “Well, I’m not going to call you a nigger, but not to say you’re a nigger. Who said they created that? Wasn’t it Jim Jones who said he created that? Yeah, so that again goes with that whole antiquated way of thought. Those rappers and those people who—to go back to the whole new guard, old guard thing that we were talking about, young kids, they’re much more accepting. They’re in school with me who are gay. Kids today are much more sexually expressive, than say we were 10, 15 years ago. Kids today are exposed to so much more. I think that’s why there is a new thought of kids coming through so boldly and spears hip-hop in such a way, in such a manner, even the kids with the skinny jeans and the way they’re dressing. I’m thinking to myself, I remember so vividly when I was a teen, we used to literally sew our pants, the inseam, to make them skinny because we had the penny loafers.

XXL: Skinny jeans are everywhere now.

TD: So, what is so different from them wearing skinny jeans and from when we used to do it? It really blows my mind how we think that everything they have to be doing is gay or associated with being feminine or soft. Again, I think it goes back to that old guard, those older people who are afraid, who want to keep the homophobia existing, and keep the misogyny existing within hip-hop. They’re afraid of change because, then, if it means that the change is happening and the younger people are going to take over, it’s going to become something they are not ready for. I mean, again, even the rappers who are much older who argued against the Nellys and the Lil Waynes and all the new rappers, they’re making much more money and benefiting from hip-hop because they’ve crossed over. They’re branding and they’re becoming millionaires. But the older ones, it’s like, “I was doing it for the love of it.” I think the younger people are like, “Yeah, I can do it for the love of it but I can make money at it.”

XXL: Could you ever see there being an openly out gay rapper?

TD: I hope so. I really hope so. I think it’s going to take some time, but I think there’s room for an openly gay rapper to exist. You know, there are definitely gay rappers that do exist. But to get on the national platform and to get acceptance from it, it’s going to take some time. It’s going to take a lot of conversation and dialogue, especially in the black and the brown communities because there are deeper issues that exist. I think it’s because of the black church. I think it’s because of the isms. I think it’s because of the thug and gangsta mentality that exists and that’s what’s happening in hip-hop. It’s going to have to take a real, bigger movement. The great thing about Lil B, when he announced the next title will be I’m Gay, ironically did you notice all of his fans were in support of him? The comments I was reading on Twitter were blowing my mind. How even young boys were saying, “I’m gonna go home and tell my mom I’m getting that new album that I’m Gay.” I’m like, “Wow, they’re taking the word and they’ve diffused the meaning of it.” He said it means happy. It means something completely different. That’s powerful within itself.

XXL: So now you’re working on your new book Mogul. Tell me about it.

TD: Mogul, it mirrors the situations that have happened with Mister Cee and with Lil B, which is ironic. And so, my editor and me were talking about that today. My publisher was like, “Wow. That’s perfect timing. The stars are lining up.” And I wrote this book a year ago. To be that prophetic, to see something in its fiction, to see things happening. It’s about an entertainment producer who struggles with coming out of the closet when he’s caught in a comprising position. He has a girlfriend, he has a child, and he’s part of the down-low circle of men in the entertainment industry. Everyone in the book is based off of actual people who I know, actual people in the entertainment industry and artists, executives. This particular producer is a mogul and he’s struggling with whether or not he should come out of the closet.

XXL: What percentage of people in hip-hop do you think are on the down-low?

TD: I always say it’s about 50 percent. And even with me coming out, and everyone knows Hiding in Hip-Hop and me in the industry, I feel more and more men, and more and more people, who want to be a part of this industry, and they know I’m gay and I still get the propositions. And I’m like, “You do realize, I’m out. I’m gay.” And they’re like, “Oh, okay. I know. Am I going to be in book two?” And I’m like, “There’s no book two.” It’s almost like they’re begging for it.

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  • basedboy510

    Wow…. had no idea half the hip hop crowd is secretly gay.

  • bangaroo

    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! www.loot6.com

  • Sha

    Ummmm…. Why is XXL talking to this dude about Mr. Cee???? And on top of it this cat is presumptuous with his analysis. He doesn’t hold any facts and no one in hip-hop is checking what this dude is thinking other XXL. They just gave this dude a free plug for his fake-ass book.

    XXL…. No wonder you’re slippin’.

  • Avenger xl

    I think deans views are driven by sensationalism and spin. I agree hip-hop has become stagnant like almost every modern genre of music but that has more to do with the gate keepers focusing strictly on the club/street side of things and leaving intelligent discussion and hip-hop as a discussion tool in the cold. Lil B can be seen as a performance artist using a platform to make a statement or just a shock artist like a marylin manson of hiphop see tyler to creator and crew(wolf gang wolf gang). This is needed to shack things up a bit but the issue isn’t the old heads either because hip-hop needs the old heads to hold a certain line of crediblity so that cats like lil b can have something to play off of. Would you tell bb king he is antiquated no of course not but you will a hip hop artist because of your retarded views based on your double talking spin driven job. This guy is just another talking head too bad his head is empty

  • Mr. Jonez

    okay, we know that homos exist, but lets not promote diseased minds AND the downfall of hip-hop… take this article down because this is really gross and disturbing. if Lil B would have never titled his album that bs, this Terrence homo would NOT support his music, so lets be real… (Satan, laughing, spreads his wings…)

    • mocha

      your a bigot plain and simple. im sure you hide behind the bible promoting your hate. educate yourself. gay people are born gay. black people are born black. hating someone for sexual orientation or skin color is bigotry either way. its 2011 get over it ! do you really think you dont have freinds or family that are gay? if you do you are really dumb. who cares what adults do in thier bedroom or who they love. if you have a problem with gay people maybe your insecure about your own sexuality. usually the one who make the mostnoise and protest the most are hinding in the closet. something to think about !!

  • M1ssLA

    its funny how sum1 culd say bein bisexual is not “gay”, you cant sleep w/a woman & den turn around get done in da a$$ but not call urself gay, especially if its comin’ from da same sex. If a woman did dat, she would be consider “gay”, as well. So on dat note, I’m more den sure dere is dl rappers but da ones dat are gay on da low-low, stunt in dere lyrics anywayz. For example, your not goin to have a gay rapper cum out talkin about how he use to be a dope boy or a gangsta…REALLY! da shyt sound unreal….Dey exist & we know dis. Why put urself out dere like dat anywayz. HIP HOP is NOT how it USE to BE……HIP HOP BEEN DEAD ever since lyrics didn’t matter no more……nowadayz you got bullshyt on da radio……I LISTEN TO DAT BAC N DA DAYZ ISH…….IF DERE WERE GUD HIP HOP W/NICE LYRICS DEY GET NO PLAY TIME ANYWAYZ CUZ DA RADIO STATION PLAY CORNY A$$ SHYT…..HIP HOP BEEN GONE…..no offense to the gay community but lets be REAL………DERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SOFT RAPPERS…..take it how you want to take it but IF I WANTED TO LISTEN TO SUM1 SOFT (which I do sumtimes) R&B will be it or POP……I have gay friends & I have no problem w/gay folks. For example, dis so call rapper Lil B….garbage (in my opinion) not a lyricist to me……he culd try to cum up how he want but da shyt is not 4 a gud cause…I feel its a publicity stunt………KEEP IT 100 NINJA

    • jj

      you really sound dumb as hell the way you are spelling your words baby…REALLY! You sound a an ignorent nigger!!!!! come on love i know your smarter then that. Write and spell like you got a little education, i’m sure you were raised better then that. i’m sorry it was difficult trying to piece together what the hell you were trying to say. some people(like you) really make blacks seem like we have no kind of education what so ever. CHILDREN PLEASE!!!! dis instead of this; dat instead of that; cum instead of come; Really!!!!!!!!!

      • I’macritic

        “People that live in glass houses should not (ever) throw stones.”
        Ignorant is spelled with an “a” not an “e”! It’s “you’re smarter” not “your smarter”… etc! Suggestion: Proofread. “…a an NIGGER!”
        I digress…
        “Judge not lest you yourself be judged…”

        • Speakthetruth

          Amen. I was done reading the judgmental comment after reading your instead of you’re. If you are going to proofread, at least proof your own comment 1st geez. TD is speaking his opinion and like butt-holes, everyone has one. Terrence’s has been used for ingoing and outgoing traffic and if he likes that….good for him….that doesn’t mean we have to agree with that lifestyle. What people do in their bedroom is just that….bedroom activity………I don’t want to see PDAs from heterosexual people either and I think the origin and relevance of gayness is an idiotic discussion. The problem is that no one has relegated sexuality to their bedroom and everyone has made sexuality a public debate when it is really one of the most primitive acts between two consenting adults. Our society is backwards, delusional, hypocritical, and distracted from matters of importance. Same sex, opposite sex….whatever sex anything is NOT important to me and should be left in private quarters.

  • http://wordpress.com/drlovejones dr lovejones

    Is this dude crazy??? Being bi is and always has been synonymous with being gay. They are one in the same! I’m 35 years old and never in my life has it been fashionable in hip hop culture or in the black community for men to dress like faggs. It would take a gay writer to say something like that. There is no new generation of hip hop because as we all know, hip hop is dead and has been so for almost ten years. Just because pop artists may rap on their songs doesn’t mean its hip hop and just because a man who likes sex with men says he isn’t gay doesn’t mean he’s not.

    • mocha

      do you like to be called nigger ? not nigga but nigger? i dont think so. watch your self with calling people fags (its one g not 2 by the way ) you would think as a black man growing up with racism and all you woud you understand whats its like to be abused for something you have no control over. the only difference between gay people and black people is some gay people can hide the fact they are gay . racsim and homophobia are pretty much the same thing. hating someone for the color of thier skin or sexual orientation is bigotry either way. educate yourself . your 35 yrs old do you really think you dont have gay people in your family or as friends. your doing them and yourself a diservice by being a bigot

  • VReal

    I have to agree with Sha & M1ssLA, also why waste time on this when you could be promoting REAL underground hip hop.
    keeping it a 100 this is just another case of folks who don’t know what hip hop is about and with other interest trying to push that sh*t to any sucker who don’t know any better. P.S. ain’t nothing changed if you have sex with a man you are GAY!!!

  • SwaggerJesus

    In this comment section: Ignorantass homophobes. Get with the times.

  • calicat

    Lil B’s new album title is fucking brilliant. It totally brings out the worst hip-hop fans and makes them look utterly bigoted. How can “real” hip-hop fans say they don’t fuck with ignorant music but say ignorant shit like fuck gays and shit. You listen to hip-hop songs that fight racism, but when it comes to gay rights you say fuck that shit?! Hypocrisy at its best. And this is coming from a straight dude.


    You ppl obviously don’t know that bi=two which therefore yes they are bisexual as they prefer two genders, gay would mean they only like one gender! It’s not that difficult to work out, and how can you be on some satans laughing spreading his wings fuck ass bullshit when you can’t even distinguish bi-sexual from homosexual, much less turn around and tell them what it right or wrong!

  • Who Cares

    Let’s get some facts straight and i mean at this point it really doesnt matter. But i truely hate to see people in a position to be informative and still not ahve the right facts….CORRECTION…..Everybody and they’re mother know’s that Dame Dash & Jay-Z and the old Roc-A-Fella regime started the whole “Pause” thing. “No Homo” was definitely Cam’Ron and not Jim Jones! Let’s get these facts straight and let’s stop rambling just becuase there is a recorder or a mic in front of your face. Let’s use these media platforms correctly.

  • anthony

    Hey i’m appalled at Mr Cee yet it’s his buissness what I dont appreciate is this Dean homo motherfucker trying to promote this life style on the kids and xxl for promoting this bullshit to first our women are taken from us, spread drugs and disease through out every hood and bourough now you want to make these young men think it’s acceptable to be gay or bi or what ever the fuck you want to call it . Man im telling you the powers that be is using every trick in the book to annilate a culture it’s to bad know one is noticing this brothers talk to your children for real peace.