Soulja Boy Speaks on ‘Juice’ Remake & His Relationship With Diamond

Soulja Boy. Rapper. Internet sensation. Oscar winner? Yes, the Atlanta-based rapper is playing Bishop in the remake of the urban classic film Juice. Yet, don’t expect Soulja to share the screen with Denzel Washington any time soon. After releasing his Juice mixtape last week, Soulja is filming the mini-movie this week in Atlanta. In it, Soulja is about to sink his pearly whites into the infamous role that made 2Pac into an in-demand actor. Only time will tell if it will do the same for Soulja. caught up with the 20-year-old to discuss the Juice remake, Pac, and of course, his new relationship with Diamond. —Jesús Triviño Alarcón Why did you decide to remake Juice and not Boyz N The Hood?

Soulja Boy: The Juice thing went along with my mixtape. I got the idea first for the mixtape. Let me tell you the whole story, I was in California watching the Juice movie and I called my barber to get the Bishop haircut. Then I TwitPiced the photo and everybody went, “Ahh, man, Soulja got the Juice cut.” So I knew I had to make a mixtape. So I got in the studio and got with DJ Scream, recorded the mixtape. 450,000 downloads the first two days. After that I was like, I need to do this movie. If I do this movie and I play Bishop, I’ma tear it up, man. At the same time I’m promoting me doing music in a positive way but at the same time I’ll be breaking into the acting field. Basically, killing the bird with one stone so that’s why I picked the Juice thing.

XXL: So who’s writing the screenplay?

SB: With the screenplay Rage [Dale Resteghini] just came off a $15 million dollar movie with 50 called Gun that they shot. So they shooting the movie. Rage is the same director from “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”and “Kiss Me Thru the Phone.” I told them how I wanted it to be, but they shooting everything. We already had a couple of film festivals reach out trying to get the official premiere. The Bel Air Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival they want us to premiere the Juice film there. So we got a lot of options.

XXL: You’re shooting the film in Atlanta as opposed to New York but as far as the storyline are you sticking to the original script. For example, does Bishop still shoot the bodega owner?

SB: Actually that part is still happening where I shoot the dude in the head. There are just little details in the movie which are different. As far as the beginning of the movie they show Bishop’s nicer side where I see a little girl with her cat stuck in a tree. I get the cat. Then later on in the film when we’re about to go in and rob the bodega she sees me. I’m waiting for the last customer to walk out and she walks out and she looks at me in my eyes. I’m right there in the shadow with a gun, ‘bout to run into the store. Little things like that are different.

XXL: What did you particularly like about Pac’s role as Bishop?

SB: I was sitting and watching the movie and thought if I had to play anyone in the movie I had to play that part. I liked how 2Pac became the character. When he flipped out, that was my favorite character in the whole Juice movie.

XXL: You’ve obviously seen the film, have you’ve heard the soundtrack?

SB: Nah, I haven’t heard the soundtrack. I ain’t ever heard the Juice soundtrack.

XXL: You should really check it out. It’s one the best soundtracks of all time. Back to the remake, what role does Waka Flocka play? And who else is confirmed right now?

SB: He gon be part of my crew. He basically gon be my right hand man just like Raheem was. We start filming [today] in Atlanta but just confirmed right now it’s just me and Flocka.

XXL: Is the BET debut a done deal?

SB: We straight. That’s confirmed. We still got options on the table as far as where we’re going to premiere it. As far as TV, we still got BET on board.

XXL: The Internet is buzzing about you dating Diamond. Is it true?

SB: Ahh…yeah, it’s true.

XXL: How did y’all hook up?

SB: Man, I’ve been knowing Diamond for four years; ever since I came on the scene with “Crank That.” She’s been a cool individual and recently we started rocking heavy. Y’all already know (laughs).

XXL: Being that Diamond was engaged to Lil Scrappy, his mom is now attacking her in the press.

SB: Obviously, it’s stuff you gotta deal with when you’re a celebrity and in a relationship in the open. It don’t matter who girl it would’ve been. If you a celebrity and you dating people gonna talk. It is what it is.

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  • T

    This Juice remake cannot be allowed to happen.

    • Kanem

      Nuff said…I mean, the lil boy said he’s never even heard the soundtrack of the orignal movie!!! ANNND WACKA FLOCKA TOO?!?! SERIOUSLY?!

      • almaya

        rite soulja boy neva beat tupac, he just wastin his time

    • Shaebutta

      Yo, this sh*t just ruined my whole damn day. “Juice” was epic. Pac, Khalil Kain, Omar Epps, Treach, shit even Special Ed had a smooth cameo. How the f*ck you never heard “Uptown Anthem” ?!? This sh*t can NOT happen. Period.

      • ShawtPrincess

        lol u aint neva lied im so upset what a fukkin #FAIL this movie will be -___-

    • Bronx…..NY


  • yup yup




  • dowski


    I saw Juice and got Tupac’s haircut. When I realized other people have heard of this movie I decided to ride the shit out of it. I made a mixtape, but I’ve never hear the soundrack. Oh and I’m doing a remake with Wacka Flocka! Holy Shit!

  • PleaseDontDoIt

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO John Singleton cant let this go down smfh

  • Stop

    Wow, soulja boy and waka in the remake……….this shit is gonna suck

  • Bart

    Don’t do it!!

  • rutlo

    i love to see that the true heads are bloggin but lethim do it first then we can shit on em

    • ace

      nah man the point is to do it right the first time.

  • migz

    didnt even know this was happening til i read this article, gotta try to forget and i hope i never see this. soulja bitch gonna fuck this movie up

  • Q461

    God, he is going to butcher a classic film ( and I don’t even hate Soulja like that) Waka acting?? I didn’t know dude could even speak properly…

    Juice soundtrack had classic jams on there: Naughty-uptown anthem, Is it good to you-Tedd Riley, Eric B and Rakim-know the ledge, Big Daddy Kane-Nuff Respect, Too Short- So you wanna be a Gangster etc…

    Once again Soulja Boy’s publicist steered dude wrong. Shoulda had lil homey listen to the soundtrack before the interview. For a young rapper dude has very limited knowledge of hip-hop past. He said the same shit about Ice-T how he never heard his music before he’s just “an ol ass nigga”. This dude considers 50 old school smh…

    • $yk

      naw Q…..

      “XXL: You’ve obviously seen the film, have you’ve heard the soundtrack?

      SB: Nah, I haven’t heard the soundtrack. I ain’t ever heard the Juice soundtrack.”


      cats thirsty for a chance to be like Tupac, when the story is about a DJ…who’s doing the dj battle scenes…

      let me help y’all youngins out…go get Lex Lugar, make this “Juice” remake about him wanting to produce beats and has a battle of beats against Scram Jones, Alchemist, & Araab Muzik on the MPC and then SB and Waka can get their “Bishop” on robbing the barbershop a la Brisco style. Straight to DVD status distributed by 50′s Cheetah company.

      • Q461

        LMAO yo you make some good points, just b watching the movie you hear the music that is in it…And that shit was bangin. .. He’s a fool. They even had a whole scene where Q is DJ battling and theres nothin but music amd scratching…

        And yup..The movie isn’t really about Bishop, Omar Epp’s character is the only one that lives at the end. I don’t hate on Soulja Boy, but he’s gotta learn how to do interviews and make a mature comment or response eventually…

        • $yk

          one of his henchmen should have told him put the juice down and chill. this has #epicFAIL written all over it.

          and lmao @ dude up there saying let him do it so the populous can sh^t on him…all I’m saying is son don’t need this on his resume…say “juice inspired” not “remake”…

          but yo…a MUSICIAN, who is supposed to have an ear for MUSIC, didn’t hear the soundtrack, THE BACKGROUND MUSIC OF A MOTION PICTURE? ESPECIALLY when it BEGINS and ENDS with said MUSIC? and you KNOW he probably saw it on an ill HD with a banging SOUND SYSTEM too.

          xxl put up a vote thread on this one, front page it so we can tell lil’ man don’t commit this blasphemous act

          • ????

            he didn’t hear the whole track obviously…

          • Nyezi

            i agree mate. i think really XXL needs to put this on cover page so we can comment. this dude’s gonna make a fool of himself. plus he will be disrespecting the LEGEND, PAC…
            why cant the hip hop cats like Nas, Rakim, Cube, Snoop and Dre say something about this???

        • Marleys Son

          steel survived the shots

      • DV

        “cats thirsty for a chance to be like Tupac, when the story is about a DJ…who’s doing the dj battle scenes…”

        They are gonna make it a dance off instead, lol.

  • normal person

    they better not spit on pacs legacy like this, its a travesty for everything he stood for if this happens

  • HU

    I have never heard a positive comment about this clown from anyone ever. So who the hell is getting behind outrageously bad ideas like this? Why is Soulja Boy still around? Who the fuck are his fans? And why in the hell would The Sundance Film Festival have interest in an obviously horrible movie that’s still filming?

  • francis nasim

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah-soulja blu versus baby-getem new money.u a shade tree-ima leave u

  • Mrs. M-A

    Wtf! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont re-make JUICE. Especially wit Soulja Boy as Bishop. Hell Naw. Fuck no soula aint even hard enough

  • Mz Saint Louie

    what N he hell and the fuck is that? They should have asked the world before they started that, soulja aint hood as Pac.

  • Roe

    Serious beats for Serious artists @

  • krime

    Soulja Boy:”Basically, killing the bird with one stone so that’s why I picked the Juice thing.” LMFAO!!!!

    Did NONE of you illiterate niggaz notice him say this in the LAST sentence of his FIRST response???!!!! Holy shit i almost died laughing when I read that!! This nigga Soulja boy a straight dumb ass! LOL I guess no one told him its “killing TWO birds with ONE stone”!

  • nelly nells

    I’m really not gon come out and just shit on soulja boy but hey everybody who’s dropped a comment is right about one thing juice is a CLASSIC hip-hop movie (as you see emphasis on the word CLASSIC). PLEASE *on bended knees* john singleton don’t allow this disrespect to hip-hop. how can a bitch like soulja boy who SING bitch music wake-up and say he wann do tupac. Pac gon roll in the grave. hey boy just stick to the ringtone rap_ i ain’t mad at ya *in tupac’s voice*
    p.s_ he ain’t even heard the soundtrack WTF!!!

  • paperboy


  • fuck soulja boy

    fuck soulja boy!! he is fucking this up, what is wrong with this fucking kid, some OG’s tell that nigger to stop this!!!




  • WTF

    Why does this dude think that a haircut is a justifiable reason to “remake” 2 Pac’s role in Juice?

    Why didn’t the interviewer blast this “rapper” for not being familiar with the soundtrack?

    Will this haircut make Soulja Boy want to remake New Jack City, so he can be Nino Brown?

  • JAY


  • SC

    This is some str8 bullshit. Juice is a fuckin classic and u already know Soulja Boy is gonna fuck it up. And he got Waka Flocka bitch ass in it too. Somebody need to put a stop to this.

  • Tony

    I’m HIGHLY fucking irritated at this coonery. Two Nigg-ers (I’m black so no racism) gonna make a remake of a CLASSIC. Tupac and the rest took this movie seriously because the original was much more relevant back then, Sooulja Bitch and Waka Fucka are gonna act like two dumbass clowns and have NO REASON for making a remake. Soulja’s song “Juice” is the same repeated line and somehow it’s related to Juice? Nigga’s don’t even know the true meaning of Juice, yet they making a remake? Fuck out of here. Apocalypse is here.

  • king troy

    man this is to crazy to believe 1.the movie is a classic u dont c people remakin scareface and menace to society. 2. soulja boy doesn’t show none of the same attribute that pac did pac was a natural born goone soulja boy is a lil dude who would look dumb as hell tryin to be hard. 3. waka uhhh no n doin it in atl no these cats is stupid dumb retarted wowwwwwwwwwww

  • Tello

    wtf…..its crazy how yall always got some negative to say….like man shit is crazy how about he cant fuck pac movie up wit what he about to do……i mean damn give a mufucka a chance…..neva on dese bloggin sites do i see somebody say something postitive always some bull shit that shit get under my skin……i mean really how tha fuck can he fuck a classic up …..everybody know juice the shit and can never be replaced with another version…..he just got a idea he wants to do…..DAMN at the end of tha day he got money to do wtf he wanna do anyway and dnt give a fuck about none of our comments… they always say if nothin positive dnt say shit at all

  • Dagga

    Hollywood has no ideas anymore.. How very disrespectful that this dude even thinks he could follow 2Pac in that role.. If this remake is made, its going to sell worse than his last album !!! & Waka ??? I like him a rapper but I KNOW he can’t act for shit !!!!

    #What has this world come to??

  • imperialshalom

    Don’t get mad people….let this nigga hang himself. After he does this his career is over….couldn’t sell albums so his hungry ass has to pull a stunt

  • tyrese…please please please….stick to riding around on electric skateboards with your swag..although you may be the same age as Pac, and Omar when they shot this movie..them dudes were on a whole nother level…certain movies do not need to have a sequel..or remade…

  • daysha

    i love u soulja boy, and i want to see u and .yes i like juice me and my brother like juice and we we like the video

  • Dope Daddy

    didnt mind his corny rappin and dancin to get his money. now he wants to play Bishop – the role made legendary by 2Pac?

    what’s next justin bieber as O-Dog in Menace II Society?

    soulja boy better off doing a remake of poetic justice.

  • dope daddy

    Soulja Boy said the remake of JUICE “will show a softer side to his character Bishop, with a few variations on the original script.” WTF – softer side of Bishop? Soulja Boy playin the role of Bishop? FUK DAT! what’s next justin bieber as O-Dog in Menace II Society? soulja boy better off doing a remake of poetic justice.

  • iHateHaters

    Soulja Boy – I Love My Haters

  • TheInfidel

    Damn shame what they did to that dog…

  • G

    “Kill the bird with one stone.”

    Am I the only one that laughed at this?

  • Mann

    wtf! Come on, u too damn skinny for one and u ain’t no gangsta! PAC played a role he lived, u can never be bishop! U look like a Gay ass grammar school kid, they cant be serious about this shit happening, mocking a classic.

  • Mann

    And take another look at the pic on this site son, look at urself in the mirror…u bout a buck and sum change, u poses like a lil bitch. U better seriously think about what u bout to have these dumb ass people behind put out here in tha land. Niggas ain’t gon respect u 4 shit! Kill the bird wit one stone nigga? KILL URSELF!

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  • ayeee

    stop beeing a hater he doing his thing makin money

  • http://none ernest

    mane get ur fucking money fuck these haters crankthat souljaboy my nigga lol kmsl

    • jennifer

      i swear cause at the end of da day he still got more money den dey can even count or eva had in dey life time…goofies

  • GeorgiaiBoy

    It’s like a bad dream,somebody punch me. Juice is the second best G-Movie if all-time followed only be Menace II Society. It’s epic & legendary, how in the HELL can they let these two little kids F’ it up. I wander if they even seen the movie.How can you be a artist & not know about the history. I still rock my CD!

  • vipin saklani

    Nice story of DJ………………………Thanks Dj Friends

  • damackofemall

    oh hell no how da fuck u finna put a weak ass nigha like souljah boy in a role tupac played how da fuck thiz shit happen real talk #weakasfuck

  • jennifer

    man y yall on soulja boy like dat… lik okay yall cant dwn the man fa tryin somethin new dats just wrong!

  • General Mecca

    I swear please dont let this bitch ass nigga soulja boy do this to a classic let alone flocka slow ass! Islam Jiwe Penda

  • paapa

    pls give him a chance

  • Montrell Jackson

    yal some fucking hater’s . THis movie might beh hot ! HATER’S YAL MAKE MEH FUCKING SICK MANE

  • Hip Hop Honkey

    OK, seriously any rapper or R&B singer needs to own this soundtrack. Secondly, any rapper who is going to re-make the most famous hip hop movie of all time, and then do the whole soundtrack with mixtapes, needs to especially have heard the soundtrack. How hard is it to get the cd and listen to it in your car or while getting ready one day? I owned that on tape and probably got it stuck in my boombox 50 times! How about doing even 1 hour worth of research before trying to get rich copying a classic. There is no reason to remake this movie. Period. If you want to steal a story, try to adapt something that was different. Dude tries to act like he is being original, because they add 1 scene to the movie. Then he goes and blabs about every detail that is different from the original. Why should we even watch it? As much as I think this movie is going to suck, at least I would have more respect if it came from a true fan. If you just casually watched this movie once I don’t think you’ve earned enough stripes to remake it with your buddy and the dude who directs your corny rap videos. If you can’t take time to even listen to the soundtrack, I am insulted that you want me to listen to your mixtape and watch your movie. Do your homework, kid. Wanna get your acting chops? Contact movie producers, tv producers, etc. You’ve got an in and can land some roles. You don’t need to launch your career like this. I’d respect if he went about it right. Even something semi-original like making an off-broadway play re-make of Juice. Then you could have been a trail blazer and credited with helping popularize theatre in the black community. Soulja Boy is just a wanna be. I can’t wait until he comes out with cd’s singing all of 2Pac’s, Biggie’s, LL’s, etc. greatest hits. I’m sure this endeavor will endear you to the rappers with some cred and to true hip hop fans.

  • truepacfan

    of all people i can see boosie doin bishop part the truest nigga in the game like pac all he gotta do is really get his acting skills up and i can see dat of all people.

  • JLiRD808

    WTF….it all started with that fkn haircut??? u got ur mixtape dl’d and THOUGHT “I GOTTA REMAKE THIS MOVIE”???!. Doood ur head stuck so far up ur own ass u dont even know it.

    I actually cant wait till this movie comes out so ppl can start TRASHIN it 4 real ala Belly 2.


    yo these niggas must be on some shit, why the fuck would u remake a classic like juice…first off remaking something should be done in a way that u can hardly tell the difference in story and setting of the original and new one… now why would u do this movie in punkass atl when it was originally in harlem? wtf is good with this crackhead… and soulja as bishop? he must be smoking, that skinny lil crackhead, and fuck waka he cant even talk right wtf, he a punk bitch too… they dying for respect and to make it known that ATL is “hard” by trying to remake it in ATL, smh these cats are gonna kill the classsic

  • kewani


    • kewani

      Oh,shit… They should neva allow this to happen…that is disrespectful, he killed the hip hop music, now we got few hood black movies. One of them is juice…He is messin up that too. WTF? Ey…this is some serious shit…real hip hop heads we gotta stop this!

  • So Sincere

    as long as they dont touch the second best flick between paid in full and belly im straight even tho this is a blow to the gut seeing this shit

  • kk1234

    naww yall just trpping let the kid be if he wants to make a movie why not i understand the movie was a class and 2 pac did great but come on everyone deserves a chance and yes i am a teenager and to see that movie done again by an artist like soulja would be really good and im sure all my friends would see it 2 like real talk. i loved this movie i thing it should be done again in my generation and it will forsure become a classic again.

  • celebrity without makeup

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  • Fangaz

    Soulja boy could never play bishop if Pac was okay with it !!!!!!
    And waka flacka is raheem ??? Come on they gonna ruin a classic like shits not cool 