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  • EdwardDigital

    This is really weird to me. In this same interview P says petty beef is stupid and doesn’t make money. So what’s with the Sai hate?

  • http://xxl 40water619

    smh… not on our level. the only reason we would even care is cuz the music. and P ain’t had any relevant music in forever. saigon is killin ya’ll(music fool. m o b is damn near 20yrs removed from the streets. who you tryin to kid. lol). period.

  • Rev

    Prodigy is full of negativity sense he’s been back. writing books calling capone a snitch and talkin about how they jumped Nore, and calling Sai a flea, and throwing lil silly subliminals at Jayz on his SUPER BORING EP called Bumpy johnson or something like that. P needs to work on getting better beats from Hav and Alch and stop trying to ignite beef with niggas who arent trying to be negative towards him. Crazy.

  • deshawn

    this nigger think because he got some guns now that he doing something NIGGA PLEASE just get back to making muzic and stop trying to be HARD !!!!!JAY-Z chopped his ASS up he still acting like a FUCKING KID GET TO RAPPING. oh yeah U can’t now MORE U still sound 2000 these boys out here killing U!!!!!