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  • SharkFaceGANG


  • 206ickness

    I’d say Macklemore should be on 2012′s Freshman list, but there are 2 problems with that… 1. He’s much more than a Freshman. 2. he’s undoubtedly better than 8 of this years 11, i would argue better than all of em. Congrats to Macklemore tho, dudes blowin up. 206

  • Logan Lee

    Macklemore is mos def on the rise!
    But, people should do the history on
    this kid that reps Sea-town so well!
    get into his fist LP release, Language of
    my world, hella Fresh!~

    • 206ickness

      language of my world was ill. hold your head up, i said hey and white privillage are 3 of his best songs. i can’t wait for his new project. oh and off LOMW remeber high school. sooo good

      • David

        If you check out his CD before Language of My World, the Open Your Eyes album, he has such a different style and flow, its amazing how much he has evolved.

  • D-Money

    Finnaly a toast for the Fresh Coast!