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  • LMAO

    One of the wackest joint i’ve ever heard.

    Most funny part is that ross really look like a cop.
    Donut eating m-fu*ker.

    And wayne, F*** is wrong with you? problably liked jail and dropped the soap with purpose.

  • http://youtube-KonnectdRecords L

    Man I tell ya….these dudes is more funny than BET COMIC VIEW in the 90′s….who buys this music? and I just was looking at the hot boyz cover from back in the day….NOT WEARING RED? Fu#kin wanna be’s. B

  • http://xxlmag Real as Ever

    @LMAO u sound pretty WACK yo damn self! GTFOH miss me wit the lame a$$ Sh*t u talking bout, this song goes super hard. U probalby like Wayne & Ross that’s why u made that wack a$$ comment! SOUTH FOREVER WE HERE 2 STAY

    • jamesoshea91

      dude this song is wack asfuck. nothing here is new. its waynes same old ” i fucked the world and the game lkek they are girls, and have guns and money” everything here is recycled right down to the bitten beat.

  • francis nasim

    one time maan -i seen this dude right—maaan he say “fifty cent”. n the crowd went wild man.i told him isay-isay retire half a billion on his bit h ass right? isay-go home after taxes to new york wit a 100,000,000-man he told me i need jesus.good luck diddy eminem hirin n jay need a personally,ima b a book writer i cant deal wit it