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  • T

    I swear everyone at XXL is stupid. Fuck Lil B. Words mean everything, and he finally admitted he’s gay.

  • Nick

    lil b music is garbage..

  • Phil

    ^Are you a fucking idiot?how about you get off your fucking hater’s dick youre riding,stop thinking that the real hip hop society only consist of these other rappers you dickride such as j.cole,big sean and other great rapper and just add Lil B to that category.Then actually,if you put your fucking ear on lil b’s music,you’d realize he speaks real life.So,please,get the fuck off the hate nigga,its 2011.spread peace and love,faggot.

    • Bob

      Yes hoes on my dick cuz i look like (insert famous person here) speaks about real life.

      • dkei

        ya since thats the only type of music he puts out??? fucking dumbass. listen to all of b before you hate, not just his party songs

    • PolishPrince

      @Phil Your a fuckin idiot, quit your bitchin trailer trash.

  • TonyTiger

    That nigga B is real! But he supposedly got alot of projects coming out. I’m still waiting from Glass Face.

  • Bp

    Anybody who supports this shit is also gay and showing how much they are influenced by the simplest shit. Fucking disgrace to the genre of hip hop with this album title. I don’t care if yall think he can rap or not, it’s a joke and shouldnt be allowed to be labeled as ‘hip-hop’.

  • YoungBeezySODMG

    he aint gay its juss to let the haters know that he dont care about wat dey can say

  • ME > T

    U MAAAAAAAD, he prolly fucked your bitch hahaaa

  • Phil

    @Bp Lol bruh who are you to judge?you prolly fucking live in the fucking projects or some rich ass white neighborhood making THOUSANDS of dollars less than Lil B.Do you really think anyone gives a fuck about the hatred comments you have to say?spread positivity nigga.You’re a small ass third class nigga talking shit about rich men,wtf?go kill yourself.

    • Bp

      hypocritical statement as far as judging people goes. you dont know my income hoe. and be relevant to the subject, you went off into a completely different tangent about money classes.
      all i said is that this shit is a disgrace to hip hop. you know how many OG’s in the game are embarrassed by this joke of an album name. you easily influenced bitch.
      if anybody on this fucking thread had real common sense and understood the progress of hip hop and its digression the last few years with bullshit such as this, then you wouldnt co-sign an album called ‘Im Gay’.
      you cant be seriously proud to say that you listened to an album with that name. now please respond with a relevant comment and stick to the subject instead if guessing a motherfuckers money class.

      • Buddy

        Hey, it’s 2011, and you still suck. Homophobic loser.

  • ellisD

    everyone already knew this dude was gay. i mean look at his videos, the dude’s mad feminine and fruitier than rupaul with all them tightass clothes. i don’t care if he’s gay. the dude still can’t rap. he’s been doing the mixtape game for 5 years now and gotten nowhere so it’s time he bust out more gimmicks. everyone knew this guy was gay, hell, any real niggas know this dude was on some homo swag. only white kids was convinced this dude liked girls but hey look at his quotes from interviews, he mentions how he might fuck a girl in her mouth or in her ass but he doesn’t even mention the pussy. so yeah he’s def gay but more importantly a garbage rapper with nothing to say, but WHITE KIDS LOVE IT so prepare to see his fruity like starburst ass @ more indie music/art festivals

  • Josh

    @Bp I Guess You’re One Of Those “Hard Core True Hip Hop Fans” Gtf Off Your High Horse And Understand That Hip Hop Is Not Only Biggie , Tupac , Snoop Dogg , & Nas ….

  • Kobe

    Anyone who thinks lil B is even a decent rapper is a fuckin clown. Dudes “music” is a disgrace to anything called music before him. He’s a fuckin gimmick making money off of idiots like those that support him just because they think he’s “based” and “positive”. Not understanding that he’s only saying this shit to get attention and to get dumbasses like those who think he’s the greatest thing since sliced fuckin bread to buy his shit and eat it up. If you like this nigga put your hand on your head and push it forwards, he’s a lame, and you’re a fucking lame.

  • Antman

    @BP, why the hate? is being “real hip hop” about trying to front an image of hyper-masculinity and denouncing anything that doesn’t fit some made up image of hip hop? if B wants to say fuck the haters and name an album “I’m Gay”, then so be it. let’s be real here, being “hood”, “hard”, “real” or whatever people say is “true hip hop” is just something supported by a small facet of the community, not the genre as a whole. if you’re saying that all rappers have to be hard or serious all the time, you’re pretty much limiting the genre and keeping it from reaching it’s full potential artistically. there’s been weird-ass artists in rock, jazz, etc., why not hip hop?

  • Pb

    @Bp uh oh, old nigga comin’ through, and he mad!

  • sincity252

    people who attack homophobia are fucking gay anyhow you look at it

  • #Based

    You Haters Jus Mad Because He Never Eff’d Yo Bitch

  • bob

    The hypocrisy with the haters is hilarious. Lil Wayne actually does gay shit like kiss Baby on the lips but no one calls him out on it as hard as they do Lil B. And Lil B is only saying this shit to be controversial. He has stated multiple times that he loves women isn’t a homo.

  • Edward

    i got love for lil b but dats fucked if i say im gay niggas think i am but he say he gay and niggas ok wit fuck dat bullshit but i guesz it all bout who you are

  • caino

    Lil B’s sexuality does not intrest or bother me ijn the slightest, what does bother me , is the wack music l have heard from him……….oh and l still laugh when he got cold clocked from his ‘homie’.

  • Phil

    Yes! Finally he admits it. I thought about this when I was leaving work yesterday.

    Boss: “Go home early today.”

    Me: “Shit, you don’t gotta tell me twice.” (walks out the door with a massive erection soon to be beat down by his right hand)

  • AV

    HEY LIL B your gay dude, but noone cares cause you raps suck. you need better word play cause your ruining all the good beats you got talkin about this dumb shit. now your gonna be rappin at a fag festival.