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  • mayo

    Cole World

  • Jay money

    now if anyone puts a bad comment up bout my dude cole im a come see about you cause this nigga got it, when his album drop its over the game changing

  • Mickey F

    This nigga aint nothin special. he kinda wack

    • Hip Hop Addict

      You haven’t herd nothing yet so shut your fuckin mout go listen to some weezy gay ass fuckin bitch

  • SoulSmith

    J. Cole is changing the game…period.

  • macha

    j cole got the talent 2 b the next biggie! COLE WORLD!!!!

  • franicis nasim

    i just bought fabolous catalogue as well as llcool j 8 cds each.i wanna learn-my team-in too deep-also the brat-we need one more from my home the bay to make us

  • Realist UpNorth

    On real I been listening to J-Cole since warm-up mixtape and friday night lights and a couple of others… this mans is gunna be a legend believe he doesn’t rap about irrelevant bullshit this dudes a story-teller and even tells true shit that happens to him… This is one rapper- artist i will be watching close his debut album will be a CLASSIC, BELIEVE THAT.. COOOOOLE WORLD