I Got the Hook Up: XXL Ranks Hip-Hop’s Most Efficient Hook Specialists

11.R. Kelly
Guest Hooks on Rap Singles: 19
Guest Hooks on No.1 Singles on Billboard Hot 100: 0
Guest Hooks on Top 40 Singles on Billboard Hot 100: 8
Peak Position: No.2 (Diddy’ “Satisfy You”)
Batting AVG: 421
Slugging Percentage: 158
Hooked Up: Cassidy (“Hotel”), Young Jeezy (“Go Getta”), Snoop Dogg (“That’s That Shit”)
Grammys from Hook Ups: 0

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  • http://www.justice.gov.za Tshilidzi

    Oh No!…………Nate Dogg runs this sh*t!!!!
    You know Cee-loo got to be in there with the best.
    T-pain is Akon’s protege’ ..so i will give it to the later!!! Apologies if i did’nt mention any of ur favourites but i stand by my list……….!

    My stomach hurts so i’m looking 4 a purse to snatch!!!

  • FuckThisList

    Garbage ‘Ranking’ System. A person could skew the ‘effienciency’ however they want to make whoever they want to be No. 1.

  • JFresh

    Whoever made this list is an idiot. Lil Wayne and Drake both top 10? Drake top as number 3? Nate Dogg at number 16? That doesn’t even begin to make sense

    • JFresh

      I forgot to add Akon was only number 17. Top 5 should be: Men| 1. Nate Dogg 2. Akon 3. T-Pain 4. R. Kelly 5. Pharell
      Women| 1. Ashanti 2. Faith Evans 3. Mary J. Blige 4. Rihanna 5. Lil Mo

      Honorable Mention| Sleepy Brown, Chris Brown, Chrisette Michele, Ne-Yo, Jamie Foxx, The-Dream, John Legend, Trey Songz, and more

  • Lord Maximusson

    Here’s what the real list should be (Or look more like)
    1. Nate Dogg (The Original hook master and has numerous classics)
    2. Akon (Pretty consistent)
    3. Rihanna (Almost every song she’s on hits top 10 status)
    4. T-Pain (Could’ve been higher, but over saturation screws him over)
    5. Mary J. Blige (Queen of Hip-Hop)
    6. Ne-Yo
    7. Pharell
    8. Chris Brown
    9. R. Kelly
    10. Joe
    11. Ashanti (Could be higher but not a whole lot of recent work)
    12. Jamie Foxx
    13. The Dream
    14. Trey Songz
    15. John Legend
    16. Sleepy brown
    17. Lil Mo
    18. Usher
    19. K-C & JoJo (Only have a couple of hooks, but they’re both 2pac classics)
    20.Lauryn Hill
    21. Alicia Keys (Not really a hook artist, but has good hooks to her credit)
    22. 112
    23. Chrisette Michele
    24. 50 Cent
    25. Tie between Kid Cudi/Mr. Hudson

  • Chaka

    @Lord Maximusson, Broda u 4got to throw in the likes of Butch Cassidy(Got lots of hot hooks 2 his credit),Kokane,Kelly Price(was on almost every album in the late 90s & early years of this century),Ja Rule(yeah him),Carl Thomas


    first off how are the Black Eyed Peas on the rap charts second of all theres no question nate is 1 second has to be akon

  • The187Worm

    XXLMAG can suck my dick!..Nate is #1….fuck this whole magazine…your all pieces of shit…your mommas are all cunts

  • marcos

    nate dogg should have been ranked way higher. nate dogg is the master of hooks. nobody does it better!

  • No Name

    Nate Dogg, Pharoahe, Cee-Lo, Alicia Keys and Missy aren’t in the top ten for……what reason exactly?

  • DavySupafly

    lol XXL editors need to stop smokin crack nate dogg deserves # 1 spot

  • Dick B.

    Mostly a group full of bea-itchs with a couple exceptions.
    will.i.am is so damn purple
    Drake and Trey Songs look like they have a love affair going on

  • Alex

    Wheres Krizz Kaliko at? he got snubbed like this was the NBA All-Star game or The Pro Bowl

    • MzTamiami

      Right!! “Strange” minds think alike!!

  • MzTamiami

    Umm….Where is Krizz Kaliko?? Strange Music Label – baddest voice in the game and not just a “HOOK MAN”. He can hold his own on the mic – rapping or singing. Don’t sleep….

  • ethan

    krizz kaliko from strange music

  • Gee Ess

    bogus list…just wasted 5 min of my life…smfh

  • Nash

    Did all you ignoramuses care to look at the requirements the XXL Ed specified?

    Till ya’ll publish your own magazines with whoever (your Gran incl) who you FEEL should qualify, SHUT UP and put up, before spewing uneducated, incoherent BS.

    • El Tico Loco

      Just remember those requirements don’t make for a true best.

  • http://urls.ly/OXh mav

    now that lil mos washed up she should come holla at me and put them lips to work i gotta couple hundred and a kush blunt for her…

  • Jak


  • Chuck

    I would love to know who put this BS list together so I can smack FIRE out their dumb ass!!!! Nate Dogg at 16?!?!?! Drake at 3?!?!?!? WTF?!?!?! C’MON SON!!!! XXL has just lost all credibility in my eyes….