He Got Game: Freddie Gibb’s Favorite NBA Players

Derrick Rose
Right now my number one guy is definitely Derrick Rose. I look at Derrick Rose and I see he’s reminiscent of Mike, you know what I mean? When I was watching Mike as a little boy. And plus, Derrick Rose is from Chicago, he from the hometown, so it’s love to see somebody come up from my area and play for the Bulls and take them this far. They won 60 games this year. It’s an honor, man. You know, Derrick Rose is definitely an inspiration to a lot of people around our area. So, I definitely got to say Derrick Rose is my number one player to watch. He’s definitely the best point guard in the league.

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  • francis nasim

    you lik zay-b?what about snoop?

  • realnes317

    Lebron gon get dat ring dis year fuck rose and all the hype!!!!

  • A.K.

    Kobe Bryant
    Lebron James
    Derrick Rose
    Dwayne Wade
    Carmelo Anthony
    Dwight Howard
    Kevin Durant & Russel Westbrook
    Chris Paul

    Lakers 3 peat this year. Holla

  • 619

    Gibbs says Rose is from his hometown. Everyone knows Gibbs from Gary, Indiana. His hometown is the Pacers hahaha

    • screagle

      no, you jackass. his hometown would be the Bulls. Gary is 20 minutes from downtown Chicago and is part of the Chicago metro area. kinda like Newark and New York

      • 619

        No, you jackass, Indiana is a state in case you didn’t know jackass

        • 619

          Chicago is in Illinois jackass

          • screagle

            let me put this in terms you can understand: comparing gary/chicago to gary/indiana is like comparing compton/la to compton/san francisco. you’re a californian so maybe that will sink in

        • popQ

          some of you are dumb its the sam as people from newark NJ say they from the newoyrk area and people in like camden new jersey is the philadelphia area that why the newyork jets and gianst are able to call there selves the newyork even tho there stadiums are located in new jersey its basically the same thing with gary indiana and chicago illianois

          • brickcharm

            First of all people from the bricks (newark) don’t say there from New York were from Jersey were we have are own identity! We might be in the New York metropolitan area but we don’t claim New York.. all that other internet talk is for you lames.

      • 619

        Let me put this in terms you can understand screagle, in Cali we got somethin called LOYALTY. Wherever you’re from that might not make sense. Basically you said if you’re 20 minutes from somethin you claim it even if it’s not in the same state hahaha! That’s like me sayin I live 20 minutes from the border so I’m gonna start cheerin for Team Mexico hahahahaha

        • 619

          And listen to how stupid you sound: “comparing gary/chicago to gary/indiana is like comparing compton/la to compton/san fransisco”. 1st off gary is a part of indiana dumb ass, chicago is not; 2nd compton is a part of la county, not a neighboring state like chicago is in; 3rd compton and san fransisco are at least 6 hours apart which would be like 4 or 5 states away in your country bumpkin world. Did you learn any geography in school?

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    I usually don’t have an opinion of other people’s opinions But come on son.

    1. Aldridge did not make the all start team.
    2. portland’s pointers?
    3. Blake Griffin is more like kemp.

    • Tru Talk

      I think Aldridge made the all star game as a replacement due to one of the original 12 got injured but I may be wrong…

    • hustlelikerussle


  • trav clinton

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  • robbimelvin@gmail.com

    This guy just listed like the top 10 players in the NBA as his favorites. What kind of shit is that.

    • swag

      How is Shannon brown anywhere in the top 10? But anyway rose been gettin rode lebron is the best ppl forget he was the leading scorer b4 he started sitting like 15 games before the playoffs… Let’s b real lebron gettin a ring dis yr did u c bosh game 1? It’s over

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Tshilidzi

    Not in numerical order

    *Blake Griffin is such a marvel 2 ignore
    *Westbrook & Durant – those 2 r thunder….u hear
    *Derick Rose ….of course
    *Myself…………….what a team!

  • DavySupafly

    lol I like Freddie Gibbs and I like his music but I really dont give a fuck about his favourite basketball players this is music website not a fuckin sports blog

  • the one

    new freddie gibbs and young jeezy song click on link to hear