Five MCs That Will Be Sober on 4/20

Despite popular opinion, not everyone in the hip-hop world is a member of the smoker’s club. Sure, we can’t deny that rap music may be the most weed-obsessed genre in music history, but there are quite a few key players whose eyeballs stay as white as Vanilla Ice’s bare backside (pause). So this 4/20, while ya’ll light one up and get ready to take off, here’s a lil reading material for your flight. XXL proudly presents, five MC’s that will definetly be sober today.

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    Em has been clean and sober for close to three years now. With the immense success of his last album (2010’s <em>Recovery</em> sold over 3,800,000 units, was nominated for 10 Grammys and catapulted the Detroit lyricist back into the forefront), it is undeniable that fans would rather see Shady on the road to <em>Recovery</em> instead of on his way to another <em>Relapse</em>.
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    Per the terms of his probation, Weezy will have to leave the weed, booze and sizzurp alone for the next three years. For those that haven’t realized the self-described martian definetly seems a lot more down to earth these days.
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    Fif has stated on numerous occasions that he has stayed drug and alcohol free since signing with Shady Records. Few would argue that it hasn’t paid off—since entering the game, the G-Unit General has made a name for himself as one of the richest men in the industry. We’ll smoke to that.
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    Jay didn’t lie when he proclaimed, “I’m focused, man,” While he has admitted to enjoying a lil toke here and there, Jiggaman doesn’t really burn it down like that. He’s too busy making money. Forreal forreal.
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    <em>XXL</em>’s May 2011 cover star is a strict Muslim. That means no alcohol, no groupies and of course, no sticky icky. Did we mention he can rap his ass off.

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    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!

    • Mamuatula Comin’ 4 Ross

      Shut that crap up fool!

      • xfgf

        Vanessa, has got a million-aire lover on

        — LoveWealthy * C/-0 m– Karen, who is 27 yrs old, marr ied with a we alt hy CEO with the help of this c lu b too. Will you be the next? :P :P

  • me

    relapse was better..

    • Pazzy

      THANK YOU, someone that finally agrees

      • 3rd coast astro

        y’all are both actually retarded. smh

        • Dead President

          hahaha i agree 2 disagree wit those 2 fools

  • frances

    aww Lupe’s so loveable <3 and i'm pretty sure Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole don't smoke either..but idk like they've both spoken on it in songs

  • No Name

    A great man once said “…that’s mo’ for me!”

  • Flagz

    Where the fuck is Hopsin. He’s DOPE AS FUCK and he’s SMOKE AND DRINK FREE. Since Forever..

    • josh


  • black jesus

    straight edge pussies

  • Tshilidzi

    That means no alcohol, no groupies and of course,………… no sticky icky.
    Is almost Easter……….so y not?

  • oskamadison

    Here’s 5 more who probably didn’t burn it down yesterday

    1. Redman
    2. Meth
    3. Snoop
    4. B Real
    5. Wiz Khalifa



    NO WONDER lupe so focused and his thoughts right.. niggaz should a lil on that kush and be focused on making good real music

  • xxlfiend

    hmm…..i wonder if snoop was sober on 4/20? LMAO