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  • Twiin

    He got paid to say that! LMMAO

    • Brutally Honest

      I was just about to say the same thing, when I saw the post; c’mon son!!!!!! Mista Cee was arrested two times before, for the same thing. You they trying to fool

      • Phil

        And a super big up to all those out there that masturbate with their spit instead of lotion. That’s making use of resources.

    • Tha truth

      Mr. Cee…Get out of the game u punk…U r a disgrace to hiphop, a disgrace to your family…man up and admitt this shit and walk with the little dignity u have left..

  • murdermami

    stop the madness miss cee. even if homie is telling the truth this makes you look like you paid him off to lie. nevertheless its not a good look having the dude in the car with you in the first place. where they do that at?

  • HU

    Oh ok, this Mister Cee guy was just hanging in a car with this drag queen dude and the media has conspired to destroy Mister Cee because Mister Cee is relevant and worth destroying. He might as well fess up, gay is the new tight shit. Just look at all these rappers who are popular because they are gay even though they have zero talent…i.e. Lil B

    • Phil

      A, it’s all good though son cause Lil B can lick my lil weiner any day. Mmmmmmm…

  • Sadr22

    Ha.. And 50 cent was all cheerleading for this fool. Birds of a feather get fucked in the ass together. What a fucking fag. It would be better for him to confess than to have the media guess the nasty shit out in public. What a homo!!!!

  • Tshilidzi

    U need mo’ people……..we don’t biliv u…c’mon son!

  • that nigga

    Wow, this is so phony. Fess up Mr. Cee. I dont care if your a fruit. The whold industry is full of fruits.