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  • Donte

    Really??is the world really watching a rapper thats been out since 1996 with no buzz, he can spit sometimes

    • devin

      exactly who gives a shit about this dude

  • atiuqehc

    fuck consequence i just wanna know the name of the song playing at the beginning of the video

  • Shawty J

    Cons just played himself. The bulk of this “trailer” was more about Kanye than it was him. He pretty much just admitted to the world that he’s irrelevant and his worth is determined by Kanye.

  • megulito

    bitch made shit…

  • Hip Hop Addict

    Wow You Guy’s Haven’t Heard What This Is All About Yet and u guys are already hating (Kanye My Nigga) But u guys just dick riding him

    • Shawty J

      Doesn’t matter if we “heard what this all about yet”. The fact of the matter is that he made his own mixtape trailer about another rapper, which implies that even he doesn’t consider himself relevant enough to promote his own project.

  • Realist

    True… True…

  • kdfsjkfl;

    Supposably Cons ghost wrote a lot of Kanye’s shit, I want to see what Kanye has to say about this…


    I mean this is pathetic. Yea, con and rhymefest wrote for kayne. Its clear but Kayne is still the talent. Dude still got them soul beats and put together good records.

    Con been out for too long and had too many chances. It disturbs me when a worker can’t play their part. dude was eatin off ye. Yea it hurts to not get shine but look at all the things kayne brought u.

  • Jimmy James

    See, the problem with “Ghost Writing” or even writing for someone in general is that its either publicized and known or it HAS TO BE mentioned i.e copyright laws. Consequence is listed as a songwriter on every song he has written, but not produced for. (producers who make original stuff are usually credited as a composer which is a song writer.)

    anyways. Dexter Mills has credits on 808s and……maybe college dropout….and thats about it.

    Its easy to see Consequence DOESN’T write for Kanye because though the flow may be similar, the cadence isn’t, the subject matter isn’t, and…
    “I don’t need writers I might bounce Ideas, but only I can come up with some shit like this”

    Consequence is as much as a writer/ghost writer for Kanye as 50 Cent is for Eminem.

    Their is no need.

  • Jonny Lee

    Consequence is a good rapper who is calling Kanye out. Kanye is a scared bitch being silent about the whole thing.