Bun B Holds Star-Studded Panel on “The Ethics of Hip-Hop” [Photo Gallery]

And as the discussion veered towards spirituality and religion, which is par for the course considering the title of the class, Christian rapper Tre9 spoke on how the perceived strange bedfellows are actually more of an integrated phenomenon than most fans realize.

“There are people out there that want to be encouraged through hip-hop,” Tre9 said.  “There are people that want to have their faith strengthened in hip-hop; to have positivity in hip-hop and buy and consume the music.”

It was Malice, known for rhyming about coke as one half of The Clipse and newly published author of the spiritual awakening book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked, that hammered home the most profound testimony of religion and hip-hop.

“I had a life changing experience and Jesus Christ definitely saved my life, so when that happened, I couldn’t deny it,” Malice said.  “In the industry and this music game, if you don’t have the discipline—and I thought I had a lot of discipline—you can get caught up.  I can honestly say that this world definitely tried to kill me and take me out of here.  Definitely.  And Jesus definitely saved my life, so I have to give him all the glory.  It doesn’t matter to me what anybody thinks.  Fortunately, my brother [Pusha T] loves everything that I’m doing.  He tells me that he appreciates what I’m doing, he definitely has my back, and I have his back as well.  I definitely have a lot of support.”

The discussion reverted to the secular rap realm when Bun asked Lupe about the challenges he faced releasing his latest LP, Lasers, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 in March with over 204,000 copies sold.

“I hate injustice and I hate dishonesty,” Lupe said.  “I demand honesty.  Just keep it honest with me.  If you want me to be a commercial artist, then just tell me that and we can do that and I’ll do it in my own way.  This is music; we can do whatever we want.  If I’m trying to make you dance, then we just gon’ dance, but if I’m trying to tell you the truth I’m gonna keep it raw and educated and intellectual because I know that the world understands that from the little kid all the way up.  And they’re gonna react to it and feel a certain way about it and have their critiques and comments.  So with my label situation, you have people that when they see injustice, they act upon it.  Injustice is just something that I always stood up against.  Even my own injustice.”

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  • Ray

    Why do things like this not get the graphic presentation like some of these expensive ass videos??

  • http://www.hiphopislife.blogspot.com The Analyzt

    Good question! The short answer of course is it doesn’t make enough money. And moral responsibility isn’t a big enough motivation.

  • http://www.brittnycharityvaldes.blogspot.com jusb

    This is where Hip Hop shines – in the realm of consciousness and present rappers. It’s soul music. We don’t need anymore club bangers or booty songs, we need enlightenment, education and truth. We need more people in the public eye like them! We need LOVE.

    Too bad “they” will never allow it.

  • Maurice Bobb

    This was an excellent panel with very insightful commentary and a positive exchange of ideas. The three hours flew by…

  • ChuckyD

    It’s great that Bun is putting this stuff together, great way to show the people who write hip hop off that their is some real intelligent people making intelligent music, but the Lupe comment about teaching kids to grow their own food instead of math and english is just plain ignorant. Why would we teach kids to grow their own food when they can get food at grocery stores which are stocked from people who decided that they would like to grow food for a career.

    Everyone specializes in one thing, and shares the production of their specialty. We don’t want a world where everyone is completely self sufficient, because your so distracted making everything you need we make no progress. Specialization allows people to dedicate themselves to biology, chemistry, or an art like rapping. English and Math Lupe? Really? Thats whats wrong with our school system? Arbitrary tests i’ll give you, but math and english? Reading and Writing? Addition and Subtraction? Those are skills that every individual will need to use every day of their life.

    • $yk

      “Why would we teach kids to grow their own food when they can get food at grocery stores which are stocked from people who decided that they would like to grow food for a career.”

      ^ it’s called being self sufficient…learning how to feed yourself instead of waiting for all of the rancid foods and preservatives to hit the shelves…your comment is proof that he’s right.

      If the establishment fell today, you would be as good as dead, because math and English have nothing to do with how to fish or hunt

    • $yk

      and the specialization stuff you stated is utter trash…bottom line you rely on the system to provide for you, and if it was taken away from you, YOU would have to wait for one of those “specialized” people to assist your survival instead of knowing how to survive on your own. If you don’t see these limitations you have set on your existence, there’s no further conversation.

  • micah

    where can we get footage of it in its entirety?

  • $yk

    let that comment ride XXL…real talk y’all let gay & spam babble ride and y’all know I just dropped a JEWEL worthy of a convo…

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Tshilidzi

    “And to see those kids reciting that verse; to know that that
    verse got through and ……………………………………………
    she had to shake her ass and do whatever she had to do to get that verse to them girls……..”

  • http://www.phil-cannella.com/ Mr Cannella

    efqddu, Phil Cannella, cbpxn.

  • Corbin

    Lupe’s advice about what should be taught in school is well intentioned but misguided. Seriously get your grades up. Get your math 30 , chem 30 and physics 30. It doesn’t hurt to learn this stuff and pays off down the road big time.