10 Things Rappers Should Stop Saying in Interviews

My Album Is a Classic: Aside from a select few (we’ll let you decide), there hasn’t been too many classics in the last 10 years. Interestingly, in that span, countless MCs claimed to have released classic material. Not so much.
Also Not Acceptable: This is the best album of my career. This Album shows a of growth.

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    well XXL, are you the rapper or the interviewer…theres only so much a rapper can say..the editor of this sucks butt.

    • turfman

      ^ i agree this was stupid. the editor tried too hard to be funny.

      • Retard

        Duuurrrrr, Im retarded!!! Duhh-yoy!!!!! Gagolkisaner!!!! DURRRR-DUHHH-YOYZZOO-!!!! Im menatlly challenged-d-d-d-d-d.

  • ontharun

    how bout, “yo I heard detox that shits crazy”

    • irs


  • jd

    FAIL. do yall at XXL have highschool interns making this ish up ? .. really .. sometimes people ARE grindin in the studio, and guess what, sometimes the fans want to know that! .. XXL: what ARE acceptable answers ? i’d like to know .. if the answers bug ya so much, maybe ya should ASK BETTER QUESTIONS if ya don’t like the answers, or get out the interviewing game, YA KNOW?!

  • mark

    bring back bol!

    • bottomboy

      where the fuck is bol

      • jamesoshea91

        he got fired for pissin everybody off. he got axed weeks ago.

        • I.N.V.

          its because of that article about odd future being juggalos. OF are secretly signed to Interscope so Jimmy Iovine got Bol fired

  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

    U niggas get the “Shaq face” on this one…..wtf…what the fuck are they supposed to say? Speak in long paragraph like sentences? Come on son!


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  • Tim

    Lupe’s label definitely fucked him over though. Like for Lasers, that shit definitely wasn’t Lupe quality.

  • Ken

    lol that shit was kinda funnny no lie.

  • black jesus

    this shit was wack. bring bol back.

  • Dave

    How about 10 things interviewers should stop asking

  • M.I.S.C

    the first two things i definitely agree with. time will tell whether your work is a classic or not. and if you don’t have at least 5-10 people on the street giving you props on your music daily, then you do not have a movement. the rest, eh whatever.

  • Jonathan Hay

    I’m just keeping it real, this is a classic article. At the end of the day, these cyber thugs who put up comments are just making do what it do. These gangsta comments do sometimes show growth, but they don’t understand the movement of us journalists who have to listen to this crap for hours — transcribe interviews, and publish these wack interviews. I blame the label cuz really doe, they shouldn’t put out this garbageness feel me? Real talk… It is what is. As a journalist, I think about this all the time and what is addressed in this article, but I just didn’t want to speak on it so I can keep on getting this money and feeding my family. No diss to these cyber thugs who are reppin the hoods nah mean? It ain’t our fault, we journalists are really just focused and out here grinding for real! Church!!

    -Jonathan Hay

  • AnteK

    The point of this post was to point out that these exact answers can be heard in every interview, For instance if an interviewer asks: SO how is the sound going to be on the new album? ALmost everyrapper answers with, It’s a movie, Y’all alreddy kno, U know im just grindin and so on, and besides it was for fun…

    Whats with al theese ignorant dudes takin offense only because their fav mainstream rapper has been caught using everyone of the lines stated in the post

  • F

    Stupid monkeys, this is mad funny, it´s just that you as listeners are as ignorant as them chain wearing monkeys being interviewed saying THE SAME THING over and over again, BIG UP XXL!

  • wg

    easily the dumbest feature this site has ever had.. wtf is happening to xxl

  • KiNGPiN

    that was one of the worst things ive seen on xxl. makes me not wanna visit this site anymore FOR REAL

  • Dub

    The only one I agree with is “You already know” cause right after they say it they explain it anyway. The rest of these were lame and the “ness” one was downright retarded, no one actually does that.

  • Dmxej

    When rappers say these things in interviews, the FANS are the ones who are interested. So their album may not be a classic, but to a FAN, the album may be one of the artist’s top records. If the rapper says “it’s a movement” then maybe it is a movement for their group or their particular region. Just because it doesn’t shake the entire industry doesn’t mean it isn’t appreciated by a lot of people. If there is a diss record then maybe it’s about someone the artist knows personally and they don’t feel like sharing the name of the person.

    This article had potential to make sense but sadly, it didn’t.

    • GDOPe


  • GDOPe

    at first look down all these comments. fuck yall for hatin this doo. As i gone threw more n more of this, I think this doo hit the dutch abit too much



  • No Name

    Real/fake hip-hop
    Bringing it back
    Stop snithcin’
    It’s ya boy!
    No homo/Pause

  • Remy

    I think this article was the “Wackness”



  • E.J.

    Chill out posters, they’re just trying to be funny. I thought this was spot-on, like rappers saying the next album will be the best one of their career. Well duh, why shouldn’t it be?

  • antwion30

    man quit bein haters……i dont think it was meant 2 be funny but come on man that was some real shit….and there is more u can say….but if u just doin bullshit there is nothing 2 talk about….u dont hear jay-z say im just grindin…that was funny! bt yall see them niggas tho man lets be real bout what he sayin here…….

  • hip hop fan 313`

    this list sucked and is not funny. nice try tho

  • detroit 313

    you get stupid answers bcuz u ask stupid?

  • I Hate XXL

    WTF?Are you guys serious?If you want them to say something different then ask different questions.This was lame….SMDH