Wiz Khalifa First-Week Sales Predictions

Wiz Khalifa may have gotten his first taste of national notoriety in XXL four years, but it’s today, with the release of his major label debut, Rolling Papers, that the Pittsburgh MC really gets to show and prove. Things couldn’t be better for the XXL Freshman almnus. He’s still riding the momentum of Papers‘ lead single, “Black and Yellow, which peaked at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 a month ago. He has one of the baddest chicks in the game wearing his chain and Atlantic Records appears to be behind him 100 percent. But fulfilling every requirement in the how-to-go-platinum guide doesn’t always translate into records sales. The general consensus is that Wiz is poised to be rap’s next superstar. Will he live up to the hype? As it’s often the case for major releases, XXL staffers took a crack at predicting how many units Wiz will sell in his first week. See below.— XXL Staff

What’s your first-week sales prediction?

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  • alderman j

    between 175 and 200 thousand. he aint doing LUPE numbers tho!

    • Don mcCaine

      are y’all projecting these numbers off of his hype or the quality of the album or the strength of his purchasing fanbase?

      • Q461

        Good points. Based off hype and his fanbase, nigga should go gold or more easy. IMO the record is a disappointment though. The songs with Spitta and Too Short go hard, but I only one or two others besides thoughs. Was expecting this to be the biggest debut since Thank Me Later, but this album wasn’t much better than Lasers.

        • Hip Hop Addict

          Couldnt have said it better myself

        • w

          lasers was garbage! i rock with food & liquor lupe but this new shit he’s on i cant fuck with. i guess you can say the same for wiz so hey…. guess thats the game.

  • jesterdxxl


  • tha Truth

    about 150k…or under..waiting on RED

    • frankie flash

      R.E.D im with you on that homie!

  • that nigga

    600,000!!! I said it here first. Only because he has a couple of audiences. Stoners, Black, White and Underground. Lets go Wiz. Hope this can top Kush & O.J!!

  • http://www.ALLisONEshop.com dj emmo aka mr ogunmoyin

    who cares??!! it’s about the music 1st…he tours continuously & consistantly so it doesn’t even matter at this point! His following is still happy that this release dropped finally!!! So what’s important is that his listeners get it regardless (online//downloads, streets//bootlegs and original copies will sell) and that’s the point of him expression himself…for them ears to lisssss!!! There’s kids who come to the shop saying “wiz is my favorite rapper” Not too many artists get to even release their album after a hit single until like a year later (maino for an exmaple) so the steam is still on for young wiz! Plus we forget about other hit artists such as ron browz, who have YET to release an album (after all them hits smh) so props and respect to those who can successfully drop dat shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to the topic tho LOLmao…I predict he’ll sell @LEAST 250-350k 1st week aka pink friday numbers…dude is hot like fire right now!!!

  • norcal

    albums weak only good song iz with too short album just 2 slow

    • mark

      the song with too short is close to being the worst on the album, what the hell are you talkin’ bout

      • Tru Talk

        you must like Pop music then cause his album is a pop albumm…. XXL shouldn’t even talk bout him no more, he totally sold out as a rapper, some good songs but a tottlly disapointing album… whatever happened to him spitting?

        • ROBD916

          rooftops with spitta was legit ur trippin bruh it wasnt too pop sounding, at least he didnt feature a bunch of bitches for his hooks like most artists are doin now

        • mark

          it was one of the few rap song but that doesn’t mean that it was any good

  • ellie

    between 350 – 550 k

  • socal

    you guys actually managed to spell his name wrong on the board

    • vcbcvb

      No they didn’t dumbass

      • http://dsfds Yo

        I think it is just the lighting..

  • v


  • http://www.twitter.com/madeforthegrind SimplyRDOLLAZ

    WIz album was a dissapointment to me to much singing and shyt .. only other good songs on the album besides the 1st 3 singles are “rooftops, when i’m gone, the race, & no sleep” .. He needs to make the race his next single .. Kush & OJ & Cabin Fever was better than his album .. Even flight school moxtape

  • JugularKill

    As a person he doesn’t stand out much like drake , Wayne and Nicki so he’s not going to reach that level

    • pap3rchazer

      Atlantic will probably bump the #s up last minute

  • sketch

    Ya’ll spelled his name wrong on the dry erase board! Thank god ya’ll aren’t the editors!

  • xxHyPn0t1c718xx

    100K or under…

  • caino

    250k (ish)

  • HU

    Wiz is the perfect minstrel so he will sell around 300k. If the world were logical, Pharaohe Monch would be moving about 1.2 million his first week.

  • fuck yall

    i say 100k he cant spit so he anit get my money orange and blue orange in blue whens my album comeing out lol bull shit rapers should be done how hitler did the jews peace

  • keith bhatt

    around 500k or over he killin da game rite now

  • http:/honorrollstudent.blogspot.com Chance

    More than Lupe for sure, possibly the same as Nicki though


    i say 250-350k plat by may

  • kc

    kinda late releasing it dont u think shoulda released when roll up was released

  • Stein

    80k first week 200k total run of album

  • Tru Talk

    I don’t care how much it sells… I wish I could have my money back, I don’t rock wit pop artists and now Wiz is a pop artist… He used to spit like on Show and Prove, Welcome to Pistolvania, Grow Season, Deal or no Deal….. Even on Kush and OJ, Burn After Rolling, and Flight School he rapped more… I been a Wiz fan since 08 before all this hype and im just real dissapointed cause he tottally lost his way… Every song on rolling papers he is just singing and when he does rap its real basic with the same cadence… It seems he sold his soul for all these fans so now that he is so popular I hope he starts rapping again so his ‘new’ fans can see how he can rap… When he starts rapping again I will put my Taylor Gang sweatshirt back on till then its in the closet

  • Rabbit

    I could have downloaded the album but I bought it at 10:30am at Best Buy….The album is hott, he has great lyrical content. I support the young Katt to the fullest

    • Rabbit

      I hope he goes Gold the first week Taylor Gang or Die….& I didnt know shit bout Wiz Khalifa till he did SuperHigh with Rick Ross and Currency. The lil dud got my vote all the way. Its time we hear about something else other than killing each other and going to jail like its the thing to do. Gooooooo Wiz!!!!! Sing and Rap yo azz off Boi!!!

  • jimmayyy

    wiz’s album was straight shit…im sorry. But i expected more from him. He was doin great until this album. he released all of the good singles before the album…whackk

  • tray

    Go online anywhere I’ve seen today. I have seen most picks of ppl copping 4 or more copies of this jawn. Now If eeeh 50k ppl buy 4 copies a piece, thats 200k. dude has crossed international status before his 1st official album (dj is asian, manager is jewish btw). So my guesstimation is 500k – 800k. just watch…..


    I’ve listened to the entire album and I was dissapointed. I’m a Whiz fan and I thought he woulda came harder than this.

  • MJ

    album is decent.. couple bangers, couple awful songs = typical Wiz album. still a fan tho

  • Dub

    I’d say he’ll do BoB numbers… No big names as far as features go, the production’s cool but nothing breathtaking. He’s not a strong enough force in the game to push a CD to that gold-in-a-week level yet. Plus his Taylors think he’s gone pop on em.

  • http://www.thatguy.com that guy

    5 downloads from itunes… and thats it

  • deshawn

    he’s just a FAD he can’t rap without putting WEED into a verse and every since JAY-Z said he wanted to work with him… he not that good of a Wrapper…. CURRENSY’S BETTER THAN HIM ON HIS WORST DAY…… and i know they boys WIZ sucks FUCKS his sales i wont be buying it or downloading it

  • Simple like ABC, 123


  • Nick

    im a big wiz fan but it’s go under 100K

  • yasir

    gonna sell more than lupe’s. kush and oj better.wayy better.

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