Wiz Khalifa may have gotten his first taste of national notoriety in XXL four years, but it's today, with the release of his major label debut, Rolling Papers, that the Pittsburgh MC really gets to show and prove. Things couldn't be better for the XXL Freshman almnus. He's still riding the momentum of Papers' lead single, "Black and Yellow, which peaked at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 a month ago. He has one of the baddest chicks in the game wearing his chain and Atlantic Records appears to be behind him 100 percent. But fulfilling every requirement in the how-to-go-platinum guide doesn't always translate into records sales. The general consensus is that Wiz is poised to be rap's next superstar. Will he live up to the hype? As it's often the case for major releases, XXL staffers took a crack at predicting how many units Wiz will sell in his first week. See below.— XXL Staff

What's your first-week sales prediction?